How to fix ghost images (double printing) when using a printer

How to fix ghost images (double printing) when using a printer

The “ghosting” is when light images from
previous print jobs appear on newly printed pages. To begin, look at the drum. When a drum is too worn it may not discharge properly leaving behind faint traces of the previous printing job. If the drum is inside a toner cartridge replace the toner cartridge. The fuser units can cause “ghosting.” If the fusers are not heating the toner powder correctly, the toner will stick on the fuser rollers, and a ghost images can appear on the printed page. Check the fuser rollers. if they are dirty, probably the problem is here if the problem are the fusers, the toner do not bond properly on the sheet and if you rub the page, you should be able to remove the toner. You can know what is causing the
“ghosting”. measure the distance from the first line of ghost text to the same line of the printed text. For example: if the ghost text is at the same distance of the circumference of the drum. the culprit is the drum. You can also print a test sheet. Then, open the front door of the printer before the paper reaches the fuser. Remove the sheath of paper. If the “ghosting” is present the problem are not the fusers. The humidity can affect the toner powder. if the environment is too humid, the toner powder may clump inside the cartridge. The toner powder does not get charged
properly and this leads to “ghost” images on the page. If the drum is dirty, covered with toner probably the problem is the toner powder. Remove the old toner powder or change toner cartridge. Store the toner cartridges in a cool room, with low humidity check the machines environment The recommended environment for the machine is a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees and humidity of 20% to 80% without condensation if the paper is too thick, glossy, or not designed for laser printing, the “ghosting” will most likely occur. The fusers will not transfer all toner on the paper. Adjust your paper settings. if you are using thick, or glossy paper, refer to the printer users guide for recommended media types. Thicker paper and envelopes can only be fed through the MP tray If you are using normal laser printer paper and you have “ghosting” problems, try to select a different settings, such as thick paper, envelope thick, recycled. A paper that is intended for use in an ink-jet printer can cause ghosting If possible, print a cleaning page or run a dozen of blank prints. Dust and debris inside the printer can also cause “ghosting”. Clean the outside of your printer, to make sure dust and debris don’t get
inside the printer. Look at the transfer roller if it is at the end of its life, worn, or dirty clean it with a damp cloth.

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  • Help. I am experiencing shadow printing on my print outs: the original script is not affected. It only affects my 'written' work and not anything which has been copied and pasted onto the same page. It seems to have started after copying some text off of the internet. Many thanks: I am trying to write up and print out my family history!

  • i bought the the new ink for the printer, is an HP officejet J4580 All-in-one, and i did all what the printer asked me for alline the ink.

    the try for alline the ink is perfect, no ghosting letters, but when i started to print a document the problem appeard, and still give me the problem, i don't know what to do :/

    i'm sorry if is not clear, english is not my first lenguage, i'm italian, so if you know what to do could be nice if you can help me
    have a nice day

  • My xerox machine Konica Minolta Bizhub 215 print out black dirty in some part only in every first page… if i need 1 copy i alwys print 2 copy first one for dustbin.. lots of wastig paper.. cn you help on that??


  • my rocoh spc 250 gives overlap color, i changed bit still the same problem yellow color is in background of black color

  • I appreciate this as it is giving me new ways to figure out why my papers are coming up with ghosting. However…. 7rd Step? Really?

  • Thank you, this explained what is happening – I've never had this before. Not sure how to get access to rollers to clean them, but changing paper thickness has helped.

  • Sometime a ghost image is forming before the image and after! for this situation how will I do? Cause the remark is that, for the first photocopy of a document I observe about this problem.

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