Golden Artist Fluid Acrylics

11 thoughts on “Golden Artist Fluid Acrylics”

  • Great review!!!! this paint can be used with airbrush??? what is the best thinner for this, open acrylic medium or open thinner???
    Thank for your help!!!
    By the way, sorry for my english =P

  • @M4RM4C – yes, fluid acrylics are blended 1:1 with Golden Airbrush Medium.

    Beyond that, they are completely compatible with other paints and mediums, so there's very few rules. Add the OPEN thinner or Medium for slower working time, especially glazes.

  • I' ve seen that the liquid acrylics can also be used in an airbrush if you mix them with the airbrush medium. But i haven't found any cleaner for this paint. Does anyone know if Golden has a cleaner for their liquid acrylic paints and that can also be used in an airbrush?

  • I've been using Winsor Newton artist's acrylic from the tube and while it's been pretty good, the color does weaken when diluted. I purchased a small "tube" of Golden fluid acrylic in Iridescent Bronze for my sculptures (as an accent) several months ago, and fell in love. I just went to buy a very basic palette of nine colors before leaving for Germany for a semester (where it will be hard to find Golden products) and of course, gel medium. May try the heavy-body acrylics soon.

  • While I appreciate you telling me some things I can do with your products, to fully take advantage of this video format, it would be most effective if you could SHOW me what you can do with them. Mix A with B & the effect on paper is C or on canvas is D. I assume you have access to people with artistic abilities that know HOW to use these products beyond just talking about them. This could have been a radio spot. SHOW ME some techniques, finished results… tempt my imagination so I'll buy!

  • What other surfaces can I apply this paint to?  Obviously I can use it on canvas, but what about glass or ceramic?  Would I just need a certain type of medium for this?

  • Do I need to add textile medium to this to paint on fabric or will it work without the medium? Does Golden make textile medium if it is needed?

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