Fischerdorf | In der Lagune von Caorle | Auf der Suche nach neuen Motiven |Reise #3

Fischerdorf | In der Lagune von Caorle | Auf der Suche nach neuen Motiven |Reise #3

Greetings dear friend and welcome to the world of art in the studio Culari Art! Together with you are Larissa and Konstantin. On our channel you can see unusual works of art written by Larissa for you, our journeys to interesting places where we gather inspiration, ideas for the creation of new works and the creation process that you will see in our publications. Take a look at our publications, enjoy the bright colors, the beautiful view and the pleasant music!. Fishing village in the Laguna Caorle Our journey begins in a place called Lido Altanea in Italy And only takes 15 minutes by car. We arrive at the center of a provincial town called Caorle that lies on the shore of the Mediterranean in the Adriatic. directly at the port in the square Pope Giovanni. We buy tickets for the boat and embark on our pleasant journey. On the way we encounter interesting fishing boats and an amazing bridge, which was especially built for the passage of ships and is controlled manually by one person. We also pass the Leonardo da Vinci-inspired, constructed structure that protects the lagoon from flooding. The romantic boat trip through the lagoon of Caorle left many unforgettable memories of the captivating places, the mystical fisherman’s huts and the truly comfortable atmosphere of the ship and from the interesting and very friendly crew. One interesting fact is that in the fifties and sixties that exactly here the most famous American writer Ernest Hemingway found his inspiration in San Gaetano and the Lagoon of Caorle and wrote his novel “ Across the river and into the trees” The lagoon between Caorle and Bibione stretches over an area of ​​several thousand hectares with reeds and typical fishermen’s huts, called Casoni. Here the salt water of the sea mixes with the fresh water from the rivers Lemene and Liventsa. The entire area is a unique environment for the local flora and fauna. The shores are surrounded by tall tamarix bushes and reeds which hide waterfowl and turtles. Innumerable species of fish, crustaceans and other small inhabitants live in the lagoon. Fishing families have been hunting these animals for centuries. Some went to the sea every day, others stayed in the lagoon to catch the animals hiding there. We can probably spend hours talking about the fishermen’s village, but we will give you the opportunity to see for yourself and to enjoy the romantic landscape and mysterious housings of this village. On this day Larisa created various sketches of this idyllic adventure which in the next few months will be used as a source material for her new works of art. One of those new paintings will be shown at the end of this video. Have fun and enjoy the romantic backdrop of the lagoon. If you would like to find out more about us, you can visit our online gallery or our Instagram account. We already have more than 700 works of art so don’t be shy to check it out. And if one of her paintings catches your eye, you can also visit our Culari Art Shop! All the links can be found in the description! During this interesting journey, we filmed many different locations and we are currently working on bringing them out. So don’t forget to like and to subscribe to this channel and ring the bell to be always notified about our latest videos. Have a good day!

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