Literary Genres: Fiction Part 1

Literary Genres: Fiction Part 1

hello my name is Kylie and welcome to
literary genres fiction part 1 did you know there are over 12 different types
of writing in this video you’ll learn about the first six styles of literature
that you can choose to read are you ready let’s go before we talk about what
fiction is really all about let’s learn how to correctly pronounce the word
genre is it ji Maura genrih genre it can be a little tricky
it is actually pronounced genre it may seem a little odd but it is pronounced
this way because it comes from the French word spelled and pronounced the
same way genre in French it means style or type
of something so instead of asking what type of book are you reading you could
ask what genre is the book you are reading pretty fancy huh you may already
know that the things you read can be grouped into two main categories things
that are true or factual and things that are made up in someone’s imagination one
way to remember which is which is to think that since fiction is made up
non-fiction is not made up the non in the word can remind you of the word not
some people also like to think of the word that fiction comes from fictitious
fictitious means not real not true made up in one’s mind so to be clear fiction
is made up and nonfiction is made up of facts and claims to be true there are
many types of both fiction and nonfiction more types get it
more types typewriter typing I know I know but we can classify types
of things we read into more categories than just fiction and nonfiction in this
video we will concentrate on fiction to learn more about nonfiction check out
our video literary genres nonfiction again let’s just focus on types of
fiction in this video there are several interesting types of fiction reading
there’s realistic fiction fantasy fiction science fiction tall tale myth
fable folktale fairy tale mystery historical fiction drama and poetry let’s learn a little bit more about each
of the first six and then when you’re ready for more make sure to watch part
two of this video series okay so realistic fiction is one of the most
common types of fiction written the story is made up but everything in the
story could actually happen so in realistic fiction there are no flying
lizard monkeys or talking animals what makes this type of fiction so popular is
that it is easier for us the readers to imagine the story by putting ourself
into the plot the plot is the action or what happens in the story so if you’re
thinking of writing a story about a boy or a girl just like you or a person who
would be writing realistic fiction if you’d like to read something from this
genre Ivy takes care by Rosemary wells and baseball in April and other stories
by Gary Soto and black beauty by Anna Sewell and all of those are really great
reads both fantasy fiction and science fiction are a lot alike
there are both entirely made of fake or made-up places things
and beings that are not part of our real-world fantasy fiction often has
people animals or creatures that have magical powers
science fiction may also have made-up creatures but these stories can happen
in the past or future and often have machines or robots or technology that
hasn’t been invented yet there are so many great examples of fantasy and
science fiction stories many of these stories are made into great movies but
the books seem to always be better these stories are often written in series
meaning the author has written more than one book following the same characters
and events evolving the story or the plot a very popular fantasy fiction
series is of course the series The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis others
include the jungle book by Rudyard Kipling The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by l
frank Baum if you like stories about amazing inventions and crazy science
laboratories you may like the science fiction book Danny done and the
antigravity paint by Jay Williams tall tales are some of the funniest and
entertaining stories to read aloud with friends tall tales are humorous or funny
stories that have the main character do superhuman amazing impossible things
imagine being able to pick up your entire house cry so much your tears make
a river or laugh so hard you can cause an earthquake most cultures from around
the world have their own tall tales some famous American tall tales are the tale
of Paul Bunyan and the tale of pecos bill myths are traditional stories that
were originally told aloud to explain a cultures belief these stories often had
gods goddesses and mythical beings in them mythical beings are made up and don’t
exist in the real world that we know of yet
do you notice there are a lot of dragons unicorns and trolls on products today
well they all got their start as characters in ancient myths some of
these characters were talked about in myths thousands and thousands of years
ago and yet we are still talking about them today talk about having staying
power Roman and Greek myths are often read and talked about today some of the
characters in these myths are ones that you may have already heard of Zeus
Hercules the Minotaur or Athena fables or stories told by people to teach
lessons to younger people and often have a lot of talking animals in them they
were originally only told allowed and not written down over the years when
books became more available people wrote them down so they could be read over and
over again Aesop was a famous storyteller in ancient Greece he told a
lot of stories designed to teach young people life lessons called morals it can
be fun to figure out the moral of a fable today you can check out books
filled with these fables many times the fables were told without telling what
the lesson really was can you tell what Aesop’s lesson is in this famous fable
the Fox and the crow you see the Fox really wants a piece of cheese the crow
is eating so he tells the crow handsome and how smart he is then the Fox tells
the crow he doesn’t believe the crow has the best song in the forest as everyone
claims the crow decides to sing to show the Fox he does have the best voice but
he opens his beak to sing the cheese drops into the hungry fox’s mouth so
what do you think the crow learned the crow learn that you shouldn’t worry
about what other people think and try to prove you are good at something doing so
the crow lost his tasty cheese I bet he learned his lesson now we’ve covered the
first six types of fiction that you can read and write which one is your
favorite do you like any of the titles mentioned
in this video you can check them out at your local library and for even more
types of fiction writing make sure to watch part 2 of this video series if you
are interested in books and writing that is true or factual information watch our
video literary genre nonfiction to practice what you’ve learned be sure to
play our fun online games and quizzes until next time always remember to be

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