Future Leaders Program: Australia Council for the Arts

Future Leaders Program: Australia Council for the Arts

The Australia Council for the Arts acknowledges the traditional owners
of countries throughout Australia and pays our respect to the elders
both past and present. I was really interested to connect with
a community of like-minded people. Our differences made us the same
and the same made us different. At the time of applying
I felt like I was in a space where I was working with the arts
but felt really silent and felt kind of removed from
the broader arts sector and so kind of wanted to be more engaged in the broader national, state,
and local discussions. What the future leaders program meant to me was taking me to the next step in my career as being a director as well as I said
an artist who identifies as having a disability but being of no diversity, it’s very hard to actually
try to find opportunities where you can actually ironically
work on your leadership skills. We can’t teach you how to be a leader. But we can guide you to explore
what that means to you. Building on the strengths and transforming
the ability that you have is at the core of the way that we work. I think some of the most memorable
parts of the program were actually sort of the incidental conversations
that I’d have with people either at dinner or walking to an activity and just sort of…spending time
talking about art. One of the things that really stood out to me
was we undertook this activity that… Was, we were in small groups
and undertaking discussion around what is one impossible
thing within the arts that you would like to achieve as a leader? So we all sat around and we discussed
multiple impossible things that we kind of felt were really important to us. And that kind of generated the discussion
around what are these gaps? What are the things that we need
to address as future leaders? And what are some practical steps
that we can take to work towards that? TIAN ZHANG: Even though we might
live in different places, even though out our interests
within the arts were quite different, that we could share time together
and support each other into the future.

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