HOW TO: paint an aquarium background

HOW TO: paint an aquarium background

Hi, everybody Joey here again, and welcome back so [today] We’re going to be talking about how to paint your aquarium. [I] get questions a lot on How to paint your aquarium based on the fact that thing a lot of people don’t know which type of paint to use How to apply it or what’s safe, and what’s not? So we’re going to go over that in this video We’re also going to talk about how to remove paint from an already painted aquarium, so let’s get started, okay So we’re now ready to paint the aquarium a number of things you want to consider first is what color are you choosing? I? i Like to pick solid colors that are pretty dull. What do you mean by dull is not orange green things like that I like to use either Black or blue Reason being is because most fish look best on those two colors on this tank. I’m choosing a light blue This is going to enable me to keep my fish that I’m going to be keeping in this tank nice and light in color I want I don’t want them to darken up, and you’ll see why after you see the fish that I’m putting in this tank Now if you want your fish to color up, I suggest using a darker color like black or Dark blue Those are just some things to consider when choosing the color The safest color to go with is typically black looks really good And if you’re taking [pictures] of your aquarium really makes your fish your fishes colors pop now Before we get started with looking at the supplies We’re going to need let’s first prepare the tank you’re going to need to clean the tank glass make sure that it’s nice [and] clean If you’re using an Acrylic tank do the same thing But don’t use any chemicals [just] [some] nice warm water and a cloth is typically good enough Once you’ve done that make sure that [aquariums] dry, and we can move on to the supplies So let’s take a look at the supplies on what we’re going to be using [now]. Okay, so the supplies We’re going to be using are really simple. [I] like to keep things cheap. You know Simply because I might change my color on the paint, so I’m not looking to go crazy. I’m also not a Professional painter so I like to buy cheap paintbrushes in the end for what we’re doing It doesn’t really matter so I go to my local dollar store Or you know maybe you call it a buck or two or whatever your cheap place is and I like to simply pick up their dollar menu paint rollers we’re looking to get paint I’m sorry sponge rollers, and it comes with a little dandy. [you] [know] Paint Tray as well The reason why we’re doing sponge Rollers is simple If you use a paint brush or a sponge brush it tends to drag the paint across The glass and you don’t get as good as coverage you tend to have to use more paint just to cover the glass With a sponge Roller it technically typically gets you a lot more coverage and goes on a lot easier you also need to do less coats as For the actual paint this is going to be a big one for a lot [of] people for the most part any paint is going to be fine based on the fact that the Paint’s not actually going into the aquarium if You are painting your tank with fish already in it make sure the aquariums covered tightly because the fumes might bother them So now that we know [that] the paint isn’t actually going to be into the aquarium And there’s really no way that it can get in there. You still need to be cautious because of course you never know So I like to use an all-purpose acrylic paint [I] use this for a number [of] reasons One it’s cheap Too it’s completely safe its non-toxic That doesn’t mean I can go ahead and dump it into the tank as an additive But simply gives you a little bit more peace of mind Final reason is that it goes on nice and it comes off easy You’re going to see how easy it comes off at the end of the video It’s safe for both glass and acrylic [if] I could give you a suggestion on paint not to use stay away from oil-based paints you kind of want to stick with water-based paints and you know non-toxic Paints and this is a Non-toxic, it’s a water-based acrylic. Paint look for something like that. Where can you pick up this exact paint? I don’t know It’s basically It’s called Deco art crafters or croat paint I use it for all [my] tanks cost $1.00 per Tube [$1.00] will or a tube of this which is 100 bill liters will probably do Let me see let me guess here Probably 12 square feet of aquarium glass So I’m probably going to need maybe [2] [3] tubes of this based on the fact that I’m doing the bottom The back and the two sides this is going to be a quarantine tank So I’d like to shelter it in as much as I can Anyways, let’s go ahead and get started with painting it ok so I’m ready to get started on painting one little thing that you might Want to consider before you do start painting is getting some painters tape and taping off all of your trim So you don’t get paint on it. It can make a real mess. It make it look bad In the end you could probably take [it] off, but it’s a hassle, and it’s much easier to simply Lay down some painters tape I’m just doing the bottom right now. So it doesn’t really matter by a painters tape or not, so Basically I got the paint ready you see it’s really nice blue Now I really like this color especially [for] the fish that are going in this tank. They’re going to look really nice against it So we’re just painting it like you would paint a wall We’re not looking to [gough] it on we’re just doing a little bit of paint on the foam roller at a time Typically speaking you want to start at one end and work your way over and try to do all in the same motion you don’t want to be really be going up and down and all over the place Not on your first coat first coat go one way second coat go the next way I don’t know if I’m going to need to do two coats We’re going to see after we put this on. I might end up doing two Maybe three coats you’ll know when you see it. So let’s just see how it goes on here downside about using sponge Rollers cheap sponge rollers is that they tend to Not be perfectly round So they’re going to jump all [over] the place and sometimes drag the paint so to save yourself that hassle invest in some nicer sponges These are typically a little bit better I’ll probably end up using these for them, but for now. I’ve already got paint on this so I’ll go ahead finish it off this is typically a lot faster as well than using a Any other form of paint? Paintbrushes the sponge Roller goes aren’t really quickly anyways guys I’m going to finish this up I’m going to do the bottoms the sides then we’ll come back and have a look and see how it looks, so [that’s] it. Tanks done painted So I actually did overestimate exactly how much paint I would eat. I ended up only needing two tubes of paint Let me do the bottom the two sides as well as the back of the tank mmm now You might [be] [wondering]. Why are you even painting your tank? Well honestly it comes down to personal taste and choice I actually prefer the look of a painted tank Based on the fact that you know most paper backgrounds to look that great on a tank unless you get into you know using Seaview to apply your background or something like that. You know they just don’t look good [I] Like this because if you know it’s it’s easy to manage. [I] can change it whenever I want makes the fish look great and It’s really cheap because [I] only use two tubes of paint it only cost me two bucks Another dollar for the paint rollers so it cost me three dollars to paint this based on that We can estimate that it’s going to cost me about three dollars every time I want to change it to I’m going to take [a] little bit of work to change it, but it can be done can be done cheaply Anyways now that we’ve seen how to do it. Let’s find out how to take it off, okay? So now that we know how to paint the aquarium, it’s time We find out how to take the paint off of an already painted aquarium Not a lot of people want their aquariums painted and if you ever buy a second-hand aquarium sometimes, they just simply come paint it already Perhaps you want to switch the color as well switching the color of your aquarium is going to be pretty simple All you’re really going to need is a vacuum for the paint that you’re going to be scraping off obviously You’re also going to need a straight edge razor Pretty straightforward pretty easy to find I also like to use a handheld scraper that the razor blade goes in [two] Simple [is] that all it really is going to help me do is scrape the the paint off [of] the aquarium? And it should come off Really simply so starting almost anywhere What caillou that comes off? Keep in mind. I’m still using the same type [of] paint That’s I’m taking off that I put on I’m using more acrylic. Paint comes off and goes on so easily Downside to it. Is that if you ever scrape it which is scrapes pretty easily as well You’re going to have to touch it up But it’s not an issue the plus side is that it comes off really easily if [you] ever want to change it so basically guys that’s it if You have [any] [more] questions comments or anything like that comment in the section below? Anyways, we’ll see us next time and thanks for watching

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