Lisa Grekul – Literature & Canadian History

Lisa Grekul – Literature & Canadian History

With her extensive research around
Canadian Literature, I asked Dr. Lisa Grekul whether understanding literature
will help us better understand immigrants in the future. My sense is that Canadian Literature, has
a great deal to teach us about our nation’s past, so about who we have been
as a national community, as well as who we are. And I think that it’s our
responsibility to pay careful attention to what Canadian writers have told us
over the ages about a genocide in this country, of the genocide, attempted
genocide, of Indigenous Peoples about the internment of Ukrainians and other
minorities during the First World War, the Second World War internment
operations. We have long patterns of problems, dark chapters in Canada’s past.
Literature gives us insight into those patterns and I think can teach us to
change them, you know, I’m fundamentally an optimist. So if we see mistakes, we
identify mistakes we’ve made in the past, how can we talk about changing those
mistakes and avoiding them now. At the moment, we have a Syrian refugee crisis
and Canadians hotly debating whether these people should be welcomed to,
into our borders are not. These same kinds of a hot debates have happened many
times over Canadian history. I think it’s time for us to make a decision about
being genuinely inclusive. Multiculturalism really means something
to us then this is our moment, right, to learn from the past and, and change the
present and future.

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