General Fine Arts

General Fine Arts

The General Fine Arts program is a
transfer program. It provides the first two years of studies of a four-year fine
arts degree. This program’s important because it, it gives you foundational
training in the fine arts area that includes training in design, drawing, and
figure drawing. Within the curriculum, there’s opportunity to take art
electives, in which you can explore painting, pottery, mixed media, as well as
photography or certain graphic design courses that are approved. STLCC students
are heavily recruited by representatives from prominent art schools. We work
really hard at helping students develop their portfolios, so that they are
competitive for scholarships. I participated in this last portfolio day,
and I got to meet so many awesome schools and got a lot of one-on-one
critique and feedback about my art and what they would like to see for me to do next
year; it’s a really awesome environment. Our curriculum is structured like an art
school, so it’s very different from a typical community college art program.
Two-thirds of your coursework will be in the art department, and then the other
third will be general education courses, so you’ll have the feeling that you’re
in an art school. Here at the Flo Valley campus, we are nationally accredited by
an organization called the National Association of Schools of Art & Design.
Other schools that have this kind of accreditation include places like the
School of Art Institute of Chicago, Kendall College of Art & Design, San Francisco Art Institute, among many other very prominent art schools in the country, so
that’s why we are regarded as an institution of rigorous standards. First – anytime there’s water in here, you want to sponge out the water, knowing that the
sponge can never be the last step. I think that just, like, listening and
taking in the advice of your professors and, like, the critiques of your
classmates is really important. Give good critiques. You have to be prepared
to, like, give in a program like this otherwise you’re not gonna get anything out of it. I think there’s a very strong sense of community within the art
program here at St. Louis Community College. We do that in a few different
ways. Faculty serve as what they call academic advisors. We also have clubs
like the Fine Arts Club, the Graphic Arts Association, the Photography Club. My favorite thing about this program would have to be the diversity. There is people from
all walks of life, so all different ideas, and it all kind of comes together in this
place. I think it’s really cool. You can learn a lot from your students, from the
other students, and in the faculty. I think St. Louis Community College is a
great choice for anyone who wants to study art, partly because of the very low
cost of St. Louis Community College, but then the rigor of instruction that
you get here. So, it’s a great bargain for the high quality education that you get.

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