Ivyside Dance Ensemble 10 year Anniversary, 2008-2018

Ivyside Dance Ensemble 10 year Anniversary, 2008-2018

I have a son, but I think, after that, this
is my most, you know, this is my most impressive achievement that I’ve ever
had in my life. That’s really been the best part of my job for most of the
years I’ve been here. I’ve enjoyed my other classes, but I think the ability to
get to know a small number of students and really become committed to their
development as dancers and as people we’re all very excited some of them are
still dancing either peripherally or that is their focus so it’s like yes I’m
so excited to come back and dance yes yes Katie contacted us and asked if we
wanted to be part of the performance this coming spring and I wanted to I was
an area had free time so it’s great to have that as a hobby again it’s great to
see everyone and come back to this space and reconnect through movement and it’s
almost like we never spent a day apart it’s just so great seeing everybody that
I used to see on a daily basis my body hurts a lot I’m a little out of practice
but it’s great it’s great to see them come back to a place that they love
getting to work with each other again and just having the resources of time
and space and give the our current dancers the opportunity to really see
what we can do we rehearse the five hours here’s the piece of course they go
home and work on it I send them the links to the videos and everything so
they can keep it fresh and then we work during tech week and this is what’s
possible if you’re committed and you know what you’re doing and you’re
working on not just in rehearsal but you’re working on your own outside I
think it’s awesome that they come back and perform with us and it’s just really
neat to like dance with them after they’ve been dancing for a long time and
have gone through more life experiences and it’s just neat to share the stage
with people that are different ages different you know different backgrounds it’s been anything that I could have
imagined it being and I there’s not a single concert that I wasn’t proud of
there’s not a single company that didn’t have dancers that I was honored to work
with and I got to play around with the ideas I wanted to as a choreographer so
yeah I mean what more could I have asked for

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