Find your course Literature – Pt 2 Understand the Reading List

You will get a reading list from your department before the start of your course. In the reading list you will find which texts you need to read during your course. The reading list consists of a number of references. References are simply the information you need to be able to find the right texts. A reference can look slightly different depending on whether it is referring to a book, a chapter in a book or an article in a scholarly journal. Therefore, it is important that you know what sort of material you are looking for, so that you know where to search for it. But how do you know the difference between different sorts of references? We will start by looking at this reference that refers to a book. Here we can find information about the author’s, or in this case the editor’s, name, the publication year of the book, its title and which edition it is. Lastly, the publisher location and the name of the publisher can be found. Sometimes the reference refers to a single chapter in a book. At the beginning of the reference we find the given information about the author and publication year. The difference from the last reference is that we are then given two different titles. First we have the title of the chapter and then the title of the book. It is important to understand the difference, since it will be hard to find the book if we search for the name of the chapter. Here we can see which pages in the book the chapter includes, and just like with the reference of the book, we lastly get information about the publisher location and the publisher. Lastly we have a reference to an article in a scholarly journal. In many ways it resembles the reference to a chapter, but there are a few things that sets them apart. First we see the name of the author, followed by the year it was published. After that we find the name of the article, followed by the title of the journal. After the title of the journal, we can see numbers that inform us in which issue of the journal that we can find the article. Here we also find out which pages the article includes. Since it is a journal and not a book, the publisher is not specified.

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