Merging Shapes – 10 Minutes To Better Painting – Episode 1

34 thoughts on “Merging Shapes – 10 Minutes To Better Painting – Episode 1”

  • Huh, is this why I love sketches more than finished drawings?

    I fill in what I want by looking at the sketches, but when it's finished, it doesn't feel right.

  • i am having troubles with simplifying…i still struggle to see good shapes and deciding which shapes i can merge to reach a good composition. maybe my paintings are trash because i never liked abstract art and never gave a damn about it? :/

  • Closing thought at the end of the video says it all…..
    Man big fan of yours after watching just two of ur vids…
    u r an expert of making complicated things ridiculously simple…may God give u strength to make such more videos…
    Such an inspiration u are..ur vids are gems n masterpieces especially these lesson vids

  • This is not only useful for painting and drawing. This is how art itself works!! If we read a novel, we don't need to know ALL the life of EVERY single character or what they're doing every second; we just need to know the things that complements the argument of the whole story. Same for the cinema. In music we don't need every single sound to play a melody on their own; even Bach (king of polyphony) guided our focus to a single important theme while the others just completed the MOOD of the piece. And I could continue talking about other disciplines of art, but I think my point has been settled. Thank you Marco!! 😀 Yours is a really great content youtube channel!!

  • 👏👏👏👍😭I cannot agree you more. I was try to draw every details at the begining and end of frastrating. I learnt a lot from your vedio. Huge thanks!

  • That embarrassing moment when you realise the annoying the image of the 3 children and the last image of the house is better than you can achieve.
    I guess I just can't draw…

  • I've watch these videos a few times and it's like under-cooked spaghetti, not sticking. So I decided to treat these like courses and take notes. As simple as that sounds it helped a lot! So if your reading in the comments and having trouble understanding some of these concepts don't fret you aren't alone.

  • Thank you. Now I understand the value of a) squinting, and b) simplicity in design in order to communicate more to the viewer. This is the heart of Impressionism and abstraction.

  • Perspective is where art lives. Mood is only one aspect of perspective. Art is a story – one we tell to learn about ourselves as a species. Mood alone cannot tell that tale.

    Interesting video. Disagree with you on most of it 🤷‍♂️.

  • Brilliant. This brought some relief to my struggle as a painter suffering from vision loss. I don't want to give up painting, but I need to learn to do it differently and more forgivingly. Thank you

  • I feel that you putted in words something that I've been struggling with but I couldn't define. Now that I now my enemy I can make the adjustments. Thanks I'm going to make progress with this mindset of simplification!

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