Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

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  • 8 minutes in and this is an absolute mess. The issue is, read Derrida, read Foucault. I find no company here with Peterson, Paglia, or the militant vegan straight banged sterotyped grad students.

    Derrida and Foucault are extremely important, and for none of the reasons discussed here. What about Derrida's doctoral thesis on Husserl. What about Foucault's use of Bentham's panopticon design as a way to illustrate how we police each other.

    Paglia, in her delivery, actually commits a lot of faux pas with regard to standards of interpretation in literary departments. For on example, an author's self-understanding of their own work does not neatly trump outside interpretation. There are various in-roads and it is tough to sort them from a hilltop, so to speak. There is a mess here. Read Foucault's 700 page "History of Madness," recently published in full in english for the first time. Then grapple with Peterson.

  • I contemplated going to US for my postgraduate but opted out in the end. The insane political correctness and divisive identity politics scare me. Seems to me I was wrong, I'd pay good money, or rather my parents hard earned money, to sit in Camille Paglia's lectures

  • I agree with a lot of what Camille is saying. She is intelligent and wise however she is so high strung she's hard to listen to. Every idea was preceded with "Okay or an eh." I expect her written work is much easier to follow. I do like her ideas.

  • Thank you for your brave work, Dr. Peterson. I don't agree with everything that you profess, but much I do. Re: evolution, I thought that you might find this link about mathematical challenges to evolutionary theory interesting:

  • Would anybody entertain a thought, that all of that SJW nonsense, this "progresive" demoralization, promotion of transgender movement, destroying of family, immigration etc., might be a deliberate action of slowly molding society into Orwellian, totalitarian, enslaved mass? I think it would explain a lot of what's going on in the world.

  • "Not one leftist spoke up about tuition increases, blah blah bah…" What about Paul Goodman, Ivan Illich, et. all. I do not speak for the left or the right. Sometimes Peterson is on to something, sometimes he's got it wrong. Think for yourselves, always. And remember, if you do not share Paglia's views and have to attend her class, what are you supposed to do? She comes across quite venomous. Given how many times people have been wrong in the past, why come at it so fervently and recklessly.

    As far as her position that it is absurd that language somehow mediates reality: it seems to me that if there was something the important philosophers agreed about over the last 100 years it is this. Richard Rorty called it "The Linguistic Turn." Wittgenstein, Frege, Sellars, Davidson, McDowell, Brandom. Sure, you could name people who share Pagalia's scepticism, but it would be silly to then treat the work of the aforementioned thinkers as "childish" or "absurd."

  • Okay…. I guess I better go do homework for my postmodernist history and philosophy of music education class now. I think I'm learning more here.

  • The trouble with German philology or Egyptology is you can't get that far before all you have to go on is the credentials and positive reviews of a particular researcher or pop-writer, in terms of deciding what sounds true. Also, there are a number of people who many would consider bright, who don't think the way to go about it all is to come to a big agreement. In this camp, you feel as though making yourself different is just what some people enjoy doing. You appreciate your uptight neighbour who is technically destroying the planet but keeps everything really tidy; and you hope he is okay with the fact that you don't pay attention to CNN but spend most of your time working on old cars and paintings, things he wished he would have figured out but never really did.

  • 42:23

    Lol sounds like whenever theres some ocassion, holiday, birthday, whatever, guys will be sitting in one room watching football all the girls will be in the kitchen sitting talking about whatever events every time with my family at least lol.

  • Two educated people vomitting snot about the "battle of the sexes." Forget the dang "hunting parties" men bull crap, times changed, what haven't changed until the 1700s onwards is the fact that women were treated like men's personal slaves, child-bearing factories, who weren't allowed to speak unless spoken to when in the presence of men, who had no rights to tertiary education, women were abused – beaten to a pulp, raped and humiliated and it was always hush hush. If not for movements such as the suffragets and women's liberation, women would still be oppressed. With that 'said', what is a major major problem today is not only femminism, but the retalliation of men in response to their hatred. Sitting around scoffing will not solve the problem, ok. F.c.o.l!

    Where is the effort from you educated blimps to ESTABLISH A BALANCE as to some kind of push towards normalsy?! Instead its this never ending war between men and women where nothing is solved. oi….nvm

  • Most folks don't know how talented Warhol was. They think of colorful-yet-sterile stencils of soup cans, not these:

  • her mind is terrifying to see unleashed at times. almost too powerful. her sharp memory and breadth of book knowledge is set within it, and when unleashed it's an acerbic, and at need caustic, wit. fuck man its fun to see.

  • talking about the archetypes of the benevolent and terrible mother it reminded me of lord of the rings of all things. when frodo offered the ring to galadriel. she warned frodo in a very dramatic way and at the same time a final battle within her was raging in its last great clash, and it always hit me what she said at the end concerning what would happen if she took the ring of power. "All shall love me and dispair!"

  • I like Jordan. A lot. But my gawd: how many years did he spend in academia not seeing the intellectual sewage in which he floated, blind to bombastic professors and ignorant of student ignoramuses?

  • 39:12 Jordan: STOP BEING A PUSSY! Martians do not "forbid" you to fight back.
    YOU hold yourself back!

    FFS: you're a shrink. Why are you so blind to your own "learned helplessness."

    It's guys like YOU who let females run amok. Nothing stops you from fighting back except your own Inner Mommy chiding you to "Never hit females…even if they hit you first."

  • 47:44 Males are not "allowed" to compete with….or enter into combat with…women because other men shield said vaginates. Men like Peterson.

  • 1:33:27 Jordan is right to be skeptical, if not pessimistic. The Columbian Exposition in 1893, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America, was FILLED with both scientific and cultural innovations and marvels. In fact, Chicago got its nickname, "the Windy City," not because of weather, but due to all the fawning press ("hot air") the celebration got.

    Wonders DID abound. And the future looked marvelous, filled with scientific wonders. Yet just 21 years later, WWI arrived. And just 21 years after THAT, an even worse WWII erupted.

  • A dab of red paint on the horns of a zebra(!)? Could it be that the lions mistook the poor animal as damaged and weak?

  • Repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, he is God and died for you and will judge you and all of mankind, he died for you so you can be forgiven of all your sins and have a relationship with God. Repent and trust in him alone and what he did for you alone and call on his name and confess to him and you will be saved. <3

  • If I may suggest one possible answer as to the crazy women. The MGTOW movement seems to deliver it. It may seem partly pathetic and infested with women hating incel philosophy, but the diagnosis seems right: there is no way to interact satisfyingly with ideologically crippled women, which are given more and more of the public platform. So solidarity between men that makes itself independent from the demands of the hookup culture may help young men to rediscover their competences and develop a healthy identity. I firmly believe that at some point women will start to oscillate around that very culture, because they surely don't actually like the crippled form of masculinity that they've created for themselves,because there is no strength or genuine confidence in it. That actually seems civil and may be the best for both sexes in the long run

  • Jordan's observation about the identifiable zebras being killed because they stood out really made me sit up. It says so much about group identification – the desire not to be different, not to stand out, to wear a uniform (literal or metaphorical) and to conform – being a method of self-preservation.

  • Paglia is a vocal and unrepentant advocate for Child PORN and pedophila. let that sink in. I love Paglia but goddamn I can't endorse her knowing this.

  • i wish he would have asked her about all the years she has been championing pedos for nambla. jordan, you might want to look a little deeper…people are starting to think you agree with her on that as well, because you stayed a million miles away from it. she is wicked and evil.

  • I'd need 20 cups of coffee in a row to say things I'm passionate about and still only be able to rap at a tenth of her rapid fire delivery. She's marvelous! Fascinating conversation! And it is a conversation. Whew.. And I think I need to be a sane woman that will tell some crazy women to take a look at themselves. I never thought of them as having a personality disorder. 🙄 So love this video. Much to think about! Glad Peterson had time to say his thing.👍( I've figured out I can't post or share any thing that could possibly offend someone on Facebook. Grrr ) ( I'm so worried about public schools now. ) Delighted for this video. Much to think about. 😊♥️ ( Btw, I watched this a second time with no sound. I like to watch expressions and body language and as I did so, I had a thought that perhaps she was apprehensive before this talk about how the two of them would get along. ) And one more thought: I think our lady did not really answer Peterson's last question. It was an opportunity to to stop, consider and offer some kind of answer. I would have liked to hear it.

  • her generation demanded the freedom to risk [email protected] with no forethought to the next generation that would have the freedom without the deep-seated implicit understanding of the risk that came with the original lack of "freedom".

  • I love all your work sir. I looked this interview up because i watched a hit piece on this lady and how she advocates for the normalization of paedophilia. And they have tried to demonise yourself by tying you to her doctrine via your interview here. Funny how she didnt mention her views on the subject in this video.
    Did you know about these views before interviewing her?

  • This lady is so clever and way too much honest. Metaphor from Fried Pi can't be more precise. I think not a lot of people can discuss the points they made. May be society never was as hypocrite as it is now.

  • Great talk! I have a gotcha! ( I think ):
    Who are the people most resent and hungry for meaning in their lifes that will not question any crazy ideology imposed by a leader that promises them some kind of triumph?
    Workers, employees aren’t unless you live in Vietnam. I talk about woman with nasty and awful relationships or bad experiences with male figures.
    So, creepy leaders focus on those groups, so they can be manipulated easily for whatever political intentions.

  • It is actually scary what he says about resentment to competence and destruction of art when we consider that Hitler was a failed art student who went on to steal hoard and destroy art with fervour.

  • They're using the language of free speech but their just grousing that the rest of us never meet their standards. She's hyper, seems under-medicated, he seems sedated. Do you think she has a clean room? You can tell this room is sterile.

  • The Rothschild Fed is the strangling octopus with its tentacles around our throats. The suppression of the Jeffrey Epstein evidence (and his Mossad connections) says everything about the dark corruption that has metastasized throughout our society.

  • This is an AWESOME interview. It’s amazing how two people from two very different backgrounds agree on everything discussed because they both have similarly awe-inspiring intellect.

  • It’s almost as if the academia has become a culture, rather than a cohesive, coherent ideology. It seems more based on how you talk, dress and act. With a set of rules, taboos and ceremonies which aren’t particularly well thought out and certainly not robustly challenged but rather allow these people to have a feeling of control in a rather chaotic world

  • I'd like to get an answer to the following question: "Why on my Psychology degree, is the third chapter of the book I must study/reflect on a chapter on Marx?". I'm studying the Open University degree "Psychology and Counselling" and the third chapter is on Socio-Economic issues. But I don't understand. I don't understand why I'm studying Marx relating to Economics as I think Adam Smith would be the glaringly obvious candidate. I live in the UK. Not China, Russia or South-America. Anyway. It's all there in the reading materials. Chapter 3.

  • wow. Jordan Peterson took me here. Camille Paglia's account of what happened in the educational system suddenly takes me back to questions I asked myself in late primary-early high school I picked up on something about how everything we seemed to be being taught made sense but somehow seemed like waste of time I never realty respected school for this reason, and kind of suffered somewhat academically, now at 34 her recounting of these events is fascinating to me.

  • Camille has always interested me. I saw her on Oprah years ago and agreed completely with what she said about the women's movement screwing up when they made abortion a central plank in their platform – it cut out at least half of the women in the country who could not support that. Most women back in the late 60s and 70s when the women's movement was forming were interested in equal pay and job opportunity, not in abortion and not in demasculinizing men. I agree with some of what she is saying here, but I don't think she is right about the "best" of the 1960s generation killing their brains with drugs – millions of very smart people in this country did not do drugs or live as hippies in the 1960s – we made lives for ourselves. We lived in the Midwest and the West, not in the East where Camille has lived – and she is biased, thinking that only Easterners are the best and the brightest. Simply not true.

  • She is truly full of crap. The hippies of the 60's were a bunch of bums that didn't want to work. Most of them were born into middle class families and were spoiled, and they fell into an age old trap of sex, drugs, and music.

  • What’s interesting is my professors use coercion and manipulation to push us to volunteer for their projects giving free labor. At my state college in California for my higher degree my teachers threaten FAILING us if we don’t “play along” and “participate”. I have one that threatens us that if we want recommendations we aren’t getting one unless we scratch their back so they can scratch ours. Trust me, I think of quitting everyday but I am too terrified of not being able to support myself if I ever ended up as a single mom. I’m even putting having kids on hold for this plus I don’t even know if I want to bring kids into this world… sigh
    If we could get back to the communal living, hunting and gathering days of our ancestors would be much better. It would foster community, connection, support and less people would be suicidal from isolation, powerlessness, and hopelessness because there would be people around them to lift them up. As someone born in the millennial era with the values and principles of my grandparents this era is lost.

  • After dealing with 3 deconstructionist courses this quarter I fear my education is going to be surface level and vague. At least the lack of rigorous work is giving me time to watch some of these brilliant conversations.

  • What a pleasure, listening to two really bright and intriguing people. Normalcy of thought with vigorous discussion is so rare anymore.

  • We also faced massive education and social crisis here in Russia, and damn it i wish there was more hope for us young guys!

    I was a 24 years old guy being in 8 years long depression, obese, absolutely careless about my life with no hope for the future.

    You helped me to find my passion and take resposibility for myself.
    Now 4 years later, i'm living relatively healthy life and facing successful carier in computer science and software engeenering field.

    Today i did an early morning 9.5km long walk in a rain, while listening to this spectacular conversation.

    Jordan, you brought in the light into my life and for that i'll be forever thankful.

  • Loved the talk. Camille is great, the discussion does not feel forced or scripted.
    I wish we could have more talks like this.

  • My goodness! Getting a glimpse into the mind of a true feminist is amazing!

    Peterson is as mind-blowing as always! 🙂

  • I would spend my life's savings to have tea and scones with these two and still, I would come out of it richer! Camille 'Tommy gun' Paglia, you have to love her.

  • Great conversation. Deep and relevant like few. I usually find Jordan Peterson's points very interesting, but this time I think Camille Plagia brings the most remarkable contributions. I am surprised by the quality of her speech (although she speaks a bit too fast), the richness of her examples and the wide range of fonts she integrates. All my respects to her. I think she is one of the great thinkers right now.

  • Reminder to all the CAMILLE PAGLIA literally supports PEDOPHILIA. Just Google "Camille Paglia pedophilia" or "Camille Paglia child porn". She literally says that child porn should be legal, and that adults and prepubescent children can enjoy each other sexually.

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