I quit! And as a youtuber, I have an obligation to make a very dramatic video explaining why. So here we go. No, I’m not quitting YouTube, but as you can see this is a prompt video and it might be the last prompt video for a while. To be completely honest, quitting the prompt series has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and quitting is just… it’s not what I do. It’s not my personality. I stick with things no matter how much I get tortured. Hence Inktober. I also don’t read scripts. I made a bullet point on what to talk about but I have a feeling that I am going to be rambling and going off-topic so I will try to stay on topic. So to be honest, I have been thinking about quitting the 500 drawing prompt series for months. I mean, it’s been a very long time. Probably since the beginning of this year. It’s it’s been on my mind and it’s been eating away at me. I have just found, over time, that I start to dread making the videos. I’m not finding them as fun to make. I do enjoy them. It’s just not… Exciting…? I don’t know. It’s losing its spark. I guess… I created the 500 round prompt series over two years ago and I first created it because I want to get rid of art block. I wanted to keep myself motivated to keep drawing when I didn’t know what to draw. I wanted to draw new things and over time that art block has definitely faded away and I really have motivation to work on other things and personal projects now. So I feel like the prompt series isn’t necessary for me anymore. I make 2 sometimes 3 videos a week on my YouTube channel, and it’s a lot of work for one person. Two videos is enough work but with 3 videos I have just found that I have been prioritizing quantity over quality for my content, for my art, for my videos, for social media and I’m not making the content or art I’m proud of and that’s not something that I want to put out there. I want to put out my best. I want to put out something I’m proud of. I want to put something out that I didn’t rush every week. There have been so many videos where I wasn’t entirely happy with the artwork or I wanted to do more than one drawing in the video but I didn’t have time and I had to keep going because I have three videos a week to make and it’s just… It’s becoming too much and I keep putting content out that I’m not super happy with and I want to be happy with it. And I want you guys to enjoy it too. If I’m putting out bad content you’re probably not going to enjoy it as much and I want you guys to enjoy the content. I don’t want to neglect things. To be honest, I haven’t even started my one goal for this year. My one goal this year was to make and publish a book and I haven’t even done that. I know you’re probably thinking “Kasey publish your Inktober!.” It’s a lot of work to find an editor and an agent and a publisher and then go through and edit the story in the illustrations and… Inktober is something that’s just really rushed and I want, again, to put something out that I’m really proud of. I just want to make sure that what I put out there something that I’m completely happy with and that I know I put full effort into, which inktober is not it. I put a lot of effort into inktober it’s just… it’s rushed and you know… You know how it is. Creating a book has always been my number one goal with my art and just giving myself that one day a week will be very helpful towards working towards that goal. The prompt series got me out of a rut. It got me out of art block. It got me creating again. I’m motivated and it’s just not what I need right now. Now that I am re-motivated, it’s time to put the series aside and start to work on something else I’ll be proud of. That being said, I’m not completely quitting the 500 drawing prompt series. It’s just going to be random uploads instead of scheduled weekly upload. So… After this prompt, when will I upload?
Next week? A month from now? Who knows when it will be. I’m just trying to prioritize things that… I want to accomplish in my life… I guess. Basically, I will upload a prompt video when I feel like it. I definitely want to finish the series, like I said, I’m not quitting it completely. I am going to get through it. I just need to take a step back and prioritize what I want to do with my life. I just need to put it aside while I work on other things. This could be good for the prompt series. This way you’ll never know when the next prompt is going to come out. How exciting. This way I can put more effort into other videos and make them better, and also you guys will have more time to work on your prompt. So instead of just having that limited week amount of time, you might have two weeks or three weeks. I guess the only problem is now you don’t know when the deadline is, but… It’s not going to be weekly I’ll tell you that. That being said the biggest reason why I even have loved a series to begin with isn’t that it gets me out of art block, I love doing the drawings, but my favorite part about this series is how interactive it is with all of you guys and I’m seriously going to miss that. This is actually the biggest reason why I didn’t want to quit the series is because I seriously love looking at #Kaseytheprompt and seeing how creative you guys are. I really am going to miss this interactivity with you guys. I think it’s just so much fun to have a community where we can get together and get creative And see just how differently each of us think and create. But it’s not entirely going away It’s just going to be less often. I have a really hard time saying “No” to people, so this whole year has been filled with offers that I just say yes to because I don’t want to let people down and… in return I’ve been letting myself down. So I just really want to work on my own goals and even though it’s the end of the year, it’s not too late to start a book. So… Maybe 2020 will be the year of the book. And because I do want to be completely honest with you guys, another reason why I want to take a step back from the prompt series is because of views. I completely understand why the 500 trying prompt series isn’t the most popular series on my youtube channel. It’s… It’s kind of repetitive and it’s more for artists. It’s not a very shareable series. If you want to watch something interesting and entertaining the 500 drawing prompt series just isn’t it. It’s just an illustration. It is… it is what it is. It’s just art and I get that I totally get that but it is a passion project and it’s something that I love to do with you guys. So on one hand I don’t want to quit it because I definitely want to finish it but on the other hand I do have to look at YouTube as my job, as my career, and if I’m doing something that just isn’t working then I’m basically putting my job at jeopardy and I just think it’s just scaring a lot of people away from my channel. It’s just something I have to think about as a youtuber unfortunately. So I’m not quitting, it’s just going to be a ‘sometimes’ video. That said, I’m really sorry to everybody who looks forward to this prompt series every week. I just need to take care of myself. I think. So.. so please understand. Alright I think I explained that really well. If you guys have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer as much as I can. All that said, shall we talk about the art? So as you know the prompt this week was “A new typeface” and although I didn’t really make a new typeface, I just kind of spelled things out in an illustrative way. This whole prompt series is about illustration and drawing so I think it just makes more sense to draw something in a text form rather than go a graphic design route…? So I thought it would be really fun to theme this illustration to the topic we talked about. So there are plants growing and they are spelling “Give up” and then I put a sign in front of it that says “Don’t” and originally I was going to draw myself standing next to the sign but then I just… I don’t like to draw myself for the 500 prompt series. I think it’s just kind of boring and kind of a cop-out. So instead I drew some ants coming into the side and they’re climbing on the sign and it’s really cute. But then the more I look at this illustration the more I thought this this looked like such almost like a farewell to the 500 drawing prompt series and it just seems like the ants are trying to support me and it it seemed kind of sad. The 500 drawing prompt series is such a good series for coming up with the new ideas and that’s… that’s what I love so much about it. I mean heck the ants in my 8 illustrations in everything about my brand when it comes to ants, this new illustrative series that I love so much and cannot wait to make into a book would not exist without the 500 drawing prompts series! Just think about that. That is crazy. I love this series. I’m never going to give up on it and this was just kind of a cute little illustration to remind myself to not give up. Even if things are growing in a way that makes you want to give up, don’t. This was too motivational. Let’s take a look at you guys’s prompts from last week. It’s probably going to be the last time for a few weeks. It’s kind of sad. But we’ll get through this. Last week’s prompts were “a bonsai tree” and “headphones.” Our first featured artist is @Ale_sofie, who created this illustration of this cute character sitting on the floor listening to their headphones and I just love the vibe of the room. It just seems like such a comfy little room to go sit in. There’s lights, there’s art, we have our bonsai tree little stuffed animal. I love it. This illustration just has such a chill vibe to it. And next up we have @mcrowley.creations, who created this really fun posca pen illustration. You guys are really good at reminding me that I need to break out my posca pens more often. I love the colors on this illustration. It just pops. It’s so bright and the cat is so cute. I love the tail turning into the bonsai tree and colorful and you can’t help but smile when you see this. I just want to lay on the ground with some headphones on. Thank you guys so much for joining in last week and thank you so much for understanding why this needs to happen. I will see you in the next video. Stay golden! Bye. Please excuse my hair. I’m in desperate need of a trim. I mean, dang. “Hey guys, welcome to my channel…” Haha

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  • I can understand that. You went for a long time making these prompts. Still it's an accomplishment for what you did complete in the series.

    Looking forward to your future videos and when you reach the goal of making your book!

  • I don’t like saying “no” to people also. It’s really a talent to people that are good at it without making the person feel bad. Take as much time you need, you deserve it. You’re one of my favorite YouTubers and artist in general <:) you’re very talented and I completely am the same way too. I doubt myself too much, feel too burnt out on everything and also feel like I should be more aware how I spend my time wisely. Don’t beat yourself up, we’ll all get through this tough phase in life together one step at a time. ❤️

  • Besides their being bookish channels on youtube. They are called booktube. There is Writertube and Authortube. You can get advice on book format, have Barnes and Nobles print out your ARCH, sale it on Amazon or find a publisher. Use beta readers, editors and book coaches. Found out late last year! I've been following a good many channels involved in this bookishness.

  • Yes! Take care of yourself! Prioritise you 😊 I love the series but I’m happy to wait for it if it means you get to do what you want

  • While I am saddened to see the series drift off, I am super excited for the possibilities of the future! You have such a creative brain and unique style that I can’t wait to see what book you end up publishing.

  • I know you have mentioned you really want to create a children’s book. Is this the book you’re going to strive for? Or is there another idea you have, such as Dina Norland’s own fantasy?

  • Go Kasey! Quality before quantity is a thing that many of us don't realize we do, but I am really supportive of you and your decision! 🤗

  • ive been watching you ever since before this prompt series began!!
    i can agree with you, over time, its gotten repetitive and in-your-face. i always enjoyed your content, and always will!! but, wow, the amount of times where id see a prompt video and go "oh another one…" is just too much. i'll always support you, but after a year or two of this prompt series, things have gotten old.
    dont worry, though, i'll always love you and your AMAZING content! so brave of you to drop something like this that you once enjoyed so much and im so proud that you are moving on to greater things.

    also, cant wait for that book.. o_o

  • Damn you Kasey I was so worried!!!

    I'll miss the art prompt videos, but I understand, and I'm looking forward to your other work.

  • We understand Kasey ! As an artist i'm surprise you haven't lost your sanity yet ! you really need sometime for yourself !

  • Good job! I had a feeling that you didn't like this series as much as others 🙂 It's great to see you make this decision for yourself 🙂 your (mental) health is very important!
    I hope you can take the time for your book 🙂 I'm rooting for you!

  • The prompts served its purpose. You are inspired and ready. Go for it!
    The prompts will be there whenever you need them.

  • I know you want to create a book with a story, but I think that you should try to publish the book of faces! I love all of those drawings!

  • I've only found your channel a couple months ago. It was literally this series that drew me in (along with your style and honesty), so I will say I'm sad to hear this becoming less irregular. (Brain fart: maybe once a month would still be doable to "keep it regular" in a non-Metamucil type of way?)

    That said, if anything you love(d) makes you dread doing it, you're 1000% right to step back, re-evaluate and change it up. You, as a person, are more important than any of this, and I feel art is especially a "part of you", so it needs to be and remain a work of love. And, as you said, for this to grow as a financial support, it needs to cater to the masses as much as possible. So, while I'm sad to see it go, it sounds like you're doing it right! 🙂

  • Title was click bait. But it absolutely worked on me. And I'm glad it did. Proud of you for putting your priorities of what you like first.

  • If you still wanna see people's art, then maybe a sort of a throwback thing? There's a lot of old prompts I loved and wanted to do, but didn't have time, so maybe opening up and encouraging people to draw an old prompt while we wait for your next video!

  • What’s annoying is that the title of videos like this don’t have context which is annoying, it makes you think that they’re quitting entirely when they are just quitting something specific and not their entire career. To me it’s annoying, but smart, and I love the fact it’s smart. Kasey I respect your decision and I’m not upset. It’s just titles like these just stepped across the line and I had to let this out. I’m really not upset at the fact you wrote it down like that. You. Are. Amazing!

  • When this is your first 500 prompts video that you’re watching:
    Me: oh. So this is what it is. Guess I’ll never see new ones after this~
    Oh wait. Nvm :

  • I think it’s a great idea, I love watching you create art but I wasn’t overly interested in a lot of the prompt words you were given. I’d much rather see you creating character/ environment art for stories, stuff that you personally would pick to work from rather than a mish mash of random words. I will still watch your videos regardless because i love them all I just think this is a great choice for freedom of creativity 😊

  • I respect your reasons. I'm a little sad because I started watching your channel because of the prompt videos. Good luck x

  • Maybe I should join the 500 drawing prompts challenge, I didn't know other people were participating. It seems so fun and interesting!

  • As someone who immediately lost motivation in my second inktober this year, I honestly expected you to "quit" the series, because I understand how it really stresses you to always have to draw, instead of wanted to draw, let alone being on time for that drawing. And I'm gonna say, even if that series is my favorite, I'm glad you rather have something you have fun to do, instead of having something you got to do it, and having a crappy finished product by a lack of motivation. Heh, very proud of ya, me with a letter K!

  • I love the Prompt series and I had indeed looked forward to it every week, because it is a great source of relaxation + witnessing the creativity in others — BUT I actually feel happy about your decision to stop prioritazing it, Kasey!

    It is a very healthy thing to do, finally you won't be as limited with your time and energy, so you can follow your dream better! I can't wait to see the book you will create! (I also can't wait to get my grubby hands on it, if I am completely honest. 😂)

    This decision is actually very motivating to me because I am also trying to create a book (just boring ol' prose) but I am sadly blocked by my mental health, thus it makes me very happy and proud that you are actively going to pursue you dream! And maybe watching you following that dream will make me be able to do so, too? Maybe 2020 will be our year??? But enough about that. 😁
    I just wanted to say: I AM ROOTING FOR YOU, GURL, YOU SLAY!!! 💕🐜

  • Ihascupquake: we need to talk..
    Me: *hypervenilates*
    Ihascupquake: and no im not quiting youtube
    Me: |:/

    Kasey Golden: I QUIT
    Me: *has mental breakdown*
    Kasey Golden: "no im not quiting youtube"
    Me: >:/

    Why do youtubers do this

  • I understand. I feel the same way tbh. I watched the episodes and slowly started to not watch. My fav series of yours is the snack box and art box. I can see why you would get burned out with something that's 500 different things. You do you boo

  • Thank God! I thought she was quiting YouTube, I'm so glad she didn't quit YouTube and just quit a series!

  • I just found out about your channel 20 minutes before I saw this video. I was relieved that it was not what I first thought it was.

  • I read the title and saw the thumbnail and almost cried. Dont scare me like that ;-;

    Also super excited to see a book that's cool!

  • I'm looking forward to the prompts even if theyaren't going to be weekly. Actually I look forward to watching all your content no matter what it's. ☹️❤❤

  • Oooh my god i felt my heart drop when i saw that title, i know its necessary to draw viewers in but that title is a bit too click baity ;-; just my opinion but i’d edit the title as your close subscribers such as myself are gonna get a big scare

  • As I'm sitting here watching for entertainment with no intention of drawing along lol do people really do that? I watch to hear Kasey talk about stuff and draw weird pictures. Is that just me? I mean I make art but that's not why I watch her videos. I watch to see HER make art

  • Please don't. You have to be brave, you don't even have to sticky to the Rules Just, this series is really cool and fun, many peapole love it! Just, take your Time and think. But, decide what to do you think will be the Best for you. Cheers

  • You should put up 1 video a week. your subscribers will understand. you shouldn't put too much stress on your self

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