Fish, Comics, and Vomit: BU’s School of Visual Arts

Fish, Comics, and Vomit: BU’s School of Visual Arts

This is where all the magic happens in the
studios. I’m going to put him on his belly and do the underside. At the end of a day
of good art making, you should be physically exhausted, emotionally exhausted and mentally
exhausted. So I’ve had some late nights here doing sculpture and drawing and such.
And one I ended up sleeping here. CFA sometimes has this reputation of being the -lax college,
the college you do work but you don’t really, and at the same times the total opposite.
CFA eats up time. I basically live here. This is my space just as much as my room is. The
days just blur together, and I can’t remember how long I’ve been in the studio one day
or whether or not I did something the day before. What would happen if I got hit by
a car and broke my leg? Nothing would change, I’d still be in the studio, I’d still
be working. We’re all next to each other seeing each other’s work all the time. Everyone
has their own set of material, their own set of interests. I usually work on my paintings,
but recently I’ve been looking at satirical cartoons. This is your city life of people
in a subway train. There are moments when everything becomes hellish and very crowded,
so it really allows me to create something that has different kinds of meanings. These
are my vom-canoes. They’re gluttonous people because people are just animals too. It’s
a comment on domestic life, how we just are consumers and we’re greedy and we’re fat
and we eat up everything. And I’m trying to use saran wrap with water running over
it to look like it’s actually going to vomit. So these fish are essentially about my family
and trying to understand events from other peoples’ points of view—like this one
I’m working on is me. And then the one on the floor is my sister. Each one is in like
different states of struggle. So it’s kind of like, which fish do you gravitate towards?
For all of our art students, our work is so tied into who we are as a person. It’s not
necessarily I have to go into the studio because I have a project, it’s I have to go to the
studio because I need to be doing art for myself. All of the emotional and physical
pain, it’s so worth it.

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