How to draw any saiyan – step by step tutorial

what’s going on everybody welcome to
Josh’s art box I’m Josh and today I’m gonna give you a quick tutorial on how
to draw any scene you want if you got the time please like share and subscribe
it helps channel out a lot but let’s get into it as you notice I start out with
the wrinkles in the eyes and the eyebrows there’s a reason I do this
because the eyebrows and the eyes in general are gonna give you the
measurement of everything else in the drawing so after the eyes I’ll draw the
nose and from there I have a general idea of where the chin is going to go
don’t be afraid to erase if it doesn’t look right always erase it I’m using a
mechanical pencil you can get at any Walmart for like 25 cents I use a point
five anything bigger I just feel mixed the lines a little too thick but from
there I use the eyebrows to give me the measurement of the top of the ear once I
have the top of the ear I can connect it with the chin area or the jaw line and
then everything else will float now where this gets interesting is as long
as I know how to draw one of these spaces I know how to draw anything I
want and I’m gonna show you how that works because you notice that right now
I’m sure you can guess who I’m drawing but I’m gonna draw two more pictures but
I’m not gonna change the face now you notice I erase quite a bit on
the hair hair can get a little wonky I’m not the best at it nor do I try to
pretend to be but I do what I can once I have the basic shapes of
everything I’ll go to inking which I’m using a point one micron pen now usually
on smaller pictures well smaller faces and to get more
detailing I use a point zero five but since the picture is pretty large
it’s like 7 by 10 I use the 0.1 now I want you guys to pay attention on where
things are placed how the eyebrows start the ear at the bottom of the ear lines
up with the mouth now as far as the neck muscles and chest and stuff and that
stuff that’s more of an Anatomy thing and that’s for a later video
right now I’m just trying to show you how to get to understand learning one
you know em all I get a lot of questions like Josh I can’t get Vegeta right or I
can’t get Goku right I could draw Gohan but I can’t draw any of the other ones
and I’m like well if you know how to draw one just draw Gohan change his hair
and no one understands that concept and here I’m gonna show you so I start the
same way on all my drawings eyebrows eyes nose chin ear
and then I go below the chin as far as the neck and chest if that’s what’s in
the picture but then the hair I’m going to draw the neck real quick just so I
have placement and again I’m not changing anything of
the picture a little line thingies they have on their eyes never knew what that
was I just know it’s on everyone so if you notice how I’m drawing the the
sideburns match the placement of the eyebrows it lines up pretty now I’m gonna draw
the hairline redraw the hairline yeah that’s one thing don’t be afraid to mess
up like I mean this looks terrible right now so I start over yeah don’t be afraid
to mess up because if it doesn’t look great just change it that’s we’re not
inking right now it’s not permanent just erase it don’t be afraid to use an
eraser I’m not against using eraser so for
those that say Oh draw it and that’s it that’s mean it was perfect
I’ve been drawing since I was 11 years old
I still don’t got everything down right so now we’re in the inking process one
thing that you want to tell you and I don’t do it here just because I want to
show you guys how I’m inking in a way just long solid strokes I don’t want to
sketch it if you know what i mean if you do you get sketchy lines and you want solid
lines especially when it comes to anime they have really smooth solid lines
normally I would turn the paper but just for your guys’s view I try to
keep the paper straight but there’s Gohan I’m gonna draw one more character
to show you what I mean again not changing the face we’re getting at we
the different character I’m starting it out the same way eyebrows eyes nose chin
ears rest of the body if necessary in the picture it is the chin real quick get the ears in then you get the general
idea so word of advice learn one face don’t worry yourself about I want to
draw this sayian I’m gonna learn this sayian just learn one of them once
you learn one you know em all so enjoy the rest of the join here while I finish
up Vegeta and hopefully I see you guys again in the next video if you did like
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three drawings and show you how I color them with Copic markers so if you’re
interested in that tune in next week I usually publish videos every Tuesday
around 11:30 Eastern Standard I hope to see you guys again have a good one

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