Multi Layer Block Print Technique

Hi, I’m Katie,
and I’m going to show you a really quick and easy way to
produce a series of multi-layered
linoleum prints. You need a mat board with
a window cut out to the size of your block. You need the outside of
the mat board to be the size of
a standard framing size. The paper you’re
going to print on should be the same size as
the exterior of the mat. I’ve pre printed
the first layer, so I’m going to set
that one to the side and put in my
second series block. Just place it in the middle
of your pre cut hole, and I’m just going to ink
that like you would any block. KATIE:
Making sure on this one
that I’m getting down into all those nice detail areas. KATIE:
And the colour that I’m using
is going to be just darker than the first layer, because I really want it
to show on top of the other one. So I’m going to take
my pre printed first layer that’s already dry. You want to make sure that it
dries completely before you do
your second layer. And I’m just going to butt it
up against the mat board, so that the edges meet, and then holding
the bottom and the top and just going to gently
let it fall on top of my second print. Press it down to
make sure it’s on there. Now I’m just going to burnish
like you would any normal print. And on this one I’m going to
use my hands a little bit too, just ’cause I know there’s
some details in those circles that I don’t want to miss,
and I’m using a thicker paper, so it’s going to be a little
bit harder to get in there. Okay, and after
you’re sure you’ve got it, just peel off gently, and your second print
will be printed perfectly in line with
your first one. And in this case I have both
of those layers pre printed as well. For the third layer
on this one, it’s a different size ’cause
I want to be able to place it wherever I felt like it
would go on here the best, so it’s a smaller block so you don’t need your
mat board for this one, and this is going to be
the darkest colour yet, ’cause I really want it
to show. I’m going to roll out my ink. And I’m going to ink
just on top of the crab, ’cause I don’t want to
get any of those surface details on this, because I want it to
just be the crab on the top on this colour. KATIE:
Alright. And after you have it inked,
I’m going to pick the corner, because I feel like it’s
going to be easy to line up. I know it will be in
a straight line and everything like that, so I’m just going to
make sure that these two corners meet, just gently
place it down, I’m going to slide it over
so I can burnish the top, because you get
a little bit more detail when you burnish the top rather than
the back of the block. Alright, I think
I’ve got it on there so I’m just gently
going to peel it up. And there you go. Three part print. Captioned by GigEcast

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