How To Be Creative: How an Artist Turns Pro

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  • It's 2:27 am I was looking for cartoons for a j before sleep. The streaming website got shut down, I opened youtube and was rewarded with THIS. I kept watching video half with mouth open half crying like a bullied child, a girl of twenty-five. This night has opened my eyes and I will never sleep again. I want to say thank you and if I sell some work I will def support you ^^

  • Thank you, that encouraged me! And I find it true, sometimes I could lie on the floor not able to make a simple thing but after prayer, found encourage and strenght to go back to work… continued.. and something finally started to look good. Finished in time..
    We should never give up on good, not only on work but good relationships, on ourselves, on life, on hope in generall..

  • "Turning pro" can also be called being or enlightenment! Same for everything else, not just creatives. It's called freedom through no-self.

  • I am grateful for this. Thank you. You are like a guiding hand confirming that what I do is ok, that I just need to keep doing it.

  • Im leaving this comment here so i can come back a year from now and document my progress on a screenplay and book Ive tried to write all my life. Heres to a year of inspiration. I start now.

  • A non-bullshit inspirational video after a long time..!! BTW, this video gave me a bunch of movies on my "Movies to Watch" list. Thank you Creator.

  • Damn. I don't usually type comments, but I have to say here – I didn't expect this video to hit this exact nail on the head, which I think is a nail that almost everyone knows of and experiences. You really got to the meat of a great issue and talked it out. Fantastic video, probably what so many of us need to hear! It certainly was very on-point for my position in my journey right now 🙂 Best wishes and thanks for the great video! Subscribed! 🙂

  • Bukowski sounds like a pretentious and pompous asshole, who somehow confuses what sounds like extreme compulsion with talent, want and hard work. Writing, like most things in life, is something you learn and get better at with hard work. And the more you do it the easier it becomes. So no, it doesn't have to burst through your gut and no, it's ok to have writers-block. People like him need to get off their high horse named Super Special Snowflake and stop killing other people's motivation to do art.

  • 7:52– 8:09 oh yea so true for me. when i start painting something random, inspiration to put something unique into it comes after i start.

  • This is good, but don't just limit it to the creative arts. Any craft, any task that is sufficiently involved can benefit from the same processes. Take school, where we learn to procrastinate. Professors prefer graduate students who've taken a year off and worked a job. They like students to do real work because they unlearn procrastination. Students who get past procrastinating, even if not entirely, are students who realize that the goals for their learning are not determined by their teachers, but by themselves. This might seem a contradiction except that the student-Pro's goals include the goals set by the teacher. They know or simply guessed that even getting straight A's doesn't mean their education is complete. So they find some subject that truly engages them and pursue it. What the student-Pro then learns is that even if their goals change, having independently pursued one goal makes the next goal more achievable.

    As a teacher I was baffled by all the students who thought they'd won something because they learned almost nothing and yet were promoted to the next grade level. When I was young I figured out that while I was certainly wrong, it didn't mean that the adults-who I mistrusted- were right. And if they knew this subject and graded us kids, then clearly there was a lot more to learn. Learning is power so I pursued more.

    If resistance includes procrastination than one aspect not covered in the video might be called squeeze-out. You squeeze the tube expecting toothpaste to flow onto your tooth brush, but instead it oozes out the sides. Instead of your story, you write a long comment on a two year old YouTube video that no one will read.

  • I'm just 5 minutes in and, literally, never relate to a video so much in my life. And I use the word 'literally' as in it's original meaning, not the one that most millennials misinterpreted.

  • I interpreted the poem at the beginning differently. It's more like "if u have a writers block or no inspiration atm, dont force yourself to do so" …more like that (but I'm just at 2min. Gonna continue watching ^^)

  • I think this video fails to mention the everyday process through which one builds this thing that it calls "pro mentality" – which is basically a habit, a healthy version of discipline. I have a feeling that if one sets a goal to adopt this "pro mentality" everyday, but doesn't know how to stick to it procedurally, they will probably find it too hard and lose motivation quickly. It has happened to me many times. I don't know her, nor am I affiliated with her in any way, but if anyone's struggling with this part I recommend @the.holistic.psychologist on Instagram – she explains how to concretely build discipline through a gentle, self-compassionate, slow process. You'll have to browse through lots of different stuff – and you'll definitely need to be open-minded about psychology. But I swear that she's the most helpful I've ever found.

  • So funny you miss the point. It is a poem it doesn’t have to be right to be. That’s what his talking about 👍

  • thank you so much for this video. im crying after it because it suddenly offers me a answer to a question I've had so many years until today. to get the key to my creative lock. so much love for you and this video. thank you!!!

  • Yes. The key for creativity is consistency: you should make your craft a habit like Stephen King does. The more you do it, the easier it gets. I am a composer, and I force myself to compose at least something daily, even if I didn't feel inspired. And it always pays off!

  • Wow. Ok so YouTube is broken in every way except recommending things I need but didn’t ask for? XD

    Seriously though, I really needed this.

  • Stephen King also has been writing in this habit most of his life; even when working a job, raising a family, he would go to the trailer, close the door in the back room and type and type. He has a process nailed and has refined his craft as he best can.

  • I subscribed. This is the first video I watched of yours. I'm fascinated with your channel. Would like to see more videos related to writing

  • It didn’t feel cold and heartless at all, this is totally accurate, and the truth has its own beauty simply because it is true. I am a constant victim of resistance and my best music has been found after sitting down at my desk to look for it. Well said, well said indeed.

  • Hey, so this video just shifted my view on writing so much that it changed my life. You guys will still hear about me and my books!

  • 🙏YouTube: Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
    keeping the Faith, receive the parable, tell a Friend, all the cards are on the Table…

  • Movies and tv shows have an impact on your creativity. Like after watching certain shows id find myself writing more mature and thought out or wanting to write imitating a voice of a character i like. You have to find inspiration and wanting to describe something and make a plan. Also ill do adderall and can freestyle to the music i normally listen to with a blank mind. And then i mixed it with weed and dude…its like letting the creative people caged inside of you burst out their ideas and hopefully you can keep up with everything your getting and make something of it.

  • I love this video its carefully tought trough and written as i see you understand what you are talking about and have put alot of work into this. From all the videos of motivation i have listened to this one stands out at least in my opinion. Keep up the good work you are doing pretty good my friend 😉

  • So what do you do when you've got plenty of great ideas, but the moment you go to write it, you don't know where to start, or it just doesn't feel right?

  • I might be somewhat bold but i think you missunderstood Bukowski or maybe he didn't express himself correctly . The point in his words the way i understand it is not directed towards procrastination or the work ethic but in my opinion the thing that he is adressing is a certain talent in people that is screaming to be released. I am unsure if this is true for everyone and i am sorry for my presumptous words but i truly have this state of mind, where stories are in my head unwilling to leave, dozens of them infact, each story different in it's own right, these stories harass my mind in the waking and the dream world alike. And they are only sated when turned to words on "paper", even though my "official" job is not that of a writter i still have the urge to write it down, only then experiencing the sweet release… In that regard i somewhat see myself in the words of Charles B.

  • I see validity in "not doing it" in a sense. However, after falling to resistance and lifting myself out of it, NOT ALWAYS "doing it" is absolutely evil in my opinion. Now, it's just coming to me. And I'm feeling more alive, more fully me, and more fulfilled than ever before. (and It's still the beginning!)

  • I learned from him that lives above that I must first deny myself first before anything else can begin. In other words, cut off all things that destrack you from your called will or things that course you to stumble. Only then can you move forward.

  • I think to gain the initial skill we have to do practice religiously, but after that, for producing breaking art I believe it can only be done when it is truly time!

  • It doesn't work for me. I have been drawing for 6 months now and still no creativity has shown up. The resistence exist because I have been trying and not succeding for a long time. There must be another way to do it.

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  • I´ve seen this video quite a few times by now and it´s still one of the best videos I´ve ever seen on this platform. Thank you really really much.

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