How to Cover a Textbook

How to Cover a Textbook

How to Cover a Textbook. With a brown grocery bag, heavy construction
paper, or decorative wallpaper, you can help extend the life of school textbooks by making
them a protective cover. You will need Paper Scissors Book and stickers
and tape. Step 1. Cut your paper large enough to cover your
textbook. Add two or more additional inches on all sides. Step 2. Put the textbook on the center of the paper. Make creases by folding the paper over the
top and bottom edges of the book. Step 3. Put the book aside and fold the paper at the
creases until smooth and even. Step 4. Close the textbook and place it onto the paper,
leaving approximately 2 inches on the right side. Step 5. Wrap the remaining paper around the front
cover of the textbook and crease the edge. Remove the paper and fold at the crease. Step 6. Open the book and slide the front cover into
the sleeve. Close the book and make a crease with the
paper against the back cover. Fold the crease, open the back cover, and
slide it into the sleeve. Step 7. Hold the cover in place with decorative stickers
and different colored tape cut into different shapes. Did you know The largest bookstore in America
is the Barnes and Noble in New York City, which holds 12 miles of shelving.

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