Inside Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition IN REAL LIFE at Tate Modern | Contemporary Art

Inside Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition IN REAL LIFE at Tate Modern | Contemporary Art

do you want to hear about that time that I thought I would die in an exhibition then stick around because we’re going to talk about all of her at his son’s exhibition at Tate so my name is Regina welcome back on culture at my channel where we talk about art market and so much more so this vid is something that I decided to film at least three months ago when the exhibition open at 8 it is the blockbuster exhibition in London for this year especially for contemporary art moreover I know that so many people didn’t and what have the chance to go to London to visit it so I just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to visit it and to experience it even if you’re on the other side of a computer so let’s dive into it so the exhibition is a retrospective of all of our Edison’s works from 1992 nowadays if you didn’t know his a – Icelandic artist his usually is by right nature by his research into geometry and colors and my investigations concerning human senses and perceptions for this reason he usually puts the experience at the centre of his artworks the visitors can become more self-aware of their senses and their perceptions in the exhibition the experience for excellence is your blind passenger first conceived and exhibited in 2010 it is a 39 metres long corridor full of fog and visitors can only see one meter and a half maximum ahead of themselves I was the first one that didn’t expect to feel solos but being catapulted in a place you don’t know where you can literally see anything is a horrible sensation believe me I must say them now this kind of experiences are quite common it made me think of Haller sinker system – that’s where you have to reach a room full of rotating mushrooms after an s-shaped pitch-black tunnel or even gourmet or even Gordon or Garmin lays exhibition of Royal Academy where visitors have to crawl through black tunnel but I think that in all of our lessons case what got me was the plurality of sensation this elation made me experience not only I could not see I was breathing the fog which had like a weird smell I could feel the humidity of the place because of the warm light and fog itself I began walking following a wall with my hand because of course I could not see anything and my hand became soaked with this sticky thing you which was probably created by the fog on the wall and the only thing that you can see our colors visitors are literally soaked in colors we change it throughout the tunnel and this is for sure my favorite installation of the exhibition because despite all the pictures that I saw online before going there I wasn’t prepared to feel like that it was challenging and he was somehow scary because of course you’re in a place you don’t know and you cannot see anything but this wasn’t the uninstallation that made us visitors challenge our perception of the environment the artwork you’re uncertain shadows projects we’re colorful shadows on the wall before us or even the installation room of one color produces our perception only two shades of yellow and black I loved how the space of the exhibition is challenged and how we can find an artwork also outside of the main space of the exhibition this concept also connects to another artwork that is the waterfall which was installed outside Tate outside the building of Tate in the courtyard so that everyone the passers-by can see it and can engage with it concerning geometry this theme is instead explored in your spiral view in star dust particle and in model room which is a sort of artists studio which also includes models and prototypes nature is explored as we’ve seen outside the main building with waterfall but also inside the gallery with for example moss wall which is 20 meters wide hole covered with Scandinavian reindeer moss the theme of nature is also explored in beauty which is an installation formed by a light rain that creates the phenomenon of a rainbow inside the gallery space there are also pictures design focusing in particular on the impact humans have on the environment this works a series of photographs representing house land in glaciers the first one took in 1999 and the second one realized in 2019 and this highlighted the recent change in the Icelandic landscape and then my personal opinion and you’ll hate me for saying this to conclude this exhibition is what I had been expecting that is a really good exhibition but that didn’t transmit me too much I am personally not a huge fan of Tate’s installation because they’re always really really similar and from one point of view make sense because it’s a gallery and they want to give their own touch to the exhibition that they have but from the other I am never fully impressed by what I see because usually installations are always quite impersonal more aware I am NOT a huge fan of retrospective as well I prefer smaller installations with a limited amount of artwork so that I can really experience them and feel what they transmit the only our work that really impressed me was you’re blind passenger of course because I wasn’t expecting to experience those emotions so this is over today as well I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and made to experience this exhibition of also if you’re on the other side of the world I want to make art accessible to everyone and so I’m really happy that video making is helping me reach my goal as always don’t forget to like this video and to subscribe to my channel and please feel free to share this video with whoever you think would be interested in it thank you so much for sticking around until at the end of this video and I really hope of seeing you again in one of my next videos you

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  • I really love the videos that you make! Thank you for making me discover artists that I haven't seen before. Keep up the good work!

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