Literary Explorers—A Little Princess

[music] How does it feel to go from being a
rich, wealthy princess-like girl to a poor orphan servant? This is the classic story
the Little Princess by Frances Burnett. It is a story of a girl named Sara Crewe
whose life’s goes downward after she learns that her father has died and has
left her without any money. This is a story set in England in a boarding
school, which Sarah attends, and she is living the life of a princess. Once her dad dies she ends up as a servant living in the attic. Even when she’s starving and freezing she uses her imagination and
determination to survive. Though this book was written in 1905, the themes are
still very relevant today: a true princess is not just wealth or
money but the richness in your heart, being kind, strong, and persevering. This
is the classic timeless book that you will enjoy and love reading.

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