Painted BLOOPERS [#2]

Painted BLOOPERS [#2]

Okay let’s see… Okay, we’re good. Layali’s gone. Aww he’s finding his voice, what a cute little baby! Oh hell yeah! A curse line! But I’m the same as I always have been- *pppth* Adding words, always adding words Cannot read correctly, cannot compute Feoria, are you fit to travel with your ninjuries? Ninjuries? Okay, ninjuries, okay… yeah (Kwasi, muffled): I KNEW IT! AN OUTSIDER- Wait- Oh for god’s sake did I forget to turn- switch my mic? Goddammit! Whether you like it or not, we’ve made a commitment to Layali. We have- Oh my god, the dogs! We’ll… be okay… And I don’t know if you could hear my
stomach rumbling when I said that… but I did. A real mamiyo… mamoyo… Fththth- fffuck Y’know, I imagine like Feoria just holding up, a cross, At Feoria, and being like, “The power of Christ compels you!” Trying to like, exorcise Dreamwalker out of her. That would be hilarious. GET OUT! You don’t have- *coughing, wheezing* Ah, gimme a second, need some water. Yet you seem to have no idea- *text sound* (SCREEN SLAVER INTERRUPTS THIS PROGRAM FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT) That’s a text… And for now, we have far more mass- Massing, massing. Yeah, it’s massing. Yeah, here we go, “massing matters to attend to”. That’s perfect, works perfectly. We have welcomed her and accepted her among our ranks- *shudders* Nope nope nope, redo, redoing Well of course there’s fear! Look at that thing! *phone vibrates* Aaand, buzz buzz, even on silent. What the heck. Since when do people TEXT ME?! *singing* I forgot to check the video where you say the names out loud So I’m going to just assume it’s pronounced “Ki-chea”? Like a kachow? I don’t know… Lightning McQueen makes an appearance in Painted Flowers And with that very painful, and very forced recording session, I do believe my voice is in four different
pieces and not a single one is recoverable for the next month. So, Painted Flowers creator, AKA Ghostpaint, I certainly hope this was worth it. I’m gonna go lie down now.

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