Inholland University: Building a 3D printed rocket – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Story

Inholland University: Building a 3D printed rocket – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Story

My name is Martin Kampinga, I’m a teacher
in aviation technology at hogeschool Inholland in Delft We use 3D printing primarily
in the design process We design a model on the PC and print it
out to continue working on it We’re an applied sciences study, so everything
we teach we try to apply in practice as well Students primarily learn about strength calculations aerodynamics, everything that has
something to do with airplanes Aquilo II is a solid-fuel rocket, that we
launched successfully of about 8ft tall This is the second rocket we launched. The goal was
to return it safe to the earth by means of a parachute, which worked out well A lot of what we do is design The advantage of 3D printing is that you can rapidly
design something and see if it works Machining parts takes a lot of time and money,
and 3D printing makes this faster and cheaper This allows you to quickly iterate in your design process The object in your 3D modelling software
can quickly be realised That makes it possible to see almost directly if it works
and whether it meets the standards Once you import something in Cura, you can print it and
you get something that works. That’s the best thing So far we built two rockets from composite, from
carbon fibre and 3D printed parts which was very successful. We’re now working on
a fully 3D printed rocket which will be 8ft tall and use a similar engine We’re now working on getting it ready for takeoff You can see that the design process has changed In the production process, you need to start
with designing at the very end so you need to take into account
that you will 3D print something How does that 3D printer work?
How does it build layers? Then you incorporate this in your basic concept and
start designing the parts I think every university should offer this
in their curriculum University is where it all happens Students will be here for 4 years, so they won’t hit
the labor market until 4 years from now In 4 years time, these 3D printers will
have changed as well so in the course of their education, you need to
show them that alternative production methods exist

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