Plein air painting in oils with Leon Holmes | Colour In Your Life

53 thoughts on “Plein air painting in oils with Leon Holmes | Colour In Your Life”

  • Fantastic video! Leon ‘s paintings are breathtaking; the water is so beautiful with his use of colors and techniques. Thank you for this wonderful presentation! As always, You show us such impressive artists! 🙏🏼🎨

  • Holmes is such a great painter, and oil paints are my favorite paints so I'll be watching this video more than once 😄

  • 👍Muito show de bola!😍 Que obras maravilhosas de encher os olhos. Tá muito bom o canal, parabéns🎂✍️👏👏👏

  • The West Australian shows are so good, I am in Busselton at the moment and watched the previous artist Steve Vigors and was impressed but Leon Holmes is so young and so successful I am amazed, The outdoor demonstration took my breath away and the way he converted those initial brush strokes into a beautiful painting was a joy to watch. I shall think about this on my way back to Perth next week as I pass by Mandurah.

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  • Hahah!! there's no mistaking who it is out there on the roadside….between his vehicle and his clothing..LOL. self advertising on crack. lol. joking….but his work is fab!!!

  • Thanks Graeme for this video, I didn't know Mr Leon Holmes. Fabulous painter. Incredible brush strokes into a beautiful final painting!… Big kisses from France…

  • I've been waiting to see this video. Leon is such a nice bloke and an extraordinary artist. His paintings are jaw-droppingly beautiful. I'll be watching this a few times. 🙂

  • Awesome video. Best part is the pochard box, excellent sketches, and of course the plein air study. Also Leon is a lefty just like myself.
    I like this guy already and I have never met him.
    Well done Graeme!

  • Been a big fan of Leon for a long time now…… great to 'meet' and actually see him working…. and thinking! Such a great talent. Fabulous video presentation.

  • Graeme another amazing artist to highlight on your show. Leon your use of colour, light and subject matter is awe inspiring. Just started oil painting so was glad to see your technique thanks for sharing. 😀🇨🇦

  • A Painter's painter I would say. Everything he does, is to make his paintings better.
    I would love to know where I could get one of those " Plein Air down Under" aprons that he was wearing.

  • Leon is wonderful local Mandurah artist who always does amazing art. He only lives around the corner from me so I do see him painting around town every now and then.
    Although his style of making art is very different from my own digital abstractions, I have to say, I very much admire and appreciate the great skill and quality of his work.
    His success is greatly deserved!……and it’s nice to see a talented artist recognised and rewarded for all their hard work!

  • Excellent video! Thank you for keeping the camera solely on Leon as he paints, with just those few superimposed paintings for cross reference. Being able to clearly see the artist’s field set-up, watch him work, and hear his accompanying commentary is the whole reason for tuning in. This was a very focused presentation with a ton of great insights. I’ll be watching this one multiple times!

  • Glad i stumbled on and subscribed. Just getting into Plein air more serious now. Thanks for the tips, and i really like your thoughts on bringing brush stroke from small studies to large finished work.

  • Fantastic episode, I really enjoyed it, I especially liked the colours he uses for trees and foliage, any idea what they were ? Regards Mick

  • Wow, watching and learning… just wow!!! Beautiful works along with the process of their execution!!! Thank you Colour in Your Life for showing. x o

  • Muy bueno,!!increible la memoria visual para captar imagen y luz,comoJuaquin Sorolla es un pintor Valenciano que representaba la luz en sus cuadros ,seguro le gustaría,Leon y Graeme,muchas gracias👏👏😍😘

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