No Color Ink?  Print Black and White Anyway – Brother Printer

No Color Ink? Print Black and White Anyway – Brother Printer

[Cool Music] My printer won’t print in black and white.
Says all the color cartridges are no bueno. Let’s fix it. Hey guys! This is Eric from CheapAssReviews
and tonight I’m gonna show you how you can fix an out of color ink error that’s preventing
you from printing in black and white. So yeah, let’s do that. [Popping Sound] [Donkey Sound] Alright you guys, so first what we’re gonna
do is unplug the printer. Next we’re gonna flip open this hatch and
remove these three cartridges. At this point I had no idea what to do so
I just googled it. And it’s said cover this clear window with tape. It should be dark colored tape to trick the
printer into thinking it’s full. Alright so once we’ve cut a piece of tape
that’s the size of that clear window we’re gonna thread it through that plastic part. Thread the needle brah. And then that’s it. Tape it down like that
and then we put it back in the machine and it’s as easy as that. For those of you that missed it, let’s just
watch that one more time. Thread it through, push it down and that’s all. I should mention at this point, I have a Brother
MFC-J430W printer. So … I’m only sure it works with that brand. Let me know in the comments if you had as
much trouble putting these back in as I did. Upside down? Really Eric. Error’s gone. Let’s print something! Yes! It works and that’s great cuz I love
this printer. Thanks for watching and if you liked this
video feel free to just destroy that like button. Let’s see if we can get to 500 million likes. And … comment down below, I like to interact
with my fans and [Beeping sound] What a jerk!

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