GRCC | Visual Arts (extended)

(light upbeat music) (carefree jazz music)>>GRCC’s Visual Arts
programs are accredited by the National Association of
the Schools of Art and Design. That’s a very special
accreditation. It’s a stamp of quality,
basically, about the programs.>>(with accent)
When I started to come here, I noticed how much the teachers
care about the student and I like the
environment. And I got involved into
the art classes, too. I found to
be very– I’m used to doing,
like, to come to class and be able to be free and
express myself in my artwork.>>There’s a lot of things
that you need to know for it but there’s not as much
structure in the art, so it’s kind of more of
just, “Make what you want “and form it
what you want.” So it’s kind of more
expressive, I feel.>>I think a lot of students
walk out of high school without any idea of what
to put into a portfolio. And that is the
biggest benefit. We help craft
that portfolio, not only by giving you better
instruction to get you there, but also input
into saying what you should place
in a portfolio.>>It’s the
instructors. You know, they have
a lot of experience in what
they’re doing. They teach very thoroughly–
they teach a lot of theory. And what we’re seeing is
students coming out that are amazing
at what they do.>>(with Southern accent)
You see people coming from different
parts of life and everybody brings
in something unique.>>And I’ve really in-depth with
pretty much all of my classes. Most of the professors
that I have have been really into
what they’re teaching, which also makes it
way more enjoyable.>>As far as bang
for the buck, what you’re going
to get in here is the biggest bang
for the buck. And we have very
dedicated professors, very interested in the
development of the students, to work with and grow their
own artistic talents.>>They teach kind of
a classical method, which basically gives you
all sorts of techniques to feel very
accomplished. We start off with the general
and end with the specific, and you can actually acquire
your Associate’s here.>>The program has an
emphasis in foundations– strong foundations. We get the students ready
to be able to go on, to transfer schools in
order to be able to study in their chosen
discipline.>>I believe the art department
at GRCC has the facilities and the professors that would serve an art
student in the future.>>I see students
photographing weddings, photographing
commercial work, photographing
high school seniors. So there’s a lot of things
that open up for the students.>>So our students go
all over the place. We’ve got students
in California, we’ve got students
in New Mexico. I think wherever
they want to go, we have equipped
them to go.>>Grand Rapids
Community College has such a great reputation
around the United States as far as community
colleges go, and it was very
well-respected by employers and future employers. It’s been really
good for me.>>The stuff that I learned here
has been very helpful for me to apply it
at work.>>The classes
that it offers– it stays very
current with trends that are out there
at this time. It really gets students
ready for what’s out there and for going onto a
four-year degree college. We teach both
film and digital. A lot of schools
are giving up film, but we still believe
that it’s important, not from the film
point of view but from the fact that you have
to take your time and think. Creatively, whether it’s
pixels or a piece of film, the image is
what counts.>>I’m proud of it and I look like people
actually appreciating what I do and the time that it
takes to do my work. And having that combination
where I can express myself and also have people
looking at what I do, it’s just priceless,
I guess.>>Every semester, I’m getting
more confident with my studies and it’s just… GRCC is just
a great place. (carefree jazz music)

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