“Koi Pond” Part 1 of 2 Acrylic Painting Demo Art Collab w/ Mando Teresia Painted ASMR How to Paint

“Koi Pond” Part 1 of 2 Acrylic Painting Demo Art Collab w/ Mando Teresia Painted ASMR How to Paint

hi it’s Dena Tollefson and welcome to
my studio I’m so glad to have you here with me
today so today’s videos gonna be a lot of fun
it’s an art collaboration with my friend and fellow youtuber Mando Teresia
so Mando is a wonderful artist from Sweden and we’re friends and we decided
that we were going to do a collaboration where we’re both gonna do koi in our
work so I have done some paintings before that just kind of had little
indications of koi but I’ve never actually painted koi as the subject and
Mando has done some work with mermaids which involved tails fish tails and that
type of thing so we thought that would be kind of a neat intersection between
our two our two bodies of work Mando does a lot of digital portraits and she
has this signature eye highlight that I just love so if you are not already
subscribed to Mando I encourage you to check her out and give her some love and
subscribe to her she’s really funny and insightful and very kind and I can’t say
enough about her so here in my palette I’m squeezing out a little bit of
acrylic paint this is this is all paint from Golden Acrylics
heavy bodied acrylics adding a little bit of this Mars black
now we’ll make up a nice natural looking green I’m using a palette knife to actually
that’s a painting though the painting knife has a little hook at the end so
I’m using this painting knife to mix up the color and then that saves my brushes
from getting all kinds of gunk up inside and makes the easier to clean it is simple
to wipe off the knife and now going in with a nice large round paintbrush using a swirling motion to describe the
lily pad there we go just nice and easy on the canvas and I’m working in layers here and the
color that you see that is covering the entire canvas is my Golden yellow ochre
and I toned the canvas with this color because it’s a both a neutral color
it’s neither warm nor cool it’s you can make your own version of yellow ochre by
taking yellow plus dioxazine purple and this kind of golden color will peek
through everywhere on the painting and kind of brings the whole painting
together getting the initial color on these lily pads now a shadow I’ve made too big of a line of my shadow
so now I know I’ve I dipped it in and I have to wipe and wipe off the extra
just dip it in the water and get some fresh paint on there we go and just lay
that color in very good now a little bit of phthalo blue red shade and a small amount of pyrrole orange and
some titanium white and the orange and the blue together will make a gray color
a neutral and it’s important to me to have enough
neutrals in my painting so that there’s balance between bright colors and
neutral so when you’re creating your own works
of art you’ll have in your mind if you want them what proportion of brights to
neutrals you’re looking for some people want only bright some people only want
neutrals and some people if you’re like me you like kind of a mix between the
two so now I’m laying in the phthalo blue red shade here for the darkest
areas and I’ve got a small amount of the pyrrole
orange mixed in with that blue to again to gray it down so compositionally I’m looking to have a
small section of light colored water and the majority of the water I’d like to be
a very dark color so it would contrast well with what I’m planning to be
one large light colored fish this that guy here in the middle this koi and then
and then these other smaller koi which are also going to be brightly coloured
but they’ll be kind of a medium value I’m just using this large round brush
here just lay in the strokes and I’m thinking about the direction of the
strokes thinking about the way the water is in the pond and how the fish are
moving about and making that water in the pond so that it’s not calm water
it’s very active water I’m also following the idea of
connecting my darks together so there’s a principle and painting to simplify
your subject if you try and connect your darks it’s gonna be a little easier for
the eye to read so all this dark section is all connected together and then based on how hard I am pressing
with a brush and how much paint I’m applying allowing certain areas of that
under painting to peek through and create some kind of an area of
mystery now going in with phthalo blue red shade
and some titanium white and a little bit of that pyrrole orange and that color that we mixed up applying
that now so this will be the light color or the lightest part of the water in our
painting now next to our largest koi I’m thinking
about having a little creature in the water and he sits below I haven’t
decided yet if I want him to be a frog or I want him to be a fish so I think
for now I’m thinking of him like a like a fish but I might change it to frog
later and then just working around the lily
pads and the tails of these koi that are frolicking around in the pond get right
up close here to Mr. Fish here we go so sometimes I’m pressing down hard with
the brush and sometimes just letting it kind of flick across the surface also to
try and get a variety of of marks up on the canvas and now scumbling that color across when
we scumble something that means that we’re bringing the brush rather dry
brush across a previously dried area and so the color will sit on the top and
kind of intermixed with the color below so in our pond that we have in our
backyard we have some koi and they’ve gotten it’s a roughly two acre pond and
so they’ve gotten these koi have gotten really large some of them are like over
18 inches now and then sadly some of them have met their end with oh gosh one
of them was eaten by the river otter and then we had another one that had a oh
gosh some kind of a bird or I think somebody got him but we do have some
of these and I think about these koi and they’re very
brightly colored and some inside the pond we have all
kinds of other animals we’ve got Wild Mink
why people don’t know that Wild Mink can swim but they can swim very
beautifully and they can also do well on the land and there are muskrat of course Grandad beaver is in there and then multiple different types are some game
fish and some catfish we’ve got the koi bluegill lots of different turtles we
have some softshell turtles and some snapping turtles and the snapping turtles came one of the
females came and laid eggs up in our over near the went all the way up
the hill and then over near the street there’s an area that has like a little
brick pylon area and then she went and was putting her eggs there so I’m hoping
that they will survive this summer and incubate and then once and then we’ll be
able to make it over to the pond so just laying the brush very softly on top of
the fish so that there’s a little bit of water on these guys there we go now a little bit of pyrrole orange and some
titanium white let’s see if we can add a little bit of
color to these koi a little bit more light here I’m gonna
grab a little bit of a green for the lily pads which was yellow plus the
tiniest amount of black and make up kind of a warm color now going in with a filbert brush this
is an American Painter filbert and indicating the highlights on the top
of Mr. Fish well this fish has a larger guy he’s got kind of a bony ribbed back just laying on just scumbling a little
bit in this light color on the top and be developing many layers of color here
so we have an under painting the toned canvas and then we’ve got the under
painting to just lay in the basic shapes
of the fish and then over the top can lay the color over the top it’s some of that pyrrole orange scrubbed
in and just slowly building up the layers and using these pure pigments to
brighten and intensify any color in the painting now following the contours of Mr. Fish
as I’m working and thinking about his long body and thinking about him
swimming in the water my plan is for that this fish is gonna
be sitting underneath and swimming underneath one of the lily pads so I
want to get him kind of painted but not painted with too much detail since he’s
gonna be slightly under the water you’ll have some highlight but not as much as
the as the focal point fish well as will go in Mr. Fish this orange fish won’t
have as much as Mr. Fish and koi are such elegant and beautiful
fish when they swim they have their curved bodies and they like to their
very gregarious they love to stay together in little groups so our koi
you if you see one of them usually you’re seeing the other ones all kind of
together they like to swim in a line or swim all in a curved shape now and I’m looking at the painting they
feel like I’d like to darken and make it a little bit more dramatic so I’m adding
the phthalo blue red shade with a little bit of the pyrrole orange and laying
another layer of dark color over the first layer and that’s little tip if you’re looking
to add drama to your to your artwork then make sure to have some areas that
are very dark and some areas that are really light and automatically that
contrast will help with a feeling of drama and already I’m liking this better
having a darker background against Mr. Fish now just using my same that same round
brush going in and just scumbling that color over the top of the lighter area
as well since I’m darkening the first dark area that I’m also going to be
darkening portions of the lighter area as well brushing some of that blue up on to his
body and now on this the right side of the
painting for balance I’m going to also increase the level of dark a little on
this orange mixed right in with the blue creates this very nice inky dark color
I’m not going to put it everywhere I want to just have certain passages
to read as darker kind of more nuanced so I’m using a light touch here here we go now to work on the lily pad somewhere so
these lily pads have a the top of the lily pad has kind of a
radiation or a radial pattern from the center there are these ribs that come
out from the or that these ribbed forms on the top of the lily pad and they
radiate out like a sun so I want to kind of capture that feeling without being
too literal about it I want to kind of capture that feeling of we are the tops
of the lily pads radiating out so just nice and loose
taking that small flat brush the long handle just working that color
in but I’m trying to just do it in a very loose and free manner get that radiating feeling on all of the lily pads just nice and loose some up here as well just giving the feeling of the
energy of that lily pad a few more lines up here on this top pad when I do some final blending and final
touches here with the phthalo blue red shade and pyrrole orange and
white mixture just adding a few little marks here I’m gonna get some paint up
over on the fish off the black and white fish and then also in the middle I
decided I want to make that kind that guy kind of be a frog kind of a form
maybe he’s a frog or he’s some kind of a pond creature but something kind of
nebulous and we aren’t quite sure of what he is but now it’s time to sign so
I’m using a liner brush and then I added just a small amount of water to the Mars
black I can sign here with one stroke of paint and I hope that you will subscribe to my
channel if you aren’t already yeah and also subscribe to Mando’s and I’m so
excited to see what she’s come up with so I hope that you’ll watch her video as
well so until next time this is Dena Tollefson all my best to you bye bye

51 thoughts on ““Koi Pond” Part 1 of 2 Acrylic Painting Demo Art Collab w/ Mando Teresia Painted ASMR How to Paint”

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