Gale Literary Sources

Gale Literary Sources

Welcome to the Sierra College Library tutorial on Gale Literary Sources. Gale Literary Sources contains Contemporary Lliterary Criticism, Short Story Criticism, Poetry Criticism and reference sources from Gale Virtual Reference Library. It’s a great place to start when you need to find information on authors or literary criticism. To get in and start searching you can type the name of an author or a name of a work in the search box at the top. Searching for “Yellow Wallpaper” you’ll get your results list and they’re organized by content type. First off you’ll find literature criticism, biographies, topic and work overviews, reviews and news, primary sources, and literary works and multimedia. If you only want to look at literature criticism you can click on that and retrieve articles that are literary criticism. You can click on one to view the full text. You also have an option to have the text read to you. From here you have several options such as citation tools. This will allow you to copy and paste a citation in MLA 8th edition format. I would always recommend to double check it against the MLA 8th handbook. You can email it, you can download, or you can print the document. You can also add highlights and notes. Clicking the back button you can go back to your results list and if you want to look at biographies you can click on that content type. Now you’ll find biographies on Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Other options you have you can search by particular works or by a person. I’ll do the search for “Yellow Wallpaper” again and it will show you a listing of short story and you can select the one that you want. The other option we have is person search. This can be useful if you want an author biography from here we can select John Steinbeck and it will pull up all the literature criticism we have related to John Steinbeck or you can scroll down and find biographies. You have some other options in person search. If you don’t want to search for a particular person, but maybe you want to search for a female author that is Native American, you can select those two limiters and any other limiters you want to fill in and click the search button. Now you can view a list of female Native American authors included in Gale Literary Sources. That’s the basics of searching Gale Literary Sources. If you have any questions, ask a librarian!

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