Julia Hartwig – Coming back to martial law (48/100)

Julia Hartwig – Coming back to martial law (48/100)

Coming back once again
to martial law, I have to say that… this martial law seemed to sort of stir… although the whole
of society seemed to descend in a type of ‘ombro’ it was a kind of deceleration which really
couldn’t have been painless because absolutely everything – this is worth taking
a closer look at – all associations were disbanded. The Literary Union was disbanded. The PEN Club can’t be
disbanded, they could suspend it, that’s the only form. After that, normal activity was resumed. But a completely different image of this world, particularly of Warsaw, because almost every week the wives
of the interned would go there with packages and all of that, and whether you wanted to or not,
you participated in this and it wasn’t all joyous,
I don’t need to tell you that.

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