How being BULLIED made me a BETTER artist (Animated)

How being BULLIED made me a BETTER artist (Animated)

Bullying is a touchy subject. Most people have gotten bullied sometime or another in your life, and most of the time, it’s because their bullies have this whole butt-ton of emotional issues that they decide to take out on an undeserving victim. If you’re a bully that’s watching this, I… I don’t like you, and you should stop. Just stop! You should never make another human being feel bad about themselves. -Bullies are evil. You don’t want to be evil. Do you? -Oh? Yes, I do. Shame. W-what? Shame. This story happened back when I was in primary school. I think I was around nine years old at the time. My mom wanted to do her PhD in the UK so we packed up and moved from Malaysia to Scotland. Uh, yeeeeeah, quite a big shift! Am I right? The big cultural difference was a lot to get used to, especially for a kid! I mean, it took me a while just to comprehend the heavy Scottish accents. At one point, I even convinced myself that perhaps I wasn’t even speaking English at all. *giggles* I’m so sorry! No offense to any Scots that are watching this. I actually developed a Scottish accent of my own along the line, but, back to the story: in Malaysia, the new school year start at the beginning of the year January, but it was different in the UK because of the seasonal changes. We arrived in the UK in December. Walleston was supposed to be vacation for the kids in Malaysia but smack in the middle of a school year for them Scottish kids. You have no idea how surprised — (ahem) *unpleasantly* surprised I was. You’ve read the title of this video. You can guess what happened next. Being the new kid isn’t the best thing in the world, and you often end up on the sharp end of the stick. I was bombarded with questions of all sorts, and I innocently thought this whole Q&A session meant I was slowly making friends. Bzzt! Wrong! “You’re from Malaysia, aye?” “Ain’t that a terrible country?” What? No! It really isn’t! “Third-world country. Doesn’t that mean you have lice?” (gasp) No! I wash my hair every day! Not everyone in Asia has lice. “Oh wow! You have a real accent.” (scoff) “Huh, you look funny.” To be honest, I wasn’t too sure how to react to all this. So most of the time, I… didn’t. You would think that my lack of expression would make them lose interest in me, but… Nope. Just to add to my misery, at that time my mother used to cut my hair really short. Imagine a bowl cut. Yeah, that, and this gave them yet another reason to pick on me. “Hey, are you a boy or a girl?” A girl. “Hey-hey! Is that a boy or girl?” “Maybe it’s both.” *gasp* They used to keep asking me this question repeatedly even though they obviously knew the answer, and it was almost a daily thing that they kept tormenting me with! It came to a point that I didn’t even want to make friends anymore. I just wanted to be left alone. I used to hide away during break and recess times; just anything to get away from their mocking questions. There was one point where I got really lonely, and I came up with the idea to draw some friends instead. At that time, I loved Pokemon. I used to spend my time at home catching them all on my Gameboy. Know where this is going? Yep, I drew lots of Pokemon friends and had a really wild imagination to top it all off. I drew myself going on all kinds of adventures with my Poke-friends! The fire types are always my favorite, and thus begun my journey as an artist. I remember back then I used to have sketchbooks full of my stories. Instead of hiding away during recess like I usually did, I made the bold step to just sit outside on one of the benches, completely exposed to enemy attacks, but surprisingly none came. Instead I was greeted by kids that loved watching me draw and suddenly their insults were replaced by compliments. “Hey, did you draw that?” “Oh, wow! That’s amazing. Do you mind if I —” Oh, no, not at all. Come sit down. Believe it or not, I actually met some friends after that and really enjoyed my time in the UK. I had some invaluable experiences there that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. This may sound cliche, but sometimes bad things happen for a reason, and that reason doesn’t make itself apparent until much later on in life; if I hadn’t been bullied back then, then maybe I wouldn’t have discovered my love for drawing which also means this YouTube channel wouldn’t have been created in the first place. Yeah, life has a funny way of unravelling itself. If you have any bullying stories of your own or experiences that was similar to mine that you’d like to share, please type it down in the comments below. I’d love to read ’em! I know this video is out way later than usual. I do my best to reach the “at least one video per month” quota, but some health and personal stuff just got in the way. I had this creative block for a couple of weeks, but it’s gone now! And I’m more pumped than ever to release more content. I love you guys! Thank you so much for sticking around, and I’ll see you later.

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  • I have been that quite girl for a whole at school, i began to speak up but the bullying got worse. My friends from church isolate me and I am in 8th grade… so one day I meet a boy named Marshall. He was kind, caring, and fun to talk with… He never left my side at church and I found out he goes to my school! I just hope he doesn't desert me like the others.

  • peaple bully others becuz they dont have something you do. that means youre more special than them. so… congrats!

  • I was bullied by meen bois :c

    One time theg tripped me at the top of the stairs and i fell to the bottom but the bully said 'o nooo i didnt trip her. She tryed to trip me and she fell herself' which was the stupidest thing i have ever heard. I speciffically left because of them and had to leave evryone i ever knew just to get away :c

    I needed to go pee really badly between 2 classes and the boiz started spreading rumors that i did the homework on the frikin toilet in 1 minute. Like how!?!

    Near the end of leaving the school they started sending death threats on leaving and followedme everywhere at lunch just to insult me, call me fat and say i dont eat food properly with a got damn fork.

  • Hola me encanta tus dibujos perooo no se ingles así que porfavor podrías poner letras pero en español pero eso no significa q no me gusten tus vídeos tus vídeos me encantan me asen sentir bien tus dibujos tus dibujos me inspiran.

  • I haven't been bullied before because I always been pretty tall and so they where to scared of me because I always give them a mean look and I know this cuss my friend told me they where scared of me and I'm just omg I'm sorry

  • This is four undertale fans

    Kid:… are you a girl or a boy
    Frisk: I'm a kid
    Kid:… I mean what's in your pants
    Frisk: determination
    Kid: oh my God frisk are you a girl or boy my gosh!!!!!!!

  • Stick and stones, wont breake my bones. Bullying can make or breake persone. Depends on how it goes.

    My story was a bit of diffrent then yours. Back when I was young boy pepole moslty left me alone but one time things turned around. I was picked on through words but shortly after it came as phisical. From throwing at me to punches. I was changing schools like creazy back then just to escape this madness. Sadly, it followed me to any school I went to. When I switched to my final school, things kept same but with more phisical. Kicks, punches, harrasment of "Give me X or I smash you to the ground!" Which often ended with wild chase through out the school. Teachers and other school staff ware supportive and tried to help me out but little one could do, even new comers decided to follow in action of others and picked on me, becouse if they wont, they may become next target. Hell, one time big school bully decided to lift me up in front of teachers room. He held me about 1m above ground (Least its what I recall). With little options I decided to kick him hoping I hit his balls so he can drop me and allow me to run inside teachers room. Sadly it had opposive effect, I hit his leg and in return, he throwed me head first in to concrate floor. I recall that my head bounced off from it like ball. After wards I mange to get up and move towerds teachers room. After wards my parents ware called in to pick me up so I can return home. I ended up with big circle rounded bruise just above my forehead.
    Even after this, things dint quiet down. For next few years kept same, pepole bulling me phisicly and mentaly. But when I was in last class in high school, things turned a bit. Some of those bullies ceased they hostility and tried to get along with me. Perhaps they growned or decided its best to turn me in to friend in last days in our live in high school. I dint resisted and talked with them like all that wrong doing they done to me was distand memory. We dint becomed friends but most bullies from my time in school I left them in friendly terms.

    In conclusion, about 7-8 years of constant phisical pain. And yet, here I stand. Alive.

    Apologies for telling this story that to some might be "Common story" becouse pepole ARE bullied everywhere. We may not see it but they are. I told my story as you sorta "Softened" me up as fellow introvert with difficult past. Alas, all pepole have dificult past, dont they?

  • I was bullied because I was on the spectrum kids classes and I was overweight, got insulted, harassed and made fun of by other students and the ones in on the suffering from different disorders

  • YouTube recommended this video and I really enjoyed it! There's something about your animation style that feels … I dunno, more dynamic and vibrant? Than the average YouTube animator. Not trying to throw shade because animators work hard (I'm one of them 😛 ) but this video was super engaging and enjoyable to watch. Keep it up!

  • When I first tried to draw a portrait…it was bad
    my best friend laughed at it and embarrassed me showing it to everyone and making fun of it…..I honesty felt like crying

    And then after 6 months my portraits were totally realistic and same as the picture…….the first time she saw it she was shook and did not believe that I have drawn that…………
    And now I am famous in school for my drawings.
    Whenever the teacher used to talk art everyone would tell the teacher about me or look at me.

    then a time came when my best friend begged me to draw her fave actor…..

    Now I am the best artist in my school and everyone begs me to draw their favorites………

    So guys don't lose Hope

  • I've never been bullied, I mean, nothing that I cared
    I love drawing
    People at school says that my drawings are horrible
    I don't REALLY care but that upsets me sometimes, BUT I'M STILL DRAWING AND ANIMATING >:3 no matter what they say…

  • Yeah there is this kid in my school who feels the need to judge everyone’s art. Like I’ll just be doodling in class and he will lean over my shoulder and yell VERY loudly “WHAT IS THAT?!?!” And I’ll say “ it’s a person.” And he will say it’s not and snatch my paper from me and show all the other boys. 😑

  • Hey… Your story is almost like mine…. The difference is I'm not move to any country, I move from private school to public school…
    Because I left handed(I love drawing drawing too)everyone keep asking me "why, what, how etc. ", one day they ask me "you should draw with right handed it will be good…, beside left handed is weird look your drawing is awful" cause of that I'm soo hurt and make myself soo quiet(like alone girl) since that I always using my headphones so they can't asked me every time… Then few months they like "hey… Can we hangout with you today? " totally forgot what they're doing to me few months ago… And now I fit in…
    Sorry if my English is bad… I'm still learning… I'm from Indonesia btw… 🙂

  • I WISH THERE WAS MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU !!(I LOVE YOUR ART ,Now you inspired me and I feel like I wanna continue animating and drawing thanks ! 😄😃)

  • I am bullied but I found my passion for drawing too. So I am constantly asked are you gay, hey you gay, they said your homo that true. Also I'm one of the only German and Irish blooded kids in my school so I'm asked. Hey are you a natzi hey he a natzi he is everyone hide. Ey you a German. It's bad so I learn to speak some German, just to tell them off. So when they ask. Hey you a natzi. I say, Fick Deck, pronounced (Fick dune). It's funny to see them confused. I gained some friends from my different ways to like, I was a little fat from my cultuares food but some people found my culture interesting. Anyway that's my story.

  • Well…I've delt with something similar. I'm pansexual and everyone knew that at my school, and I started dating a girl, and EVERYONE started asking me if I'm lesbian now. LIKE BOI I DON'T CHANGE BECAUSE OF WHO IM DATING!! LIKE WHAT IF WE BREAK UP!? "OH, NOPE, SORRY, UR A LESBIAN NOW, U CAN ONLY DATE GIRLS" like… my dude….

  • I was bullied to by my cousin it was hard to deal with being bullied by family but I have raised above the bullying and now my life is far better there the people that bullied me 🙂

  • Bully is a really weird thing, a group instantly "know" you are the type of person to be bullied the instant you meet, because you're shy, don't talk too much, hide during the break time, … All of that is viewed as "weak", and it's true in a way, you're mentaly weak because you're in a mind set where you think everyone could bully you, this is the point where the bully start, and oh boy it's hard to get out of it. The best thing to do is to get confident about yourself, like I said, bullying come if the person seems weak enough to be the target of it (note:being over agressive also attract bully for obvious reasons). If you show the wolrd "hey, I'm a person as strong as you, and you can put your bullying attitude where you think" you might be surprised how well that works, and on top of that: new peoples might come talk to you. If they didn't do it before is oftenly because a shy person is not "attractive" (in a friendly way, you sexual thinking piece of love), and because they already have friends they will not spend so many time trying to convience you to talk to them. In résumé: if you act like you don't want peoples to talk to you, they wont do it

    Now bullies might talk to you to moak you even more, but you can reconize those pretty quick.

  • My great great great great grandpa was an assasin then he passed it on my other grandpas and to my dad than he passed it on to me he trained me for a year now I can climb a tower

  • A good history, I'm sure different people have a this great situation in the relation student-student or whatever similar thing with the quite ended. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen, sometimes it only becomes a downward spiral that leaves repercussions and does not end even when nothing bad is happening. It's good to know that others have had better luck

  • There's a kid everyone hates and got me sent home I would have beat his ass if my principal want racist and hes mean to me so I retaliate

  • everyone asks me if im a boy or girl like everyday,guess what im a girl
    and they think im a boy because of my Eyebrows.

  • Bullies trully are the worst, i almost killed myself as a kid cuz of them by feeling that my existence is a failure made by god.
    But thanks for "gaming" i found a reason to keep living.
    And those bad thoughts just went off after a while.

  • Idk why but the kinder I am the less friends I got like how I bought all the girls in my class a lollipop, they just said thank you and never speak to me again

    Before I gave them the lollipop they still talk to me but since I gave them tge lollipop…. The just ignored me

    How rude!

  • If your a bully your a jerk and you suck you smell like poop I've been bullied and I dont lier it so stop AND NERD STAND UP TO YOUR SELF

  • I love your story, it's mine in a way… getting to the making it a tangible result. It's gonna happen. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!

  • My dream is to be a you tube animator till my booly found out and followed me home. And called me an idiot and smashed my equipment which is a intuos tablet. And my laptop also my mic I was finally going to get started and now. Yeah I have to save up for a new tablet and a new mic plus have to fix my laptop as well.

  • Bully: u ugly

    Me: well b** wanna take it out side? I'm go woosh yo ass

    Bully: Oks


    Bully: fighting stance….

    Me: gets close

    Also me: kisses on cheek

    Bully: what the fu-

    Me: you got cot ties mother fu-

  • Me: gets bullied
    Me: -_-
    bully’s: hahhaha your a nerd and a baby
    Me: your a racist and sameness
    Me: sameness
    Devil: WHAT!
    Me: lol get Jesus trollll!

  • I was bullied from kindergarten to high school because I was autistic and I already was getting abused at home so the bullying made my self esteem worse.

  • I also get bullied before because my drawing suck but guess what now i can draw anime girl and the bullying stop and i became an artist 😅

  • I’ve moved schools twice and I was lucky enough to not be bullied, everyone was nice and I made lots of friends, I moved from Singapore to Australia, the country I was born in, but I’m half Filipino from my mothers side and my dad is Australian, I kinda just switched my Singaporean accent to something that could be understood by someone not Singaporean, sometimes even now I’m asked if I came from America because I have a sort of American accent, idk where I got the American accent but I’m guessing it’s from movies? My mother? Idk😑 but sometimes I say a word wrong and my friends correct me on it and I say “oi, I still have a different accent originally, leave me alone” 😂 it’s funny but I’m just saying that I was lucky on my move, although it wasn’t as big a cultural change as yours

  • Bully: i like being evil

    Artisticookie: Shame….

    Bully: w..what

    Artisticookie: I SAID SHAME

  • Alision( my bully) said I need to get skinny 🙁

    The other Time she hit me and dragged me :((

    And I never told the teachers..

    But I'm ok 😀

  • 0:33 What are you, Chara from Undertale? That was creepy, I like it.
    1:19 Hey, I live there. Wait, you too?
    2:59 (gasp)

  • I've only got bullied in 3rd grade I said stop a million times he didn't stop I tryed to stand up : plss dknt bully

  • I used to bully the people that bullied me and punched me and I did not do shit then one day my friend was getting bullied and then he punch the girl and he got suspended but she deserved it she used to call me fat even though she was fatter than me so when she did I said your the pig in this conversion bitch

  • See I draw anime stuff
    (Ik so original) one was of a spellcaster girl And one of my classmates saw and goes “IS THAT GOKU?!!”
    Then for the rest of my freshman year I got flamed for drawing anime
    : ) Ahhh I love highschool

  • I've never been bullied because I have a mean face and a bad attitude. People are legit afraid of me 😅 (btw in an artist too)

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