Humber Literary Review Launch

Humber Literary Review Launch

[background chatter] [Ieva Lucs] Today is the launch
of the Humber Literary Review. There’s gonna be some speakers,
and we’re, sort of, talking about, uh, this issue,
which is, uh, the mental health issue. [Michael Spencer]
Uh, through the Humber Collective, um, which is a group of faculty, decided that this was the time to,
kind of, take on this issue. So, there’s comics
by Teva Harrison, there’s an online piece
by our own Trevor Arkell, there’s art featured
by, uh, Lisa Walters. [Brandon Austin]
I reviewed a book by, uh, Leesa Dean called Waiting for the Cyclone. So it’s a collection of short stories,
really happy to see it, ended up getting published
in a magazine. [Ieva] I interviewed
two really interesting artists who work in an area
where they’re using art to heal. It was an amazing conversation,
and we put that together for the online portion
of Humber Literary Review. I think that there’s still a stigma
around mental health. This issue can give people an idea
of what they could do with their lives, whether they have
mental health issues or not. My experience in the journalism program
has been wonderful. Humber has just let me
jump right in. I would say, in front of me,
there are about 20 doors open, and I just have to choose
which way I go. My teachers,
they really are part of my success.

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