Loosening Up With Abstracty Landscapes · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #3

Loosening Up With Abstracty Landscapes · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #3

Hi my loves. Welcome back to my sketchbook. As always we’re just trying to keep up that
regular drawing habit by seeing what we can do in our sketchbooks with an hour or less. So first off let me just say, I did my best
to correct the lighting in this video in editing, but it was a really stormy day and the light
is in and out so I apologise for that. As I said last week, I’m not planning on sharing
all of my inktober process this year, but I thought I could at least share some of the
other stuff I’ve been up to. I probably will do one or two more inktober
videos and there will- of course- be a sketchbook tour at the end. Also- have I talked about this already???-
people have been asking about whether or not I plan on making a zine out of the finished
drawings like I did with my haunted houses two years ago, and I would love to, but I’m
going to play it by ear for now, and not have that as the end goal, just so I can give myself
room to create without the pressure of making a finished, polished product. So back to what I’m up to today… I decided I needed a little injection of paint
and colour and less control. My inktober pieces are much more planned,
much more refined- which is something I wanted to work on this month, putting the time into
really establishing a concept and doing initial sketches and trying to really come up with
something that’s well-rounded and well-thought-out. And this sketchbook spread was the opposite
of that. It was a break from that. Time for me to just play, which is what this
sketchbook is for. So I had a couple of references up of sea
scenes, overhead shots of the sea, and I’ll have the references I used linked below. But as with my recent cloud painting, I really
just wanted to work loosely from that, looking at what colours are in there and where they
are, but not necessarily sticking to painting things as things. So the rocks don’t have to be rocks, the same
way my clouds weren’t the most convincing clouds… The goal here was to be a bit more expressive
with my mark-making. I really enjoyed using this chunky brush from
PanArt, It is a Round-Pointed Premium Mop in a 12. And the smaller details were done with a Number
6 Round Brush, also from PanArt. I even whipped out the palette knife at one
point, just because. I wanted to add some texture, and this felt
like the perfect opportunity to experiment with a tool that I don’t normally use in my
paintings. I do tend to go for a more controlled approach
with my more ‘abstract’ pieces, just because I find it hard to really just paint with no
plan or direction. So if you’re the same, I’d recommend trying
what I do and have a picture up to give you some sense of direction but also only use
it as a starting point and follow wherever the actual painting process takes you. If anything, it’s a good excuse to play with
colour, like if you’ve got a new load of paints and you want to see how they work together
without investing time into a piece that is reliant on things turning out a certain way,
you can really test the relationship between different colours and how they mix. I am using Arteza gouache here, in my moleskine
sketchbook as usual. It isn’t a watercolour sketchbook, it’s just
the regular moleskine, so yeah, the pages warp a little bit when they’re wet but I’m
not bothered by that because this is just sketchbook stuff. I’m, also using washi tape for my borders. And I’m pretty sure this one was sent to me
by one of you guys so thanks for that! But back to why I like doing these kinds of
paintings every once in a while, it also forces you to look at balance in a piece. Whether that’s in tonal areas, creating contrast,
or even areas with more or less detail. To have things all jumbled and muddied would
give the eyes nowhere to rest, so even if it looks like things are all over the place,
you should constantly be stepping back and looking at the piece as a whole, and really
getting a sense of how it’s presenting itself. Is it chaotic and directionless? Do you need to create a focal point? If you do, how? Do you need more contrast in areas of light
and dark? Is there too much detail, too much noise? Anyone that says ‘anyone could do that’ about
abstract art, probably hasn’t tried it themselves. Or at least, not successfully. There’s something extra-intentional about
paintings like these, because you can’t just rely on what people already know, what people
can automatically accept as visually appealing. Like a well-balanced landscape or a nicely-lit
portrait or a flower. You’re creating visual appeal in different
ways- which takes more thought I think. Anyway, that should be enough for one day. I’d love to know how everyone’s inktober is
going, and if you’ve found time to do anything else. This took me about half an hour, so if you
want to loosen up a bit this month, I’d definitely recommend doing something similar. As I said, the references I used will be btelow
if you want to have a go yourself. But otherwise, thanks so much or joining me
and I’ll see you soon for he next video. Bye!

45 thoughts on “Loosening Up With Abstracty Landscapes · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #3”

  • This is such a great idea! 😍You're so right about how difficult it is to paint abstracts! They make you think extra hard because you need to decide where things go and how they'll look. I've managed to paint and film for inktober everyday so far, let's hope I stick to it till the end of the month 😅

  • WOW! Watching you push through and accomplish all of these things is so inspirational. Thank you SO much. These are beautiful btw

  • Loving the colours!! So bright yet so balanced 🙂 I've never tried abstract art myself, but with the amount of stuff running through my head all the time, it might suit me. I'll try it soon 😉

  • Wonderful miss semi-skimmed Min!!!! I always enjoy seeing what your hands, and spirit create! My inktober has been a drag, I caught up, and have five in a new sketch book, but two sudden projects came up, vampiring my time, then over the weekend till now my wife has been fighting an infection, that culminated in a three day stay in the hospital. We're home now, but I'm still not in the mood to draw,……but tonight though,….I feel it coming. Thank you for sharing dear sister. Keep slinging ART woman, PEACE.

  • These are fantastic! Totally agree about abstract work; it is TOUGH to let go and just make marks…. then make those marks work together!!
    Doing Inktober this year (1st time!) & have ACTUALLY drawn every day so far!! I chose to draw a subject out of a hat…. WHY did the severely arachnaphobic woman opt in "Spiders & Webs"?! Eek!!!!! 🕷🕸😝😂😂

  • I would love to know how you can create so many pieces without being burned out? Inktober, 1 hour art, and such. I can only work on like two pieces a day (a larger Piece for a zine and smaller 4-hour inktober prompts) for so long before being burned out. It might be because I’m still be in my first 1000 hours art but I’d like to know still.

  • This looks so fun. I'm definetly going to try this. I'm not that great with painting and with colours, I just haven't practiced painting as much as I practiced drawing, so working with colour is definetly something that I need to work on. And this loose style seems perfect for that.
    My Inktober is great so far. I haven't been painting every day, more like every other day. But it has been so relaxing and so much fun to just sit down and draw. This year I'm doing my Inktober pieces on the Ipad using Procreate and because before Inktober I have never used my Ipad for drawing I'm learning so much and that feels really great 🙂

  • So beautiful. It’s definitely not easy to create abstract art but it’s such a good exercise in loosening up! I will do the same just now as I have a free hour!! Thanks

  • It's a picture book with both sides of the note drawn.🤩
    The color is pretty and it's great to shoot with a small knife. I enjoyed watching my eyes all the time.🤗

  • Oehhh they look like those lush bathbomb video's where you can only see the bathbomb dissolving in the water. So pretty!

  • This is too beautiful I can't take it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Another great morning spent with you! And I really liked what you said about abstract art being something visually appealing that the artist created solely! What a thought thank u for giving me this grain of knowledge that opened me up to possibly be more appreciative of abstract art and more confident in my own abstract art! How cool thanks

  • Lovely work, I really liked how loose you were with your painting, I think it links really well with your oil painting sky which is very beautiful too. I look forward to watching your progress with such pieces xx

  • I seen these paintings on Instagram and I had to come see if you made a video! They are beautiful! My inktober is going (for the first time) more than great I am way ahead and so happy that I decided to do it! Not much time for other art but I'm ok with that.

  • I don't want to be negative but … Your Art till 2019 was so much better. I know that these are experiments but I believe you can do much better. I really loved your Haunted Houses, Sketchbook tours and introducing Art materials but lately I see a lot of different styles of Arts in your Channel and as a Fan It's a bit disappointing to see an hour of content just experimenting with colors and not doing a real or educational art. Sorry and Love u.

  • I loved these and I think I’m going to do something like this tomorrow. A great idea to loosen up, I enjoyed guessing what they were and got it pretty spot on. I particularly love the foam against the rocks.

  • Very inspiring, and something i need to try because, loosening up? Never been my thing where art is concerned. I always overdo stuff.😕

    You are very right about successful abstract being harder to pull off than it appears.

    My Inktober has been so-so: some successes, some failures, some missed days…

  • Love this! The vibrancy of the colours and the placement of shapes really work well together. I'm inspired by your experimentation. 😊❤

  • Wow Minnie, I cant believe I’ve been watching your channel for almost three years. I was watching you channel when you did your haunted houses. I love your channel, keep up the good work! I love taking this journey with you ❤️

  • Sooo mesmerizing~ I can see the inspiration of aerial shots of beaches and forests but at the same time, this interpretation is more expressive and playful. You made a super good point on how abstract art can be challenging in terms of finding balance and composition I never thought of that before!

  • Inktober is going ok. You can take a peek @kimbiart2017 on instagram. I’m also trying oiltober, I saw Lena danya talking about that. Just trying to get back to daily creating so my painting could get better. It has been very challenging for me. Lots of self doubt but I’m navigating through it best manner.

  • I WISH I could do this myself and make it look half as good as you Minnie 💖 when I try and do abstract paintings it looks like a two year old got hold of my paints! 😂 amazing work 😊

  • I LOVE looking at abstract art for the reasons you mentioned. A lot of people don't get it but they're so visually interesting to me

  • Wonderful paintings! 😍 (If you run out of ideas for videos some day, I would love to see you try out some type of art subsciption box (Scrawlrbox, Artsnacks, Palettefull Packs), and make it a series. I see people do it already, but since you're the best art youtuber it would be so cool to see you take on the monthly challenges and try out new art supplies!)

  • I love seeing all the inktober drawings but I agree, these vivid colours are very refreshing 🙂 I can't decide which painting I like better, the pink one is so calming and the blue/green one is so striking! Beautiful as always! <3

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