How to fix a HP Printer, not printing black ink and missing colours.

How to fix a HP Printer, not printing black ink and missing colours.

If you’ve had a problem printing from
your HP printer. such as colours not printing at all or the black is missing when you print, which happened in my case. There is an
easy answer. Look no further! I will show you how I fixed the problem. okay here’s what you do. Lift up the lid on your printer. Wait for the ink cartridges to stop in the middle and then take out the cartridges from the print head unit. and lift lever on the right side. What you then do is take out the Print Head unit that cradles the Ink Cartridges. These are the print heads which are causing the problem. What happens is they get blocked with dry ink and prevent the heads from printing. on my printer the black was fully blocked so I simply ran it under a warm tap of water to clean it out. I then put the clean print heads back in the printer and then worked fine. So that’s it…It can be as simple as that. I’ll even show you
how I ran it under a warm tap. What you do is first take off the bridge to make access easier To get access to the print heads and clean and then just run it under the tap under warm water and then give it a good clean ensuring the dried ink is taken off the print heads. like that, you can see there is no ink around the heads. and then wait for it to dry before
putting it back in the printer. click back in the bridge the same way it was taken off. Then put the print head unit back in the printer after you have dried it out a little. Like so…. Load in the ink cartridges. After pushing it around a little bit and the printer is started up again. you should be ready to print the calibration test page. That’s what it looks like with the black in printing. In comparison to my test pages earlier which had the missing colour. That is the difference, and how I solved the problem. I hope this may help you with your HP printing problem.

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  • hnxs so much for that… and if you have a fixed printer head like mine 5510 just unscrew the top (after disconnecting power for 5 min). The trick is that there are hidden screws under the hp label to right and under the LCD panel which Partially comes off if you gently pull it… then presto you can PARTIALLY pull the 'fixed' printer head for easier access careful not to pull any wires… place a paper towel at the bottom and manually glide the head over it dab the blocked head (whichever is not printing) to clear it out, repeat till the paper towel underneath is clear.

    thnxs for the video John it's disheartening that big tech suppliers such as HP do not offer simple upcycling solutions such as this which can contribute so much to ESG by reducing frustated customers to dump their printers into landfill.

  • My last printer was hp 660 and even printed quality was better than this HP7520. Yea … HP used to be a good brand but I'll never buy HP again!!! Recently changed out every cartridge and never used it … 2 months later I now and got a warning of low ink. How in the hell does that happen??? Going to start buying cheaper non HP ink now …. tired of the BS. If it goes bad because of cheap ink … so be it!!! DO you know how to turn off Clean Print Head … I have a feeling this is using up my ink!!! UPDATE: went to support and found out cleaning head function cannot be turned off!!! I gave them a piece of my mind and will no longer buy their products or recommend them like I use to … I will talk alway bad concerning HP! The article shows that the Cleaning Print Head was designed not just to waste ink but to cause such problems for costly maintenance.

  • I tried it and it was dirty and globs of ink washed out. But now the black won't print at all — and it's a brand new cartridge!

  • Thank you so much .. It helped me because I faced the same problem and I found heavey junck of ink blocking the jet area

  • in addition to this method I did spray the $#@*¥!! printerhead with Whiteboard cleaner and finally it worked again

  • I had the same problem. Instead of running it over tap water, I used a syringe with distilled water, and it worked. It's still nice to have your video for additional support, thanks.

  • Thank you for this easy problem-solving solution. My HP 6830 print head wasn't removable but I cleaned the heads with cotton buds soaked in water and dried with a clean bud, which had the same result. You saved me from buying more expensive cartridges!, that now I know wouldn't make any difference if the heads are blocked. Again, great helpfull video, many thanks.

  • I tried to clean using only alcohol and a q-tip because I was afraid to put water on it… didn't work. Rinsed with water and dried with a hair dryer, and it TOTALLY worked!!! Thank you!

  • I want to make another recommendation for those who cleaned their printhead, reset their printer by pulling out the removable cord from the back of the machine while it was still turned on, and still had no success. Take out your printhead and ink cartridges and while the printer is still on, pull the cord out from the back and plug back in after 15 seconds. Replace the printhead, snap the lever back in place, and put your ink cartridges back in. This will force a hard reset to get everything recalibrated and realigned back again.

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  • Worked Great! I did need to print a couple of the status pages, but now working beautifully! Thank you! I had nearly resorted to a new printer!

  • Very helpful thank you. You saved me from buying a new printer and I really needed something printed today it was crucial. So thanks again. Cheers

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  • This took a bit to work, but…SUCCESS! First time I did not run water through long enough so did it again with hot water until it ran clear. After drying and replacing, I cleaned the printhead a few times, but still was not working. I took the advice of one person and created a word doc with some black squares and after probably 4th attempt to get the black to print, it is working! I was busy googling replacement printers when it finally printed. THANK YOU

  • Brilliant! Thank you. You have just saved me buying a new printer. Mines a little different to your printer as I can’t remove the print head but found some earbuds and wet them to clean the print heads. Perfect now. Thank you again

  • Nice video man but it didn't work for me, luckily i found this number +1 845.266.655 for printer support.Finally after messing around for a week I got my money back. Give it a try maybe it would work for you.

  • Fantastic, thank you! I am about to try this. I have been wasting the last hour or more cleaning printhead and aligning cartridges and still no black ink printing even though I just bought and installed new cartridges, and even though the printer can see them.

  • Mine would not come out. Was attached to the wires. Tried using wipes and when i went to turn it on the cartridge arm that moves was jammed. tried moving it myself but it would always say it was jammed. Now its broke so i guess ill go buy a new one like HP support told me to. Fuck HP

  • It worked, amazing! So simple just wash ans dry 🙂 thank you so much you saved much time and money!
    I was about to bring my printer for maintenance shop or buy a new one otherwise.

  • You saved me one new printer, thank you!!!

    This worked immediately for me (I had plenty of black ink sludge to clean out). I was about to buy a new printer after I unsuccessfully spent 45 min with tech support trying to resolve my issue (of course they didn't mention this step in trouble shooting… go figure…. the printer ink scamming tech overlords are doing their dirty jobs I guess).


  • You saved the day! I bought new cartridge thinking the older black cartridge out of ink. Attempted to print an
    eBay label but no ink on paper. Straight to YouTube and found you. Cleaned cartridge case and WOW
    I can print again. Thank you for your clear and knowledgeable video

  • This video is very helpful for us while Hp printer not printing black. Save more time and response is good through the video. In other cases are resolve here on 1-888-828-6821

  • followed all instructions to the letter and the read out keeps saying there's still a print head problem – i've removed & reinstalled half a dozen times but no luck

  • Thanks for this, was a little more complicated to remove the cradle on my Photosmart 5510 All-in-one than you showed in the vid. I had to remove the inner top cover plate and the cradle had two retaining springs that were a little fiddly to reinstall but the wash worked and now I have black again. I would point out as a warning to HP users, my problem was caused by inferior non-HP cartridges that were bought in HP packaging and advertised as HP genuine from Amazon (other retailers are available) , so be careful.
    Anyway , Thanks again for this vid John.

  • I was facing the exact same issue , but i had to call official HP Printer help desk on +1-888-494-0464 ( US & Canada ). To get quick assistance for your problem it's always better to contact help desk . Hope it helps.

  • Hey John,
    Thank you so much for posting this. I had the same problem as you where black was not printing and I assumed the printer was at the end of its life. I followed your instructions and it is working perfectly now. It would never have occurred to me to run the printer heads under the tap. Thanks again.

  • I can't say I recommend this approach. I just did this on my HP PhotoSmart 7520 and I now get an error stating that the ink system has failed and to contact HP. Seems this method has rendered my printer even more useless.

  • I wish my Printheads for HP 4620 e all in one came out easily..another video shows how – but is a pain…2013 printer hardly used it and used only for scanning since 5 years with NO cartridges in it – now tried it – no luck – used isopropyl alchohol 3 times – still no luck – put in a NEW 2016 black cartridge – did ALL the Diagnostics – no luck —HELP!!!!

  • I just spent 90 minutes doing analysis of my printer, downloading new drivers, realigning the heads erc and was just about to throw the thing out of the window until I found your video. After doing what you said it worked like a dream. Thanks!

  • I just got the HP Envy 4520 a couple months ago and only used it occasionally. I noticed my black ink wouldn’t work, but color did. I spent a while searching what to do since my ink levels were still almost full. Thanks for the input. Between using isopropyl alcohol on the cartridge head and rinsing under warm water it’s fine now!

  • Thank you so much. I just tried it out with my Deskjet 3520 – the head is not removable but after cleaning it with a wet fabric it worked right away. Just comes to show HP doesnt really want to help their customers – someone should put a link to this video over their damn paid support hotline

  • Brilliant! Just what happened with me so just washed printhead and amazed at all black ink congealed there was. Just waiting to dry it off and try. Thank you so much 😊

  • Well I had a printer that didn’t print black and now I have a printer that doesn’t print any colors 👍🏻 thanks a lot man 😂

  • HP Photosmart Premium C410 series printer was showing good ink levels for all cartridges but every time I printed, black would come out as gray or not at all. Just wanted to confirm that this video fixed my problem.

  • Didn't work. Still won't print black, although there is a full black cartridge. Will print color though. Not black.

  • Don't try this with a 6978. No release lever, so I yanked it out with pliers. Came out in many pieces. It was junk anyway.

  • I have an HP 6968. The print head cradle set up is different than shown with a bar going all across which can't be
    removed as far as I can see. Also there is a white belt like band attached. So I think this is a good video but not applicable to my model printer. Thanks anyway

  • Wow! You nailed it. My six year old printer was gunked up and I cleaned the cartridge holder in the bathtub for several minutes, and now printing beautifully. It was a messy job for sure and I had to run water through it until fully clean/clear then drying with rags gently….all in all about 20 minutes but this WAS the fix. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • I did this and it worked great for about a week; now the black ONLY won't print – comes out faded grey…any suggestions?

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