Original Song SHOCKS Katy Perry! Catie Turner Sings About MEN On American Idol 2018

Go into my performance I’m a little nervous because I’m kind of taking a risk doing an original song This can either go very well, or they could be like get off the stage heathen bye But if I’m going out, I’m going out with no regrets (applause) I’m gonna be preforming an original today called pity I wrote it about A guy who told me to get back in the kitchen and make him a sandwich because that’s the only place where women belong So I told him You just got Katy all messed up – don’t forget that we love men of quality that belive in equality exactly And they exist a lot of them are in this group I’ll get back in the kitchen I’ll wear my hair up for you real nice I’ll do all these things But one thing will always stay true Your Messy attitude will never convince a woman to lay with you ooh So get real with yourself You’re not the Heart breaker you thought you were destined to be Put your feet down from my table. It’s called common Courtesy I doubt you heard of it don’t test my limits On my generosity you don’t stroke my face or these feminine hands or cause your fingers to bleed your Masculinity is so fragile I could break you with the tap you’re fried And let’s have a dramatic ending gland She just scared me, I will make a sandwich for the man. I love if he’s nice yes, cuz I make great sandwiches and they stood up That girl is The unique of the unique – I almost messed up the ending But I passed it off the guy wanted to do a dramatic ending on purpose But they don’t know I really forgot what the heck I was doing so I’m like nice, nice improvise. Improvise Catie

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