Intro To Vintage Bicycles : Collecting Vintage Bicycle Literature

Intro To Vintage Bicycles : Collecting Vintage Bicycle Literature

Maybe you live in an apartment, or you just
don’t have a lot of space, and you don’t want to deal with a whole bicycle, and parts, and
grease, and oil. You can collect bicycle literature. There are a number of things you can collect,
but we’ll talk about literature here. Advertising, magazine advertising, these are from the 1960’s.
This is similar to the Schwinn Fastback I showed you a few moments ago. These are very,
very popular. The prices of bikes were fantastic, the colors, the details. People framed these,
and you can find them on auction sites on the web, and going for pretty good money.
Any kind of sales poster; this is a Raleigh sales poster from the 1970’s. You see a lot
of classic models that aren’t made anymore. You see their high-end professional bikes,
and the tourist type bikes, which are still extremely collectible and popular, all the
way down to the kid’s bikes. The colors and the styles of the cycles in this old literature
is very interesting to a lot of people, even if you’re not into bicycles. A lot of times
if you go to an ephemera show it’s always worth looking for paper on bicycles. These
old warranty cards, or care envelopes, telling you how to take care of your bike, what to
do, different type of cycling handbooks are very popular with collectors. Over here, Sturmey-Archer
hubs, I’ll be speaking a lot more about these. It’s a classic three-speed hub you’ll find
on your Raleigh bicycles. Basically, anything related to Raleigh’s, particularly Sturmey-Archer
hubs, etc. are very popular, and you’ll find manuals you can’t find, all different types
of things.

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