Painting the Nursery | 28 Weeks Pregnant | IVF Success

Painting the Nursery | 28 Weeks Pregnant | IVF Success

hey friends for this vlog I wanted to
show you what I decided what we decided to do for baby girls space so before I
get to what I did if you can see I did this wall Oh myself I’m pretty proud of
myself um I want to tell you our thoughts behind where I’m at because we
are in her bedroom and we decided that we weren’t going to set up a nursery for
baby girl until six months after she’s born and the reason why is because we
have a three-bedroom home however the master bedroom is downstairs
and the nurseries upstairs from what I understand it’s not going to be very um
realistic to be going up and down the stairs multiple times after healing from
a birth you know having to go up and down the stairs and onstop throughout
the night throughout the day and so we thought you know what let’s just have
baby girl with us in her space for six months at least then we will officially
have her in her nursery what I wanted to do was at least make an accent wall for
her I wanted to get excited about that if she’s gonna be in a room I wouldn’t
at least have the wall for her so let me show you what I did I took you on a little trip to Home
Depot we picked out colors what I didn’t know was that gray is a hard color to
pink because gray can either follow more like the blue side or can fall a little
bit on the brown side and I didn’t know that I’m very inexperienced I have not
paid Emily painted a wall once before and that was like hmm maybe almost 10
years ago so I didn’t I don’t know what I’m doing what I should have done don’t
laugh at me I know very inexperienced but what I should have done was bought
samples put them on the wall compare them to the colors that are in this room
and on and that’s what experienced people do right well obviously I didn’t
do that I just I just bought the little swatches a little samples on the paper
and I thought that was good enough so the first color actually didn’t work it
came out like a light blue I was I was ticked I didn’t like it and I did it you
know I did it and I was like you know what I’m willing to do it again because
I’m not cool with this color so we went back we got another color and it’s more
gray hopefully it looks great on the screen too and so I did that one and I’m
pleased with it it’s better so what we did next
I initially looked at a wallpaper wallpaper with this hearing herringbone
style however what it was gonna cost us for this wall it was supposed to be $800
and we we just didn’t want to spend that kind of money on that so I did a little
bit of digging I found the herringbone style pattern stencil on Etsy and let me
show you what it is it comes in this pencil it is the brand
and I’ll go ahead and put a link down here if anyone happens to be interested
in it and so it comes in that it came all the way from Scandinavia and so for
that for as far as it came from they did really good job on how faster delivery
was we ordered one large stencil piece just
like this and what what I did was I just I used it and I painted over it and then
I taped it off and then kept going and then kept going and then kept going so I
did it it was fun ah fun who is it really what I would say
but it’s done and I’m really happy that it’s done and you can see the finished
project I will say it was tedious and it took a lot of work but it’s done I’m so
glad and now that it’s all done it was worth it this stencil was I think $43.80
before shipping so I mean eight hundred dollars versus forty three eighty I mean
it was a no brainer and so yeah it took a more effort on my part but I was
willing to do it and I had time on my hands and I’m excited for the baby so it
all worked out now the only thing that you have to realize is that when you buy
the wallpaper it’s obviously perfect right because
it’s printed every all of the eat you know each style everything is perfect
when you do a stencil it’s not gonna be so perfect and so at first it was a
little hard for me to be okay with that at first I was like oh my gosh I don’t
know if this is gonna work but from far away it looks amazing
all in all I’m really glad we did that so next step is to buy her furniture our
baby shower is February 16 which is you know next month so I don’t know what
we’re gonna buy any furniture before then I don’t know if we’re just gonna
wait it out but on this wall I am planning on fitting her glider a
bassinet her changing slash dresser and then a diaper pail it’s a long wall and
I think it’s gonna work out beautifully I have already reorganized a closet and
I started the things that I do have I’ve already started putting that stuff out
in the open and so it was really cool you know I see it
thank you no this is real it feels real and mondo he came home and saw that I
reorganized the closet and he sees baby broseph right in front of him and he’s
like wow this is real this is happening so it’s just so cool too it’s it’s it’s
beyond I’m overwhelmed with joy with gladness it’s almost like I believe it
and it’s almost like I can’t believe it you know I mean this girl is growing
today we are in our third trimester we’re 28 weeks I just couldn’t be
happier I’m just thankful that we’re actually here and there’s not a day that
goes by that I still don’t look at my body and say I just can’t believe this
is my body because I think for so many years I looked at so many women who were
pregnant and I’m loved for it for so long you know that I am I’m just like
this is really happening so I’m really excited that’s it I just
wanted to show you what I did what we did for her room or our room splash her
space and um yeah we’re excited about it we’re SuperDuper excited about it and
then I get to do it again when you know we put her in her nursery so although
probably at that time I’ll have mando you know kind of do the wall cuz this
time I did it I did I did it because I had this time but I’ll probably need
help when that time comes down anyway that is it for now take care all of you
lovelies thanks again for being here until next time we’ll see you

8 thoughts on “Painting the Nursery | 28 Weeks Pregnant | IVF Success”

  • The wall looks great!! I can't wait to see her 😍 can't believe your almost there love your dog in the middle of the painting she wanted to help she will be excited to have a baby to watch over 😊

  • Hi Salina, I think it looks great. I'm so thankful that your doing so well. Can't wait for the next update. Have a terrific evening 💗🤶

  • Props to you for stenciling the whole wall!! 😱😍 Amazing job! And yes, paint colors are a pain. They all have undertones, which are either warm, cool or neutral. Gray and white are both really hard. I painted most of my house white, but I had to pick a cooler white (more blue in it) so it wouldn’t clash with the woodwork. Otherwise it would look dingy cream/yellow. 🤢

  • The wall looks great! Painting a nursery is so surreal!
    Our nursery isn't set up yet and Isaac is 18 mom's 😊. He is still in our room, he sleeps thru the night and I LOVE having him close. Eventually we will transition…

  • My goodness, what a beautiful job you did. It's awesome. Can't wait to see her stuff next to it. Ty for sharing. Much love

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