Goldsmiths Degree Shows 2019: BA Fine Art/BA Fine Art & History of Art sneak peek

Maria: This is really impressive, in terms of how much work people have put in and how almost monumental some of these pieces of work are. Just like in our year, people are still concerned about current issues, but it’s done in a different way. Scarlett: I think the variety of stuff just shows how comfortable people are
with exploring conceptual things. A lot of people in here that I’ve seen, they weren’t doing painting when I saw them last, they weren’t doing sculpture. Maria: And it’s great to see how people’s work
has evolved since you last saw what they were doing. (Mechanical noises) Maria: I’m enjoying the whole
musical vibe going on here. Even though it’s slightly… grotesque or creepy.
Scarlett: But it’s also really fun Scarlett: The thing I really like about the show is there’s always something
that someone’s interested in. It’s hard to judge it as a whole
because there’s so many different people doing lots of different stuff. Scarlett: It seems like everyone
really cares about their stuff, and everything’s done how they want it to be. Maria: And we were obviously
educated within Goldsmiths, so I guess there’s a familiarity with the energy of the space. Scarlett: I think as well, I still have friends here – it’s really nice to see their work. Scarlett: I do love the way that people make work at Goldsmiths. Maria: There’s a lot of really interesting stuff to see, a lot of stuff that demands time as well. There should be enough to fill your eyes.

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