Growing through Visual Art (Power of Arts Education)

Growing through Visual Art (Power of Arts Education)

[Background music] I was just really, really lucky
to have parents and a grandparent who really supported
me in all my arts. It is so important to
have that outlet and to just be able to express yourself
in different ways. I mean, not only is it, like,
entertaining and fun, but it teaches you different thinking.
You know, you see different ways of solving real-life problems
through creativity. I think just being able to be free and
have a really strong, creative outlet really helped me to find myself and
to be in the position that I am in now. I feel really quite confident
going into college. Recently I had a booth at an art fair,
so I was going through all of my work. And watching my growth from
when I was younger to now is just – it’s really eye-opening seeing that.
And being an aspiring art teacher, it really shows me, like,
the growth of children. Being here and being in a school that
really emphasizes the art program and of course my wonderful teacher,
Ms. Carpenter, it’s just really pushed me. I kind of realized just the idea of
being able to not only do art every day but inspire other people’s
young minds and grow myself, I think that is so rewarding,
and I can’t wait to begin my career. [ Music ]

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