Madison No.1 Middle School – School Spotlight – Visual & Performing Arts

Performing arts and visual arts are very important
to a student’s education so they can have a well rounded experience at school. Our students have a variety of experiences,
from beginners being able to be in these classrooms and performing just here at school, all the
way to, we have students that participate in high school events and get to experience
the next level. Students benefit from an arts education by
being exposed to a variety of different performing arts and visual arts and expanding their knowledge. I take the approach that every student can
dance. I always like to teach each and every one
of them as their own individual person and finding what they like about the art and pulling
that out of them, so that they can be the best artist in any form that they can be. I love working here at No.1 because the students
have a chance to find out where their unique talents and passions are. I love teaching dance here. I think all my classes kind of become these
little families. All of the performing arts and visual arts
teachers here at the school, we are given the opportunity to build the program of our
dreams. And whether it’s dance, or culinary arts,
or theater, or orchestra, and we’re able to build these programs and offer all these opportunities
to students. The performing arts is really important because,
like, you have the opportunity to meet new people, try new things, and, like, if you
really like it you have the opportunity to perform in front of people. You get to try new things in school and maybe
you can like those things that you’ve never tried before and maybe have a future with

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