Ink Cartridges Are A Scam
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  • Merriam-Webster backs me up, you goobers.
    “plural; mouses : a small mobile manual device that controls movement of the cursor and selection of functions on a computer display” ✌🏻

  • i ripped the chips from the cartriges and all i got was an error saying they werent installed correctly even though they were clicked in all the way and everything.

  • they are all in it together – would just take a moral printer supplier to produce at realistic priced product to lead the way. I must be drunk – there is none with morals, we are all cash cows to them.

  • Epson ecotank is a game changer, just open the side tank and fill with whatever third party ink you find. It doesn't monitor the ink level so it is never a problem, it's almost to good to be true.

  • Here in Brazil we have some "companies" that make adaptations with external ink tanks that you can refill and SEE the ink level.
    You know why this happens? Intelectual property, we cant really do this because its a crime, so they can do whatever they want without any competition.

  • Oh mylanta…. This is exactly my printing life.

    Went through 3 inkjet printers. The tremendous waste of unused ink!

    I too smashed my 3rd printer with a sledgehammer and WOW did that feel good!
    I miss my colors but now I have a laser printer and only black ink, so far so good.
    Although I have read that one needs to shake the ink cartridge when the printer mentions that the ink is low.
    The wireless thing? True, I don't know how to work it and I use it with a cord.

  • Capitalism: Where you get away with charging customers 26,000% the manufacturing cost, because so is everyone else, and they have no choice in the matter.

  • Yeah, and every person who's ever bought "non-printer" ink, or bought ink before Kodak came into the printer game, already knew this. It's why I always get refillable ink cartridges and a $50 set of ink bottles that will outlast the printer itself.

  • well. its just hard to be so dumb and ignorant on this world, right buddy? hahaha so thats why people tend to break it because they dont know how to fix it.

  • Actually it's true, to get more black from black you need to add up to 10% of Yellow, Magenta and Cyan in same proportions. Trust me im a printer for more than a decade 😉

  • Why do laser printers get a pass? I mean maybe it's not hundreds of times, but I'm not buying cartridges for my laserJet printer. Oh, I see. The laser cartridges aren't as aggressive.

  • I just stick it to them by tossing the printer/all in one as soon as it runs out of ink. I just buy a new printer now each time and don’t bother with the over priced cartridges.

  • That's why printing in my local lan house is like a penny or a nickel.
    I'm ashamed of buying a xl cartridge for like 80 to 90 bucks

  • "Please share this video today, and start a revolution"
    * Laughs *
    I just watch for the content
    Also why is this recommended to me

  • How exactly are Laser printers better in this? I know the difference in tech, but what about the pricing? And drivers for Laser printers also never work.

  • Annoying that this has been in my recommended for about 3 months…will watching it get rid of it, only time will tell

  • We had a printer (Brother J-200).

    We modified it so that we can place larger ink storage capacity and refillable. We can buy separate ink instead of buying the set of ink colors (the company doesn't let us to buy individual ink color.

    Standard ink cost here in PH is $2.88, it might not be super ultra good looking color but still it did its job.

  • Its actually true, 100% black and cyan magenta and yellow at 20% gives you a better black. BUT not on a simple printer. We have a 100k printer and you really see the difference.

  • I was thinking he was gonna be like. "This is why I've stated my own company Ez ink! We buy from. The manufacturers and resell to you at the fair price, $1 per cartridge!"

    But he just smashed a printer…

  • No. We don't want affordable ink. We want people to wake the f*** up. Stop requesting printed tangible copies of documents. Its nearly 2020 and paper is easily one of the most wasteful office items in existence. When someone hands me a piece of paper to read in a professional setting, I'll do it once, maybe twice. then throw it away. With printer ink already marked on it, it serves little other use. Digital documentation is the future. I'd say we're more likely to loose, damage or destroy a piece of paper quicker than we are digital media & backups.

  • Just start digging into the History of Automotive Diagnostics Languages, specialty tools, etc.. or even military contracts that allow Generals to receive patents worth millions for add on parts for say the Humvee. Little clips of every design or .5mm difference in diameter. Computers , Cars , pattents on medicines so you never think of just eating a herb, vegetable, fruit, tree bark.. ok I'm going off base but I'm glad you did this video. Now go look into the Contortion of NAFTA.
    Great Video

  • my canon said it was out of ink and it told on my screen how to disable ink monitoring just by holing buttons on the printer

  • I got a epson et2600 huge ink tanks last for up to 6000 colored pages wireless works great drivvers and interface are surprisingly good

  • So we've been to space, made many great inventions, have made leaps and bounds in robotics and AI, and we still can't put a pen on a moving stick that isn't complete garbage?

  • The reason why systems sometimes offer both the retail and manufacture cost is so that you know how much of a window you have to offer in the event of a discount, and also how much it might cost you if you needed to replace a printer in your office or whatever. It also offers a rough estimate of how much it costs a store to keep it shelved.

  • It is literally more cost efficient to just purchase cheap printers and use the sample cartridges that come with them than to buy ink cartridges.

  • Just get a laser printer. It's more money upfront, but depending how much you print, it lasts a long time. My printer has the original toner cartridge it came with.. which I bought 4 years ago

  • Yes the IT world is an evil entity indeed, nothings compatible nothing works seamlessly antivirus is extortion no different to mafia protection rackets etc etc etc.

  • This is so freaking un-American it makes me sick we used to make things here that lasted greedy greedy people in the tech industry changed all that

  • My printer doesn't use ink cartridges, it uses ink tanks! much better and reliable option. I print a lot of rules for my rpg games and I haven't even add any ink in the past 2 years! AND I still got extra ink bottles from when we bought this thing. Best decision ever!

  • Don't forget about ink drying out after few months of not using even expensive ink cartridges like HP do that. Their technology literally went backward because like 10 years before they had ink cartridges that never dry.

  • So fill your own cartridges, but you need 2 or 3 sets of cartridges, once a cartridge is registered as empty, then you swop it with a previously refilled cartridge then the printer sees it as new. The mashine might register it as previously filled and warn you that you might damage the mashine but that is nonsense, so tell it to carry on printing.

  • and here I am seeing an ad for printers and ink cartridges at the side of my screen….
    youtube needs to view the video before they can have ad's related to it on the page. Like if its about ink cartridges being a scam (THE LITERAL TITLE) why in GODS NAME would you have ads for printers and ink cartridges. honestly….

  • You know what is an overpriced in cartridges they’re just a waste of money and I’m fucking hating them right

  • Brother printers for the win! they're easy to modify and you can get their ink for 2 dollars….. Well not their ink…. please don't tell them I said this. Please forget this happened…..

  • It hurt me to watch you destroy that printer. As I like to tinker in electronics, that printer could have supplied some decent motors, gears, pulleys, sensors and a power supply 🙁

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