Māori contemporary visual art exhibits at Venice Biennale

Māori contemporary visual art exhibits at Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is regarded
as the most prestigious contemporary visual art exhibition
in the world. The event opened
overnight in Vernice and as Irena Smith reports
a Tai Tokerau woman is NZ’s artist at the exhibition. A contemporary piece
showcasing Maori art hanging on the walls of one of the world’s
most prestigious exhibitions. Lisa Reihana fuses together
history and modern technology to showcase her work. The NZ pavilion is being displayed at one of the oldest and most
expansive buildings, the biennale’s central
exhibition area. She wants art goers
to look through her lens so they can see the art from
a different view and gain a deeper view
into the subject of the work. Reihana’s visual art work will stay
in Venice for seven months before going to Sydney, Australia, where visuals of Aboriginal people
will be included in the artworks. That’s all before these pieces make a trip to Captain Cook’s
hometown, in England. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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