How to Silk Screen Print a t-shirt with a Paper Stencil, Rubilith film, or hand painted films.

well hello again today I want to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart, that’s right I want to talk about film positives. The film positive seems to be the biggest barrier keeping people like yourself from getting into screen printing at home ah well all. In today’s video tutorial I’m going to show you four different ways to make a film positive without any expensive equipment let’s get started stop shaking stop shaking number one have them printed by a professional service I’ve included a link in the description below number two and cust nsel’s if you have some free hand or tracing skills this is a great do-it-yourself option or if you’re lazy like me you could just print it out grab yourself a blade and cut out the black areas to create a stencil solid graphics and text are the best way to go with this method now you’re going to lay the stencil over the flat side of the screen reading backwards and tape it to the mesh flip the screen over and tape the remaining open areas of mesh create a damn with tape around the inside edge this makes clean up later a hell of a lot easier now eat the screen load a shirt and do a print the stencil after the first print sticks to the mesh allowing you to do multiple prints with the paper stencil throw the frame with your heat gun and move on to the next method number three handpainted films this method works surprisingly well grab a paintbrush just some hobbyist acrylic paint and a blank transparent film lick your thumb and index finger and pinch the film paint on the side that sticks to your finger if you got the skills you can go all the best get out on the film if however you like me and you’d rather trace some shit then do it up tape the printout to your desk and then take the film positive over the printout bust out that black paint and start tracing the idea here is to build up a completely black out image and this method will allow you to get much greater detail than the paper stencil message now that you got that fucker painted let it dry and you can use it just like any other film positive that’s Method number three let’s move on to method for and last but certainly not least is number four hand cut ruby lift this is just a warning this stuff has become rare as shit none of my local suppliers had it I had to actually resort to ebay to get my hands on this stuff so I ordered them saddle my ass and finally two weeks later the UPS guy showed up not the most convenient solution but I’m showing you how to do it anyway I’m gonna print out your graphic just like we did on the hand-painted film tape it to a cutting board just like this you have to make sure with rouble if that you are cutting the correct side so you have a clear carrier sheet and then you have the red ruby lips film you want to make sure that the carrier sheet is facing down on the graphic and that the red film is facing up place it over the printout and babe it down now you’re going to grab your exacto knife and start stenciling the image out Wow the red film acts as a UV blocker removing the red film from the carrier allows the UV light to harden the emulsion beneath it there’s a great many benefits to rubra with the main two are the fact that after you’ve put in the labor you can hang on to these films forever second main thing is that you can do really find details if you have the steady hand and the patient’s there’s also the added bonus of it being punk rock as fuck so I’ve officially given you four different ways to create film positives without any expensive equipment you’re welcome to thank me for all my hard work punch the thumbs up subscribe to the channel and share this bad boy with your friends I’m cam with monument limited remember to think of us for all of your professional screen printing needs one of those gots to be you

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