How to Photograph Fine Art Nude Models Overview

How to Photograph Fine Art Nude Models Overview

i’m going to talk to you about equipment and lighting and posing and
props but probably one of the most important
things i’m going to talk to you about is helping your model to be both mentally
and physically prepared to do this kind of offer some models i’m very traumatic you’ll run into some girls who have done
this for years and that is as natural to them as taking a walk in the park annual probably run into some girls who
have never model before their lives but have really been looking for
opportunities to do something like this and this type of modeling is fine art
nude modeling is about as far from sexually oriented
stuff as you can get it’s really interesting to me that you can be photographing a beautiful
girl totally nude and there is less sexual innuendo less sexual anything totally nude model when you’re
doing fine art work then there is so if you’re doing clothed
glamour work and she could be fully clothed the attitude coming from the models personna her body language for
facial expressions her eye contact with the camera it is so much different when you compare glamour modeling to
fine art modeling and so this is going to be about the
beauty of the female farm this is going to be about curves and angles and
lighting and uh… that’s sort of thing is not
going to be about uh… sexual stuff at all ibc there is some sexual undertone here’s somewhere or we
wouldn’t be so enthralled with the female form but i think that’s as far as it goes it’s more about what can we do is
artists bring beauty to the world so what i’m going to do is start out by
giving you an overview of some of the photographs that i’ve taken and i’m
going to talk about over idea of topics mental preparation
for the model mental preparation for you physical preparation lighting lighting
accessories a studio set up so let’s get started

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