How to Make a Print in Photography : Sepia Toning in Photography Prints

One thing about printing on fiber based paper
is just that they tone very well. Now, you can tone an RC print. But, a fiber based paper
will tone much better than an RC print. And, what I did right here is this print on my
left is toned in sepia. Which gives it almost a very warm some say nostalgic old fashioned
look. And, this print is not toned. Now, sepia toner is a toner that you can use. It’s a
two-bath toner. This is bleach to it and then the actual sepia itself. The sepia itself
has a very strong sulfur smell. It’s not pleasant to be around. Whenever you’re toning, you
want to tone in a extremely well ventilated space. Sometimes, I only tone outside. Safety
is also a factor in your toning. Please make sure that there are no kids around or pets
or even adults who might not know what you’re doing. So, always say hey I’m toning today.
They’ll know by the smell you’re toning. So, again sepia versus straight.

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