I Speak 6 Languages – Subtitled

I Speak 6 Languages – Subtitled

Hey, guys! Welcome to Bookish Islander
My name is Juan. I was a long-time viewer of Booktube videos before I decided to set
up my channel and create my own content I never had any doubt that my videos
would be in English for two main reasons: number one is that most books that I
read are in English and number two most of the videos that I watch on YouTube
are also in that language English is my second language. I learned
it from a young age. I have a degree in English Studies and an MA in English
literature and I also lived in the UK for 15 years. The reasons why I don’t
sound any more British than I do are complicated but if I try to concentrate
I can get a little bit closer to it It also depends on whom I’m talking to
because I tend to mirror my interlocutors. I love making videos in
English and I will continue to do so but I also speak five other languages so
today I thought I would say hi in those languages I’ve subtitled this whole video in English So please stick around. You have
no excuse! My mother tongue is Spanish. And, although I’m originally from the Canary Islands, my accent has changed due to all the years I’ve spent overseas. In the UK, I mostly spoke English. And, whenever I spoke Spanish, I did it with people from different Spanish-speaking countries. Now that I’m back in Tenerife, Spanish has become my main language again. I can even speak with a Mainland Spanish accent even though only a small minority of people speak like that in the Canaries But I consume a lot of Spanish media now that I am back. And this is the accent they use mostly Concerning books in Spanish, I have a small project going on I am reading the best-known works by the most acclaimed members of the so-called Latin American boom of the 1960s and 1970s. I’m referring to authors such as Gabriel García Márquez from Colombia, Mario Vargas-Llosa From Peru, Carlos Fuentes from Mexico and Julio Cortázar from Argentina. Every so often, I review Spanish-language books in Spanish. If you are interested, there is a playlist called “En español”. Available on my channel. One of my favorite languages is, without a doubt, Portuguese. I taught myself Portuguese. I never took Portuguese lessons. I learned the Portuguese I know thanks to books, TV, radio, and friends and colleagues from Portugal and Brazil. I am very interested in reading the Portuguese and Brazilian classics. And also, of course, the contemporary authors from Portuguese-speaking countries. I review books in Portuguese. You can find them under a playlist called “em português” Even though I try to use European Portuguese, at the beginning, I used to sound more Brazilian. So, let me just say a few words in Brazilian Portuguese. Actually, I love Brazilian accents. And I have met many Brazilians in my life. It is a lot easier to meet Brazilians than Portuguese people There are a lot more Brazilians in the world! Even if I just used Portuguese as the third language in this video, my third language is, in fact, French. I started learning it in high school Then, I continued in college I believe that I can get along in French. But I don’t practice it very often at all. I read in French sometimes. But whenever I hit a passage I don’t understand, I tend to give up. Maybe I should make more of an effort! Another language that I taught myself is Catalan. Again, radio, TV, books, and friends have helped me with it a lot. My first encounter with Catalan was when I was 17 And I dreamed of studying in Barcelona. That dream never came true. But, since then, Catalan has become an important part of my life. If nothing else, I think it is a gorgeous language with a rich literary tradition that I would like to know more about. Italian is also a gorgeous language. I have always wanted to speak it. And I have made an effort to teach myself Italian. However, I don’t speak Italian very well. For me, the most difficult thing is that I already speak other Romance languages. Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Catalan. And, because of that, I am not able to speak Italian without mixing it with those other languages. One day, while I was out on a walk, I was approached by an Italian tourist. He asked me for directions. And I answered in Portuguese with an Italian accent! How awkward! Well, I hope you enjoyed that. I’d love to know what languages you speak
and also if you’d like me to make more videos in any of those languages or read
any books that you love in any of those languages please let me know in the
comment section down below. Thanks for watching. I hope to see you
again very soon. Bye bye!

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29 thoughts on “I Speak 6 Languages – Subtitled”

  • Que interessante! E ainda bem que usas todas as línguas, para não esqueceres!
    No outro dia, no Porto, um italiano tentou perguntar-me em português (com muito esforço!) onde ficava a estação de São Bento.. e eu respondi-lhe em inglês!!!!!!!

  • I loved this video. I only speak English fluently. I studied French in high school and have mostly forgotten it although I'm able to read menus and directions. I studied Spanish and know it well enough to converse at a very basic level (like kindergarten). I can relate a tiny bit to your difficulty in speaking Italian when you know so many romance languages. I traveled in Italy for a month and in preparation, I took a 10 week language course for travelers. It really helped me to understand Italian when people were speaking to me but when I answered, I almost always mixed it with Spanish. I am still determined to become fluent in at least one other language before I die (probably Spanish).

  • I was waiting for Dutch 🇳🇱😉. Nice! I speak Dutch, English, German and French but Spanish is to me the most beautiful. I regret not having studied it.

  • What a intelligent man!
    Adoro seus vídeos. Me sinto fluente te assistindo pq vc fala tão bem e com calma. Entendo tudo. Rsrsrs pelo menos em português, inglês e espanhol.

    Parabéns. Continue fazendo vídeos assim, por favor.

  • Parabéns, você é muito inteligente! Só falo mesmo minha língua materna, mas vou me dedicar mais ao inglês. Admirável mesmo aprender outra língua, pois com ela aprendemos também outra cultura, como você bem citou importantes autores latino-americanos.

  • Oh wow! I enjoyed this so much! I listened to the whole thing without captions first before figuring out how to turn captions on. I feel like I understood 80% of the Spanish and maybe 10% of the others from the connection to Spanish except 0% of the French. So much fun, and I agree; all such gorgeous languages. I can also relate to the changing of speech patterns depending on who I’m talking to. I grew up in the Deep South of the US so can have quite a strong southern accent when speaking with fellow southerners. In more urban and/or professional settings my accent is muted quite a bit. I also mostly unintentionally change my speech patterns when speaking with my ESL students depending on where they are from. I find language so fascinating. My nephew married a foreign exchange student from Norway that he met his senior year of high school. She grew up speaking Norwegian at home, English at school, and understanding Swedish and German from the local connections. She then studied Spanish in college and French from a semester abroad while in college. I think growing up multilingual gives such an advantage in learning language. Anyway, before I write a novel … really enjoyed this!

  • Que maravilha, Juan!! Você fala muito bem todas as línguas!! Estou respondendo em português porque é minha língua natal, mas falo também inglês, italiano e francês! Espanhol compreendo bem, mas nunca o estudei então não consigo falar! Adorei o vídeo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • This so cool. Monolinguist here. I struggled in all my language classes (Spanish in High School and French in College). Even learning English grammar was difficult for me. I think I could learn, but I fear that my aptitude for language learning is low. This may just be an excuse. Maybe I will make this one of my retirement projects. I love the sound of Portuguese more than any other language.

  • Estic FLIPANT! Jo parlo català, castellà, anglès i francès, però aquests últims a anys llum de tu! Felicitats!

  • Adorava saber falar assim tanta língua! Espectacular, Juan! Parabéns!
    O que mais gosto de te ouvir, é mesmo espanhol 🙂
    Falas tão bem português, que fixe!
    Ahahaha, que giro o teu brasileiro 🙂 Muito bom!
    Excelente pronúncia no teu francês 🙂
    Entendi todas as línguas que falaste, eheheh!
    Catalão é tão mau! Não gosto nada ouvir…é confuso mas tem muita coisa tuga 🙂
    Italiano…estou parva contigo, Juan. Parlas molto bueno, si lol

  • Que maravilha, Juan! Eu falo fluentemente o espanhol e o inglês. Entendo o francês, mas não o sei falar bem por falta de prática! Adorava aprender catalão e italiano!
    Adorei o vídeo, Juan, deu para conhecer-te um pouco melhor!

  • Very fun video. I also speak French. I enjoy hearing the other romantic languages and picking out words that crossover. Have you read In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri? I’m curious if you related to her experience of loving languages other than your mother tongue.

  • I liked this video a lot. I am impressed and inspired by your will to learn (self-learn) many languages. Maybe I will do the same for Italian.
    I am Turkish and speak English good enough to make videos and read mostly in English. I am thinking of doing a similiar thing where I review Turkish books in Turkish in the following months 🙋🏻
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙋🏻

  • Que fantástico! Adoro línguas, mas sou uma preguiçosa, porque sei que podia falar mais do que as que falo se me dedicasse a isso, e falar melhor as que conheço com algum treino. Sei Inglês e Francês e, apesar de o Francês ser tecnicamente a minha segunda língua, falo melhor Inglês por ser mais corrente no dia a dia. Um dia, hei-de aprender Italiano!
    Compreendo o Espanhol e sei que devia aprender, mas…preguiça, novamente.
    O teu sotaque português, para autodidacta é fantástico! A maioria das pessoas quando aprende Português tem tendência a aprender com o sotaque brasileiro, penso que será mais fácil de pronunciar algumas palavras.

  • How fascinating! I am always in awe of people who can speak several languages. Despite taking numerous Spanish classes, both in high school and college, my Spanish is very limited. Interesting fact, I'm from Louisiana and when the Spanish held the colony, they brought over los Isleños, settlers from the Canary Islands because of their expertise in sugar growing and processing. They arrived in Louisiana from 1778-1783, just after les Acadiens (Cajuns). I am descended from Isleños on my paternal grandmother's side of the family, as well as from les Acadiens and the original French settlers. Isleño culture is still alive in Louisiana and there is an Isleño museum as well as a festival that features food, music, and dancing from the Canary Islands. I was pretty excited when you said you are from the Canary Islands.

  • Heh, I related to that story about answering the Italian tourist in Portuguese. I regularly find myself using Italian when I'm actually trying to speak Spanish! 😆

  • Ummm yes please more French all around! I speak several Indian languages (anywhere from 6-7 and maybe more if you count listening comprehension but lack of speaking skills) but my first language is English. I can speak basic Deutsch and I am learning how to read and write in French! I took a semester of Spanish and because of that, whenever I speak French I essentially do what you do with Italian – speak French but with a thick Spanish accent. I was told when I speak Spanish I sound like a native speaker so apparently the pronunciation stuck from a semester and now I’m struggling with French because of it lol. But I’m learning French mainly for reading purposes so I roll with it. I also know a bit of Latin but I lapse in my studies a lot there. 🙂 so lovely to meet you!

  • Impressive! I would love to learn Spanish and Portuguese. I tried to learn them on my own, but didn't get too far… I definitely need to get back to that! I've always been super interested in languages, but I can only fluently speak English and Finnish. Maybe one day I can become a polyglot too. 😀

  • Holla! I'm so impressed! wow 5 languages! I'm so jealous! I have been trying to learn Spanish. I learned a lot before I started college classes, but I mostly quit while I was in school. adn have not really picked it up again. I have casually started studying Japanese Kana writing and a few words.

  • This was really fascinating, thank you for sharing! So far I speak English (mother tongue), French, Italian and German. I also understand Spanish quite well because I watch a lot of Spanish TV series and I occasionally write letters in Spanish but I've never formally studied Spanish. I'd really like to learn it properly though. I totally empathise with what you said about confusing Romance languages- I lapse into Italian when I try to speak Spanish! Even though French and Italian seem like your weaker languages you still have a pretty decent level and I'm sure you could become fluent one day if you wanted to. French pronunciation in particular is really tricky because it's so irregular. Spanish and Italian can actually hinder each other because there are so many false friends and the grammar sometimes differs too, so well done for sticking with it! It's so nice to meet other multilingual people because it's such a rare occurrence, particularly in the UK. All the best with your future language learning endeavors, and with Booktube of course! 😊📚

  • Qué genial! No sabía que eras de Tenerife. Yo soy de Lanzarote y viví muchos años en Tenerife (ahora vivo en Galicia). Me suscribo…

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