I have paintings and other fine art, my homeowner’s policy covers this, right?

I have paintings and other fine art, my homeowner’s policy covers this, right?

When discussing fine art with new clients,
many of them mistakenly assume that their art is already protected under their homeowner’s
policy or that it is ridiculously expensive to insure. Neither is true and I suggest separating out
fine art from your unscheduled personal property. Separating out your art makes sense for several
reasons: the coverage for art is broader and includes coverage for theft, restoration,
diminution, breakage and earthquake – even if you don’t carry earthquake insurance
on your home. Also, when you have separate coverage for
your art, losses are not subject to a deductible. Art is the least expensive valuable item category
to insure and is broadly defined. In addition to paintings, photography, and
sculptures, the category also includes manuscripts, etchings, rare books, tapestry, and art glass. All that is needed to add art coverage is
a list of the items and their current value. Appraisals are not required unless an individual
piece is worth more than $100,000. You can insure each piece separately or have
a blanket limit for the whole collection – or you can do a combination of both. I can also assist with art appraisals, transportation,
installation, security and emergency evacuation. To find out how to start protecting the pieces
you are most passionate about, call Carolyn Konecki at 619-744-0545.

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