Literature Wales: Children’s Laureate Wales

Literature Wales: Children’s Laureate Wales

She’s really inspired me to start reading and writing and things because I haven’t always been a big fan of reading. But now I really, really enjoy it especially because my teacher he loves reading as well so he’s made me want to start reading more. So we’re in Jubilee Park Primary school near Newport It’s very exciting because we’re here to announce the inaugural, the first ever, Children’s Laureate of Wales. So it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce to you now, so please a massive round of applause, to the first ever Children’s Laureate of Wales, who’s coming here now, Eloise Williams! I want to talk to as many children as I possibly can about reading, about stories, about books, about their own ideas for stories. About using their imaginations, about the words they want to use, about using their voices, asking questions, giving opinions on things, to get children discussing stories and why literature is so important. It has a huge impact on our children, Eloise was our patron of reading last year in our school and she had a huge impact on just developing children’s love of reading first and foremost and reading for pleasure. But then also the wider aspects of looking at Welsh culture, the fact that her stories are based in Wales, that she’s from Wales and really opening our children’s eyes to if you’re Welsh you can still do things, and having that ability to do what you want to do. And our song in Assembly being ‘It’s good to be me’ this morning really sums up our approach to that. And I think, in terms of the Future Generations Act, we do a lot of work with our children around that act. We talk about it in our assemblies and talk about Wales being a great place to live and a great place for them to grow up in as well. What I want to see her write about is a World War II theme, that’s want I want her to write about. Because I know that she’s done kind of a Victorian with Gaslight, so I would like her to do a World War II theme because that would fit me very good. If you think about it you need to be able to read and you need to be able to write for whatever job you do, even if it’s just giving people jobs you still have to know how to read and write because you have to sign a contract, you have to read contracts, so you have to know how to do these things. (In Welsh) The reaction here, in this remarkable school in Newport has been fantastic but we are only at the beginning of the journey here. Eloise Williams as the Children’s Laureate Wales will be visiting schools across the whole of Wales and working closely, in a way, with the Children’s Poet of Wales who is very successful in inspiring hundreds and thousands of children every year. Well I think if we start teaching children now that they’re very important and use their creativity and use of words and language to empower them, then I think that’s going to have a knock on effect in years to come. And I think we really need to start now with making children feel really culturally empowered, if you like, and creatively empowered and able to speak out and able to, as I said, ask questions and give opinions on things. So I’m hoping that this role will leave a legacy behind, if you like.

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