me an ARTIST trying to Paint a BOB ROSS

Hey, what’s up Hetros and Homos, my name’s Tommy Green welcome back to my Youtube Channel and you are watching me Tommy Green I thought it would be a good idea if today I unleash my inner artist and follow one of the masters of Painting Bob Ross. I’m gonna be painting a Bob Ross on my wonderful canvas here I’m an artist. I have my colors now. I’m going to start following a Bob Ross tutorial Little bit of Indian yellow just as very small amount you think you need We don’t need a great deal of Paint, just a little bit. Will have a beautiful little sky that’s just full of warm colors And now I apply the paint. I say sort of makes you feel good when you look at it. so to make some little X’s little crisscross strokes go all the way across the canvas now, we’re just gonna use a nice little Crisscrosses on our Canvas Just like in the way of Mr. Ross did it I am an artist mmmmm Excuse me, I didn’t even wet my brush before I started. Oh, wow. What kind of artist am I? I’m an artist Now we’re going to go into the water line down here. And add some of this yellow into the water line Wow We’re gonna dip into some Yellow Ocher and put some Yellow Ocher on the top and blend that into our colours.. Once again, you do not any the greatest doing paint. Just doing the little crisscrosses We don’t need a lot of paint Still making our little crisscross strokes a little X’s Crisscrosses of paint Crisscross! Crisscross! Crisscross! Time to get crazy Let’s go right into the bright red and still we haven’t washed the brush just a little bit of the bright red. And right up here Making our little X’s little crisscross strokes Will add a little bit of that And red is such a warm colour just it just makes you feel good when you look at it makes you happy You almost can’t help it We’ll bring that down here too and the water we’re just going to reflect the same basic colors that we have in our sky He’s going so quick and I’m trying to keep up Okay, so now we have a colors like that He hasn’t cleaned his brush So I’m just gonna grab some water right now and blend my colours into each other just a little bit more And make them nice and crisscross, crisscross. Crisscross! Crisscross! Wow colour! Alizarin crimson Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab. Now we’re going to go into our blue Our Blue shade. And mix together. Oh no, I accidentally got green in that. Ah, no I am an Idiot, and I just got GREEN in my colour! So I have to remix my colour! Nooooo. Aaahhh! We’re just filling the top of the sky Phthalo Blue and Alizarin Crimson You can you can take this to the blue side or the red side just sort of depends on your mood and how you feel It’s strictly completely up to you add a little bit more color to my brush Maybe in our world their lives. Yep, you’re right Just a happy little cloud up here. We can we can make the indication of a little cloud Now we are just going to add a Happy Little cloud. Right in here. Beautiful I’m an artist Something like that. Now well We have that lavender color on the brush at the blue and the crimson So just come down here and fill in the whole bottom of this Once again, all we’re doing here is just reflecting the colour from the sky into the water Here we are Let’s take watch the Brush. Shake it off. and just beat the devil So now we have to clean our brush Ahhhh! WE BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF IT! And then we go in with our dry brush. And we blend until our little heart is content Would you look at that blended Wow, I’m an artist! This looks so good I’m an Artist! make your first major decision. Where’s your mountain live? Maybe in our world. Yep, it does now Our Mountain lives right there. Now we have to make our first big decision and decide, where our mountain is going to go. I think my mountain is going to go right here. It is not doing what it should be doing! AHHH! With a very firm pressure just literally push the paint right into the fabric. Right, into the fabric This is a chance to really get tough take out all your Frustrations and hostilities on whatever maybe there’s a maybe there’s another little peak right there Wherever you want So I have my mess of a mountain on the piece. So we are just going to stroke downward. And blend downward, into the mist. NO! Why are you mixing?(In shock as why does wet paint mix??) No, I don’t want you to mix. Sir. Madam. No. Aah I’m trying my best to follow the tutorial but it’s really hard like really hard! I need help. I need an actual artist here to help me I’m an artist. Oh my god, I just fell. I have my mountains all blended out right now. Um, I’m just gonna quickly Grab some of the mountain colour because this paint is still wet because it’s acrylic an acrylic takes the forever to dry. And then I’m just going too slowly Add some into the bottom. Of my canvas. Wow love that. It looks so good. I’m an artist So now we just are just going to add some snow to our Mountains. Absolutely, no pressure I’m having so much fun doing this. However, it looks really bad still. So I’m just gonna I’m an ARTIST! I’ve got to the point with this mountain where I don’t even care. It looks so bad and I give up ah I hate ah, I hate art. It’s too freakin hard. I hate it Absolutely hate it. Oh my god. No, ah I’m gonna try and fix it now Now he wants me to blend that everything out like is floating in the mist. I mean, I guess we will considering half my paint is still wet The blending things gonna be an issue because if I blend too much it’s gonna look like poopoo I’m just gonna blend really goodly because apparently goodly is a word it’s not I’m an artist Wow, it looks so good. Ah, I just… Nooo. Ahhh noooo Ahhh! It fell off I’ve just added in some more happy little mountains down here Let me tell you there is nothing happy about about Doing these Mountains. Ah Just by doing something as simple as this just tapping downward just Tapping downward there Happy little evergreen tree It is time to sketch in our lovely Little Tree One long stroke downside. Right now. Right now it is a skinny tree Now we use the side of the brush, just like Bob says. Wow, I’m having a tree Come to life. I’m birthing a tree. So I added my trees and now I have to add some bushes AHHHH Uh-huh. Oh, you have no idea how stressful it is to try and paint one of these frickin Bob Ross’s Is the fact that we don’t make mistakes because there are no mistakes. It’s just happy accidents, but when you’re copying there are mistakes Because you don’t put things a certain way there is a mistake You have messed up! You are no longer an artist. You are a failure I’m an artist. So now we’re going to add some happy little bushes in here. He said we have to do one bush at a time. But I do not have time for that. So I am just going to quickly add my bushes. There’s a little bit of red on my brush as well because I was mixing and it was just not that great Tippity tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. So we’re just going Add some more colour for our bushes some layers Just to create some depth in our painting In our masterpiece I hate myself. I hate myself. I I put too much on. Oh no, no AHHHHH! Take some Van Dyke Brown, and let’s put some land under all this. Pull sort of the angle that you think the land will flow. i guess Wow, it looks so good. No, it doesn’t look so bad I’m an artist Alright, heteros and homos. That there was it for today’s video, if you guys did enjoy me unleashing my inner artist and Painting a Bob Ross Please give this video a big thumbs up and also hit that big red subscribe button down bellow And I will see you guys next time. I upload a brand new video. Goodbye I’m an artist

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