HELL EVENT! TOP 10 💕Items from 4 Myths (Ancient Atlas, Mountains and Seas)

HELL EVENT! TOP 10 💕Items from 4 Myths (Ancient Atlas, Mountains and Seas)

Hello, this is Iri! So back in July of 2018, I first made a video
titled “The Classy One,” featuring a hell event that was just debuting on the Chinese
server back then. And now the English server is getting it too! During all that waiting time, this hell whose
full name is “Ancient Atlas, Mountains and Seas” has been nicknamed “4 Myths” by
the community and this is a much more in-depth / fun look where I’ll tell you my personal
top 10 items from the event. If you’re interested in every single item
instead and the classy lore of all the suits, and gameplay of the entire event, I have included
the link to my first video on the top right, in the video descriptions, and in the pinned
comment for you. So now let’s get to the exciting part. Number 10 on Iri’s personal favorite list
for this event. The tattoo from the red suit. I bet most players might not have even known
or remember that it comes with a tattoo, but I especially like it because there is both
a shoulder and thigh piece. Sometimes my Nikki just really needs something
on her shoulders to make it not so bare. And a special thank you to Esteric for requesting
to see the tattoo on different skin colors. Number 9 is also a surprising item, this time
from the fish suit, surprising in that I bet you didn’t know that this classified as
wings. Not coat, or brooch, but wings. That being said, for me at least, I use it
more than the other clothing pieces from the suit because we don’t really have anything
else like it and so it can add that wow factor to your outfits. And here is one that I put together. Not really an entry, just a mini one to show
you one way of styling it, with the dress from the Azure’s Messenger event we had
on the English server. Number 8, the posed coat from one of the two
minor suits, because posed coats should always get some spotlight. This one has a very specific shade of gray,
that makes it so that it works better with red, yellow, and some green pieces. Or you can go the other way and pair it with
black and white. You can do longer dresses with it but I personally
have found that the shorter ones couple better with the rounded sleeves. Number 7 is an item that many were looking
forward to, the “dark” mermaid tail, or should I say siren tail? We have a lot of blue mermaid tails and blue
/ green dresses that look like mermaid tails but this is the first time that we’ve had
a dark one. I do have to say that because the tail starts
near Nikki’s belly button, I had a hard time finding the right top for her. This is what I eventually came up with, I
wanted to do a more menacing siren, and then on the opposite spectrum, this top from the
Vietnamese server works very well with it. And honestly, to me it was easier to make
Cloud mermaids with this item, the tail, because if you just slap on slap on any big Cloud
dresses, you pretty much have a nice mermaid already. Many thank you’s to Ellie bae for suggesting
this piece and for discussing with me other ones and just the game in general. Number 6 is a bit different from the items
before, because it’s an accessory, in the form of a handsome guy. Now if you know the lore, this is actually
the same cat demon as the girl in the red suit, it’s just that she can transform into
a lady or a young master at will, and this was part of the classic literature that this
event was based upon. Next up we have not one, but two items sharing
the #5 spot – The giant taichi sign and the yin yang fishies. I mean, they’re big and black and white
so naturally, I believe they would add fun to our ever exciting Corridor. And with number 4, we’re finally going to
talk about the cat suit’s makeup. If you look to the left, you can take in all
of its beauty in high definition. It’s just playful and alluring at the same
time, with blue eyes and red eye shadows that stand out, so it seemed like an obvious choice
for this list. Number 3 is another piece that I don’t think
most players are aware is a separate item. I like this one because of its sweeping lines,
and how it makes even smaller dresses look more badass. For instance, it was what I used for one of
my earliest Instagram posts ever, so it holds a special spot for sure. Number 2 is the mask that the fish suit comes
with. And I’m just going to show you one of the
ways that it has sparked joy on the Chinese server, and that is, using it along with the
5 other masks that we got from the Halloween event. I just love items that make people laugh. You can of course use it for more serious
or brooding entries too if you want. And finally, drum roll please, for Iri’s
number 1 item – the giant cat. I mean, it’s a giant cat. In all seriousness though, it is a moveable
accessory whose backside I think can be used to achieve interesting effects in the corridor
and I cannot wait to see all the cool things that the English server players will do with
it. I also have some honorable mentions for items
I couldn’t fit into a neat list. First is the unposed dress of the red suit,
so my friend Ash really wanted to see how it would be styled, so here you go AshAsh,
again in your honor I have one outfit here with the coat pose from the future co-op suit,
and her lover, yes that’s the lore I came up with. In general, I did notice that this dress makes
Nikki look really tall when we don’t have a coat on. And I’ve already showed you this one, but
here is also the posed coat from that other minor suit that you wanted to see. Thank you so much for your suggestions and
for just being awesome in general ~ Second honorable mention is the makeup of
the fish suit. I love her eyes. I’ve always loved them since I first saw
the teaser photos. I do think they drew her mouth a bit too flat
though. I mean it does give the fish-like look, but
I just had a different image in my head for the expression that she was going to have,
but that’s just me. And a third mention is that for the animal
fans out there, the hosiery of the cat suit was inspired by cat claws, which I thought
was creative, especially considering this was designed back in 2018. And that concludes this episode of having
fun styling hell event suits. I hope you had fun with me and if you can
like and subscribe I’d really appreciate it and it’ll be great motivation for me
to make more videos like this in the future, because it did take a long time, this one
actually did, compared to my usual ones. Thank you so much and I wish everyone the
best of luck getting the suits you want! I’ll see you next time!

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  • this is my fave helll event by far thank you you so much for the helpful video iri, i have been saving for this hell for like 4 months and as a v0 its a great achievment

  • 💕 【Timing】Yes, we are getting this hell event next on the English server! Most likely very soon after this update today ~ I only posted this video because it has been confirmed by an official hint from the game's Instagram account! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/363617216752779264/643381847891378186/image0.png Thank you #SpecSquad!
    💕 【Self Advertisement xD】Follow https://www.instagram.com/iri_lovenikki/ for FASTER news that I can't fit into video form!
    💕 【Mermaid / Siren / Fish TAIL】We'll get both a bottom and a shoes version! So you'll get to style it however you need 🙂
    💕 【Subtitles】Available!
    💕 【Complete Suit Breakdowns + GAMEPLAY】https://youtu.be/fp6gAWWEyO0
    💕 【Detailed Spreadsheet】by the amazing LN Sheets (@lovenikki.sheets)

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