Monika’s MIND BLOWING Insight: Doki Doki Literature Club | Treesicle

Monika’s MIND BLOWING Insight: Doki Doki Literature Club | Treesicle

What are you doing right now? What are you thinking right now? Perhaps all you’re thinking about is what
you’re currently doing. And now all you’re doing is thinking about
what you’re doing. I’m Grant! As I’m saying this, you’re experiencing
every moment from behind your eyes while processing sound with your ears and experiencing sensation
with your nervous system at every point on your body. That’s what life is: a series of sensations
and thoughts that just keeps going and from second to second, minute to minute, day to
day, month to month and year to year… we’re locked into a perspective that occasionally
stares back at itself in a mirror. Despite life appearing as it does as reliably
as it does, there is no guarantee something far stranger is generating your reality from
behind the veil of your moment-to-moment experience. Just because your life is as you expect it
to be doesn’t mean things are as they appear to be. In other words…reality isn’t real. Or at least…reality might not be real and
there’s no way to ever know for sure that reality is real. If you’re confused…great! Doki Doki Literature club has plenty to say
about what I just laid down. You just don’t know it yet. This idea has been explored deeply in philosophy
across the ages and even in movies like The Truman Show. Just as Truman Burbank’s life was realized
to be just entertainment for the masses, so too did philosopher Rene Descartes entertain
the possibility that his life was merely the product of an evil demon making his life appear
as it was. He wrote, “I shall think that the sky, the air, the
earth, colours, shapes, sounds and all external things are merely the delusions of dreams
which he has devised to ensnare my judgement. I shall consider myself as not having hands
or eyes, or flesh, or blood or senses, but as falsely believing that I have all these
things.” Then there’s “Last Thursdayism”, the
idea that the entire universe was created last Thursday with the appearance of being
billions of years old. All the planets, fossils, people, and memories
you have were merely put in place in such a state that seamlessly gives the impression
of a place that is far older than it really is. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know, there’s
no way to disprove any of these ideas. Because if the illusion is perfect, any science
experiment or test could be fooled by the one who’s really in control to make you believe
this is all as old as it seems. So there’s that. I hope you’re having a good day today, lovely
viewer. If you’re having a bad day, just remember
that everything is exactly as the creator wants it. No, not you Monika. You’re fictional, you’re not the one who
made this universe. Although…I suppose there’s no real way
to know! Before we get into why your life is a lie,
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our poll about reality! Would you be cool with Monika controlling
your world? It sounds interesting to me! Let’s get back to it. Alright! Let’s discuss how reality isn’t real and
what that has to do with you! And Doki Doki Literature Club. There’s a reason this game took the internet
by storm and it’s far more than mere shock value and the indie horror formula. Reality is something every sane person should
have a grasp of so when a game makes you feel like your losing your grip on reality, it’s
only natural that it catches people’s attention. By now you may have guessed I’m gonna talk
at least a little about Monika. Given that she’s the god of this little
virtual world it’s only natural to speak of her when reality feels kinda wobbly. It was fascinating to me seeing how Doki Doki
unfolds and how every character was completely at the mercy of Monika once she realized she
was in a game. Going back to Rene Descartes’ evil demon
idea that your entire life is just an illusion created by a demon who wants you to think
and experience life as you do so that his otherworldly purpose will be served…wouldn’t
you say that sounds a lot like Monika? Maybe Descartes was the original best girl. “I think therefore I am” could make the
basis for a pretty sweet literature club poem. I think therefore I am
But my thoughts are zeros and ones So am I what I am? Or a computer program? My head hurts, I’m done. Anyway let’s look at the actual story of
Doki Doki and specifically Monika. You see, Monika is a much deeper character
than many (perhaps even including myself) YouTubers have made her out to be. She’s often been portrayed as a miserable,
vengeful and omnipotent god which…she kind of is but that’s only half the story. Before Monika’s breakdown in the the second
half of Doki Doki, she was not only a successful student, having been an integral member of
the debate club and founder/president of the Literature Club but she was also super nice. Recall in the Yuri route, Yuri and Natsuki
get into an argument over the hot guy protagonist. Natsuki even accused Yuri of making her titays
look bigger once we joined the club so that we’d wanna motor boat ‘em or something. FORKING THOT!!! The drama is palpable…Sayori even tries
to interject to soothe the situation but is told to get outta there cuz this isn’t about
her. It’s not until Monika comes in with her
worldly wisdom and says, “Natsuki I think that’s enough. You both said some things that you didn’t
mean” that the tense situation is resolved. If Monika is such a harbinger of chaos then
why is she playing therapist here? The answer comes directly from Monika’s
past, a past we often neglect to look at when discussing the game. Monika was initially an important member of
the Debate Club before the events of this game. The debate club was the largest club at the
school but eventually she couldn’t handle the politics and BS involved. That’s why she left and started the Literature
Club. Hence playing therapist. She created this club to distance herself
from drama, she wanted less chaos in her life, not more. However, over the course of the story it becomes
clear Monika was aware this was just a game all along. So if all she wanted was power and influence,
why not use her knowledge and reality-shifting abilities to make the Debate Club as she wanted? Why make an entirely new club? She could have manipulated everything just
as she did in the events of Doki Doki…but she didn’t. She went to the effort of starting a new club. It’s as though she was more interested in
genuine human interaction than in just having everything she wanted with the rewriting of
some files. Monika had a good side, a side that wanted
to create something for herself and others to enjoy. But then…something happened. Our story began. Monika got competitive with the other girls
over us and things started to unravel. Competitive over this hawt sexy dude bod. That’s when she began really tampering with
the other characters to make them less desirable, ultimately driving Yuri to death by self-stabbies
and Sayori to death by the “how not to” example of autoerotic asphyxiation. The darkness came out. The obsession, the desires, the controlling,
insanity we associate with Monika was unleashed. But why was the darkness there at all? And what does all this have to do with you?? And me. And everyone else in this silly, stupid world. Not the Doki Doki world…the real one. Or.. well…the realest one we know of. I’ll answer those questions with 2 more
questions. What if you saw reality as an illusion like
Monika does? What if you took Rene Descartes’ thought
experiment a little too seriously and saw the world as an illusion? Not sure why Descartes chose a demon to be
the ruler of his false world so let’s imagine it’s a more benevolent entity. Even a neutral one. A different ruler, but still an illusion nonetheless. And while an understanding that you’re in
an illusion could be distressing, if the illusion was going your way it wouldn’t be hard to
go with the flow. If life is good who cares what life actually
is? If Neo wasn’t about to be fired, you think
he would’ve picked the red pill? Hell no! Mr. Anderson would still be Mr. Anderson if
he was banging cheerleaders on the coast of hawaii. He left the matrix because his life sucked. But there can be pros to an illusory reality
even when things are going wrong. Let’s get more existential than we already
are. When you’re say, I dunno, a self-aware 18
year old that lives in an anime fantasy, you’re detached enough to remove your feelings from
any situation and therefore be an objective source of insight. You don’t see things as all-consuming and
so important that stress, anxiety, and irrational feelings take over. When your friends are arguing over some stupid
boy, (like we mentioned earlier) you’ll have the understanding that people say things
they don’t mean when they feel threatened. When politics are taking over the once lovely
debate club, you’d rather leave then get sucked into an exhausting power-struggle. You have the ability to become detached from
your emotions and the world around you because you know it isn’t real. And that can be as much a pro as it is a con. Of course, that idea of “detachment” and
the profound insight that comes from it only goes so far. It carried Monika to impressive heights in
the school’s social circles and helped her become a talented poet. She’s always giving “Writing Tips of the
Day”, a couple of which are legitimately helpful if you want to get better at writing. One is even a loooong paragraph about what
it takes to become a great writer. It’s a fantastic and deep telling of what
it means to obsess over your work while sometimes hating it with a bunch of practical tips sprinkled
in. She says, “Sometimes when I talk to people who are impressed
by my writing, they say things like ‘I could never do that’. It’s really depressing, you know?…it pains
me when people think that being good just comes naturally… When you try something for the first time,
you’re probably going to suck at it… But that tends to happen when you’re always
comparing yourself to the top professionals. When you reach for the stars, they’re always
gonna be out of your reach, you know? The truth is, you have to climb up there,
step by step. And whenever you reach a milestone, first
you look back and see how far you’ve gotten… And then you look ahead and realize how much
more there is to go…” And it just keeps going…I wish I had time
to read the whole thing. As someone who makes his living in no small
part by writing this really had an impact on me. And keep in mind Monika is only a teenager. Profound revelations like this at such a young
age and the ability to articulate them would only come from a mind that sees the world
a little differently. The somewhat tired and overused, new-age idea
is “seeing beyond the matrix” or even just being “woke.” As often as people claim to embody these ideas
and try their best to ooze wokeness, only a few really, truly understand what it means
to view reality as a kind of waking dream: seeing culture (our strict guidelines for
how to be) as just our society’s shot in the dark at “moral rightness”. Nothing is really “official”. As a wise man named Ezio once said “Nothing
is true, everything is permitted.” Monika started the Literature Club to make
authentic connections to the world she saw as no more than a dream, but she gave up too
soon and gave into bitterness. That’s why everything turned into a nightmare. What was once a gift was now a curse. Don’t be like Monika. Or perhaps…be like Monika wished she could
be. In the closing song, “Your Reality” Monika
writes, “How can I write love into reality? If I can’t hear the sound of your heartbeat
What do you call love in your reality? And in your reality, if I don’t know how to
love you I’ll leave you be.” Deep. Normally I like to tie a bow on things but
this time I wanted to leave it open ended to allow you to form your own thoughts on
reality, both DDLCs and our own. Who am I to tell you what it is when I know
no more than you? What I do know…. If you wanna talk about it I know the perfect
place. The Doki Doki Amino. Links in the description, my username is Treesicle
come say hi and tell me about how your reality is different than mine. I’m Grant, that’s all from me today…I’ll
see you in the dream. And on Amino. Bye!

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    You don't get it – the Monika that was in the debate club never existed, since she was created as LC president. Those are backstory memories, like Rachel's in Blade Runner. And she likely realizes that.

    Also it is not her that saves the situation here where Sayori fails, but at least both of them together. Seeing how it all goes to hell the second time around when she tries it on her own. Did you not play until act 2?

    Finally Daimon can also mean just ghost, and is a common trope in philosophy. I suppose the notion that it's evil to Descartes is basically just there to put it in contrast to God, or because it deceives people. In any case its motivations don't really matter.

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  • As far as Monika's benevolent side, there doesn't seem to be much going for it as it assumes that she had control of the coding before the game started (which would explain why she didn't just rewrite the debate club, she couldn't).
    Instead, the idea that she got the powers to manipulate the game's code after the game started is first suggested loosely when she refers to it as "having an epiphany recently" and later confirmed when Sayori gains those powers after Monika's gone and she assumes the president role implying that the powers are in some way tied to the position.
    As far as the philosophical concept of reality being an illusion or simulation popularized by the Matrix, it has the same problem of the vast majority of claims by philosophy. It's not falsifiable. If there is "nothing that can disprove it", then there really is no claim to analyze. You'll hear this a lot in the creationism vs evolution debate along with the idea that a claim made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

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  • How many people think that Monika is a god of the game? Because she’s not, a god can’t be overthrown, and has complete control over something, yet WE, as the player/modder, can control her in some form, as we can delete and overthrow her. She also only has control over the other three girls and herself, whereas we can literally adapt reality to our situation in the game (if we can code, that is).

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