Jaane Kya Tune Kahi… (Short Film 2012)

Jaane Kya Tune Kahi… (Short Film 2012)

There is a tape in
the glove compartment Khizza? Never heard of it Just hear this one You are sure to like it “Whenever I kiss, your beautiful eyes” “Hundred lamps start glittering in the darkness” “Hundred lamps start glittering in the darkness” “LEND ME YOUR EARS!” Aunty? Yes? how do I reach this address? ok By walk? Take a left from there Shoes shop?
– Not shoes, Juice First work all day and
then tolerate these two. Please come, the party
is waiting only for you One is always searching for a
tape and the other is out all night Has no responsibility at all. Nowadays he wants be a DJ, What does he do? Play music? had a decent job even left that atleast you were getting some salary Nowadays, just loitering around You are so lucky to be deaf I know So how was your day? how was your day? Good. I went to Kala Ghoda today. May I help you ma’am! Can I help you with something? Are you looking for
something specific? I can help you with something I want this. Do you have a CD or tape of this? Khizza music album?
By Ashish Tripathi? Ma’am that may be in the
Indian classical section This is our contemporary section,
you will not find it here We have a lot of things there Come I will show you
– I will show you come Come this way ma’am Please come This is our classical section Nowadays our hot favorite is this Please do hear it,
you will surely like it No
– You will really like this No I don’t want to hear this Its good, isn’t it? Yes, its nice, really nice but I don’t want this Do you have this particular CD or tape I have never even heard the name We don’t have this right now,
I shall check it later No, We don’t have this ok No thanks Hello Ma’am, Ma’am, Please Listen Ma’am Hello! Ma’am, Please Listen
– Excuse me, What are you doing? If you can help me
find this tape, please do, Else just leave me alone I’m just….. So, you went no
ahead in finding the tape Why is she being so adamant, why is she wasting so
much time on that CD Mom, please don’t start of again But isn’t this just craziness Even if she does find the CD,
will she be able to hear it now? Mom, that’s the last
sound she ever heard. The last sound that dad ever heard. Why don’t you
understand such a small thing Why are you complaining? Just hear this one Khizza? For your heart to beat? If you have a heart,
it is going to beat. We are a little sentimental,
What can we do mom? Hey mom! Vinod open it quickly,
– good morning sir! Bro, How come you have
reached before me today? Will you bother to explain? Do you remember that girl, who
shouted at me the other day? Ya! I saw her again yesterday night Where?
– Are you ok? Thank you! She is actually a great girl, Really! she was just disappointed the
other day as she didn’t get the tape I think you are falling for her Oh come on, it
doesn’t happen like that you are falling for her, for sure Come on! You have been searching for
the tape for the last 2 days Ya but I am no close to finding it. Even if you do find it, how
are you going to give it to her? Let me just find it first, I
will somehow get her address Keep Trying, you might just succeed, though the chance is less
– Oh really! Hello! Hello! Hello! you are just not hearing You will not find what
you are looking for here. In fact you will not find it
in any of the shops in this area Or in any other popular music store Now you are left with only one
option. That of fans and collectors I have spoken to a few people, but you will have to give me some time Believe me, I am trying Thank you
– You are welcome Oye! Couldn’t you hear the loud bike? Couldn’t you hear him? Actually, I was… what?
– thinking something. You need that music CD so badly? I will… Please give me your number, I
will send the CD to your place Give me your phone number Phone! I will send that CD to your place Will an email ID do? Yes sure Why not? “Though a thousand
emotions lie within, yet I hold my heart aback from them” “Though a thousand
emotions lie within, yet I hold my heart aback from them” “The lightening
desire held inside me,” “The lightening
desire held inside me,” “Is still settled in
an unsettled heart” “Nor the sight, nor the message,
neither the promise” “Nor the sight, nor the message,
neither the promise” “We just keep the name alive” Can I call you sometime? No, but you can sms me “The lightening
desire held inside me,” “The lightening
desire held inside me,” “Is still settled in
an unsettled heart” He wants to meet me Obviously, He is not going to just sms
you for the rest of his life Come on Shruti Akash, I don’t know what to do By the way, have you told him? have you told him? No, not yet. I want to meet him once,
before I tell him Then I shall decide
whether to tell him or not Ok, first you will meet him
and then you will decide… But if you spend so much
time with him, will he not know? will he not know? how will you manage? I don’t know I know I know What? Hi! Hello! Hello!
– Hi! I am really sorry I am late, There was too much traffic Traffic?
– Yes it was too bad Would you like to drink something? No, I am very bad dancer I can’t dance. I am
very bad at dancing Dance? ya right Who is talking about dance? Even I am a very bad dancer Ok, If you insist, come, why not? Hello, I was not talking about dancing Hello! Ya. One second ma’am Rishabh, you have a call Hello, Ya, Rishabh speaking Oh! you have it? I will come to take it Please give me your address No, you are not in a hurry, but I am Please tell me You have got a message Shall I reply? Shall I reply? “Meet me tonight its important” Disco again? No,.. ..I am going to tell him tonight I drove 150 kms for this I am sorry. I couldn’t hear it I am sorry. I can’t hear anything I am sorry, that you had to find out this way Thank you Ma’am, its for you Him Hi I am a complete Idiot I know I am a complete fool I… am… sorry

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  • Very beautiful it is.. Dint want it to finish.. Great story.. Great performance by each one of them.. And a little more love for Priyanshu Chatterjee Sir.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤..

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